Political Snap Shot

When will the Media Come Clean?



Written May 28 1:30am EST


   Now, I have not made many comments on the Seth Rich murder in DC in recent weeks, but the Truth will come out. I have always told you look to the resistance from with in the media and dig deeper. When subordinates come out against a top anchor there is a problem. I ask you, why? On the surface they say the very fabric of truth and journalism is at stake, but law enforcement as no leads on a high profile robbery murder? A bullet with no prints or DNA and you believe this. A thug never wants to shoot to murder, so does not prepare with gloves to remove prints unless it is an execution. Video feeds showing all in and out in the DC streets, but no tapes? They are pawns shutting down a leak that may be taken seriously. This is the problem.

   This was the case with Hannity recently on Fox news as I am really no fan of his, due to his past abuses in the media. He exploited his way to the top and that is the Truth, just like Geraldo with Willowbrook, don’t lie, as who let you in that side door? Now events have changed the world and they have moved on. So they have grown and my former opinion tempered.

   The Russian story was planted as any connection with the Trump campaign is seen as traitorous. Seth was a good man and wanted the world to know what Podesta and Hillary were saying in their emails. What pushed him was the agreement to allow WW3 by design with Hillary in agreement to sculpt the population of the world under the command of the new world order and their pawns Kissinger and Lieberman. So he knowing this risk, he downloaded many files and saved it to a thumb drive. The DNC security logged the transfer of files and instead fabricated the perceived breach, which was a cover story.

   We have seen this before as most leaks are in internal. The Russian were used as it would be far worse to allow the news to release to the public it was internal, thus revealing the secrets of the DNC was true. I ask you America, do you have common sense? The Russians do not care if Hillary became president and allowed an attack upon Americans cities as they are the spear of the new world order. They see it as war spoils and more American pus.y (West Coast) for their troops. Be concerned as they will take all above 5 as a base including boys (perverted).

   Seth saw many things that disturbed him as he read emails at first out of curiosity, then concern for this nation. So he dumped them to Wikileaks as others, but you believe the Russians hacked the system. So we have an insider with direct access to the emails, then was killed in a robbery not solved, but the Russians hacked the system and the DNC blocked the FBI from looking closer. Why is that? If Seth was killed for leaking the emails to Wikileaks, then who gave the order? Podesta, Clinton as it might go all the way to the top, and this is why he was killed. The family pressured as with Hannity to drop it. This is the deceit of the elite in your country.


Update May 30 1:30am EST: NATO


   Some of you wonder why, Merkel has said, “Europe is on its own” and they fear Trump will abandon a strike on one is a strike on all. Merkel as Macron are new world order. Merkel has an agreement with the Russians and the antichrist to control Europe and Trump knows this. The distain is visible by design, but the general public does not see the Truth. Merkel will allow the Russians to advance past weak eastern defenses of the Baltic States and Poland in the near future as she is a traitor to mankind. She answers to another. Trump will not allow America to engage in a war, when the EU leaders are corrupt and has a back door alliance with Russia to enslave the common man. I ask if you do not pay you cable bill for years, do you get TV? No. You work hard and pay your bills, but your Democratic Party and Bush let them push the bill to you. Is this fair?

   An attack on a traitor is not why we signed the NATO alliance and Trump will not give up one American life outside of those who are already there bound by treaties of the past. You ask, why do those Americans have to die? Ask the Democrats who state, we must protect the EU who does not pay for or protect them selves. This is your diplomacy and hope for peace. They lie.

   Hillary was on board with Merkel if she had won as peace after a war leads to submission of the population, but you don’t see this. If America was attacked and conquered the cowards of the EU would conform. This is the Truth.

   It was the Almighty that crushed her (Hillary). This is why the level of distain against Trump is an extreme. Capitalism has taught you one thing, when a financial position or the public opinion reaches an extreme, it is wrong. Apply this same technique to politics. Could you please read Revelations again?

   Macron was placed in power through covert means and the media influenced by removing his ties to elite money from the French Press. His hand shake was to send a message to Trump; the new world order will not back down. Will this work? Macron used a solid grip, a look of defiance, but has a weak heart. Your bluff was called. It is in the hands of mankind and Trump. Cowards die or are eliminated in disgrace, the brave persevere as the tide will change at some point. Trump will stay in place until October 2017 at any cost and then it is over as many will fall as Niribu shall control the underground news. Then few will oppose his presidential command.


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