Political Snap Shot




Written May 31 1:15am EST


    In the news some are perplexed as to why Goldman Sachs would buy Venezuelan Bonds at pennies on the dollar, when they know what is coming this year and next? Goldman is controlled by proxy through a man now in control by the dark one. Venezuela is controlled by a ruthless dictatorship and both answer to the same voice. A 40% return on a land to shortly be devastated by earth changes is not a wise investment, but this is what your media presents. The true goal is to allow a totalitarian regime to continue to suppress the common man, thus raising fear, murder and an avalanche of souls falling to the dark side as they die. This is the objective.

   Trillions in oil and gas reserves, yet the population starves. Connect the dots for once, as this is by design.


Update June 1 1:30am EST


   All of you are going insane with hate as Trump discards the Paris Accords on Climate change. Hate comes from the dark one, not the Almighty. For environmentalist activists you are in the dark and are being played by the elite. Do you not think Trump has inside information of the Truth? Do you not think any sane man would throw away the future of mankind, as he has grandchildren? Do you think, “It is America first”, is the only message you send out to America, yet consider this is an alternative method to get the message out to the public? His actions state something is sinister and I am not part of it? He is sending a message, but few are listening.

   The seas are heating up faster than the air, as the source is not the sun. This is your clue, but you listen to bought and pay for scientists as doubt consumes your logical mind. This creates a delay in public opinion by design. This is the goal.

   The Paris Accords admits there is a change occurring on Earth, but what they fail to inform you, is that the source of the change is Niribu and the timeline is about 24 months not decades. The point, preservation of the elite and their share, which they assume will continue on the deaths of billions upon passage. They all have bunker and a supply of tools, water and food, do you? I ask, heed the signs.

   Climate change or global warming is a cover for the approach of Niribu. All governments in the world know this. Yes you have been told here rain would go from several inches to feet as it has. Yes you were told here the color of the Sun would go from yellow to white and it has. Yes you were told here the moon would lay on its side a rare occasion a decade ago yet common place today. They expect you to die. This is the Truth.

   Now I have told Fox news many times there is no need to call out your opponents as snowflakes for the world sees them as they are. You condemn hate, yet you out of the side of your mouths spew the same filth. Stop it, and take them down on talking points.

   All majors in the media, knows what is coming and the few that attempted to tell the truth are dead. I ask you to use common sense. Leaks are abounding, but no source identified. The media crushes the president. The rigged polls falsified as before, except he won.

   Your government has been lying to you and the EU and Russia will enslave all under there control. Now in the media you see the confrontations, but intent is hidden. The pole shift will eliminate over 90% of the world’s population over the next 2 years. And you think global warming is a priority.

   There will be no grand children in charge of this earth. This is over. These are the End Times. Those who believe do move on. Those who do not listen will perish, if you do not reflect on life events and atone before their transition over the veil upon death of your human body. This is the Truth. The story is revealed in Revelation, but again you do not listen to the Words of the Bible.

   There are words that Biden has a pact. He hopes all that he knows will not come true as he among the chaos will rise above Trump and restore the Democratic Party. Really you should have run, but the DNC would have crushed you like Bernie as Hillary is ruthless like her husband. That was a smart move. You as mankind leaders have been given a chance to bring all that populate this earth, home. How is that working? This is why your world will be destroyed saving billions in death instead of losing their soul.

   For those who doubt, Goggle double sun or second sun for photos as when they appear in the skies for all, the Warning is near and billions will die. Heed this.

   Hillary states Comey changed the election, but you fail to consider the Russian connection was in play for months. Comey had a choice to save this nation, the Russian connection yet to be resolved or the Clinton emails. He chose. You were told the greatest chance of a breach was internal. Seth did give the emails to Wikileaks and the robbery was arranged, yet you refuse to look deeper. This may be smart as the elite will eliminate anyone that digs deeper. This is a warning.

   Hillary states Comey changed the election, but you fail to consider the Russian connection was in play for months. Comey had a choice to save this nation, the Russian connection yet to be resolved or the Clinton emails. He chose. You were told the greatest chance of a breach was internal. Seth did give the emails to Wikileaks and the robbery was arranged, yet you refuse to look deeper. This may be smart as the elite will eliminate anyone that digs deeper. This is a warning.


