Political Snap Shot




Written June 1 4:15pm EST

Updated June 3 7:30pm EST


   I will cover the potential pardons first as you are so fixated. As I only reveal what the Almighty asks, it is recommendation that the Ill. Governor Blagojevich not be pardoned. Did he really try and seek a favor for Obama Senate seat, yes. Do not presidents give out ambassadorships to those that back and donate? This is politics and in some cases corrupts. The world will know you were compromise by Democratic insiders seeking a favor for those already considered like Flynn. Pass on this as it is a trap as even your network Fox news is promoting this on Justice. All will ask why you pardoned a corrupt Democrat.  Martha is free don’t waste your time.

   Tariffs by the Trump Administration have shaken the Republicans. So what you are saying is that I who you the American people voted in are scared to renegotiate treaties set up by both parties that has a built in trade imbalance? Is this not part of the deficit?

   The elite are pressuring their leaders as trillions are at stake in corporate profits. Trump wants this country to be self sufficient in the end times. As he knows America will be the bread basket of the world due to climate change. There will be no leverage from those aligned with the new world order, none. Trade talks in NAFTA broke down on a sunset clause, which states if the deal is bad for America we have the right to withdraw. If it is a good deal, then Canada and Mexico have nothing to fear. Trudeau countered on Meet the Press as this is about Canadian jobs, but he is not telling the truth. Our steel and aluminum industry is shrinking to a select number of producers and in a national emergency could not provide the resources for military and civilian industries. With the earth changes now upon us and the EU and UK set to fall to the antichrist, we cannot trust Canada who allies with the queen. She and her sons are new world order. Trump is putting the tariffs in place to increase domestic production that cannot be compromised. This is the Truth. Roll the dice EU, China and Mexico as your population starves. Yes the Almighty has authorized me to destroy your crops by His hand. The droughts will now start.

   You ask about what Trump will do about Manafort and others. Again the crimes yet not revealed by Mueller occurred when Manafort was working with Podesta. Mueller has closed in on Manafort and Flynn and the opportune window would to bring Trump down is now. As peak momentum would occur in September aiding all aligned with the Democrats to the polls in early November. This would be the plan if evidence was in place. The delay in the investigation is not about clarification after almost 2 years, but to spin a narrative that that Trump may be guilty to affect the election. If both houses are won by the Democrats, impeachment will be threatened and Trump with his pride will resign. This is the plan. The Almighty’s threat is prosecute Trump now or DROP THE CASE. Heed This.

   Those that are hearing that the death count was muted, has been by design as in many disasters around the world and here in America. A certain hurricane that hit Florida years ago brought in unmarked trucks to remove the dead in order to not cause alarm. This was the case in Puerto Rico as they were never counted. The governor stated he would revisit the death toll, but never did as an independent study revealed the truth that 4600 plus died and that number is conservative.

   Rosanne showed that she has hatred for another race. No in the public truly cares about Valerie like that. Remember it was the Democrats that labeled Trump as a racist, yet Black rappers were at and welcome at his private parties and home. This is the disconnect. She deserved to fired, but those who cancelled her are alike. It was about the money in the Disney parks as they see all minorities as a source of money. Trump did not start hatred it was already there and they cling to him as the only choice. No man is responsible for the actions of another period.

     The recent news release by the FBI about the Russians hacking your home internet routers is a lie.  This is a deep state release to bolster the Russian inference in America. Rebooting your router does not reset passwords unless you have a custom one. Yes it erases custom access settings for remote cameras, but you would just reenter the same settings. A backdoor system is in place to seize all of your information by Google and Facebook and is still in place along with others. When the earth changes escalate they will know your movements and plans.

   Again I remind you that all DNA kits are shared with the elite. You find your heritage and they have the ability to sculpt the population by your DNA defects. This is the Truth. Heed this.

   Italy is now considering leaving the EU as unimpeded illegal migrants flood the country. It is a country’s sovereign right to control its borders, but the EU allows the policies to continue thus causing internal strife among the citizens of Europe. Yes cheap labor is needed so that the elite remain on top, but at the expense of your citizens and tax revenue? This is how the common man has been sold out to the goals of the Illuminati. First to financially enslave the 3rd world and then move to the westerns countries, cause division within with an uncontrolled influx promoted by humanitarian reasons, then start a war reducing human population by 75%. Offer peace by design and unify all under one government. This is their short term plan.

   How many times do I have to repeat this? To the media, all who are faithful to the Trump Administration do not leak negative information unless it will lead to a positive. You continue to state that there is no evidence that there are spies in the Trump organization, but your leaks are the proof.

   North Korea is now looking for an alternative that