Update June 2 1:45am EST


   The news networks aligned with the left are elevating concern as our world will end if the current policy of the Trump Administration on climate change is now put in place. The Truth is that all of them, (the leaders of your world and the media) know about the passage of Niribu within the next 20 months. All have been sworn to secrecy and all leaders of all nations on earth except Trump have agreed. Do not pretend to save the world when you lie and then hide in your prepared bunkers. Tell this to the world!

   Again, I ask, where is the science in explaining a greater differential with ocean temperatures than the air? Your Congress, Joint Chiefs and the Executive branch are briefed daily on Niribu and its approach. Trump is sending a message; climate change is a cover story for what is to come. The Bushes and the Clinton knew, but they sold you out and took your gold, but most has been recovered. The sad part is that your media at all costs (your lives) continues to present a false narrative of your future for the almighty dollar. They are lying. Trump did not do this for economics. Trump did not do this for political reasons as many will see them as killing their grand children. Your government under Obama did not have the courage to tell you what is coming; Trump is sending a message of that lie. Shortly as the earth changes will include the quakes and then it will be too late. This is what you need to fear.

   Your politicians agreed to an accord that lets China and India off with no changes in the immediate future, yet when you visit their countries the population wears masks and the air is to be feared. All in the know, has been briefed. The pivotal year is 2019 and this is why 2020 is there date. They know mankind will not be there so the accord is a joke to preserve the influence of the elite. The accord is a farce as to hide the approach of Niribu so India and China are off the hook in agreeing with the world wide lie. This is why they signed on.

   We hear that now solar jobs are surpassing the oil and gas industry. Look around at the number of solar businesses and homes or cars? The oil industry controls this world and then plans a slow transition, which they control. This is the Truth. We hear that the leadership of this nation is lost on the world platform. This is the narrative yesterday in the media. We hear only two other countries are not board, one because the accord is not tough enough, the other because of war both get a pass. Look deeper.

   Moving on, Putin stated hackers who are patriots may act and this is true. If you read between the lines his statement pointed to look at American patriots as the Russians would never reveal the altered the vote of America. If true, they would be revealing their most covert secret. This is where your media are fools. Doubt the words, then ask if Trump was associated with the Russians in June 2016, the goal was to discredit. Who votes for a Russian sympathizer? Hillary put this out to destroy Trump and lose votes. This was the goal. The plan failed so again the narrative continues in the media in hope of 18 & 20.


Update June 2 11:59pm EST


   I am calling out all of you in the media as you are lying. The common man and their children, grand and so on who trust you are up in defiance with Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris Accord. Your world leaders have no way to tell you will die, not from global warming 20 to 100 years in the future, but in a few years from a passing object that will extinguish over 90% of human life on earth. You in the media were briefed as to suppress this information. What is so sad is that you are comfortable with this, just like those 190 leaders who sold out humanity. You in your selfish need to survive on man’s word, but the Almighty, has told you in His Holy Word, the Bible, all not taken with His Son when He returns all that is dark or does not recognize Jesus as Savior will be destroyed and you doubt these words, fools.

   Bunkers in place, food and supplies that can span years after a disaster, but out of sight of those you preach to night after night are they starve, murdered and raped. You are cowards. News flash, you were given a gift that comes with great responsibility and the Almighty does not see living up to this.

   When does it stop? When you beg for mercy for you and your family as all around you crumbles, after rumors of millions lost their souls under your guidance, your response will be self centered, instead of repentance and atonement. The wise will heed these words.

   As for Kathy Griffin, what you do not know is that she was given clearance to present the severed head. The elite wanted to increase the pressure against Trump and his predictive move that is going against the Paris Accord. This backfired as Trump fired back as a threat on the presidency. Obama had a joker face to nooses paraded around the nation and he laid down, as to not rock the boat. He was so weak.

   Kathy was thrown under the bus for an elite agenda. For those watching, maybe you are next. I ask again when the public finds out about Niribu and there will be plenty of time to hang all of you out to dry. This is the risk you take. Trump has the balls to say climate change is fake and this is a fact, but as events wipe out thousands there will a crack in the wall of silence when the second sun appears. The first to turn will be killed like Seth until a point is reached where you will be seen as villains. Do you want this or do you want change?


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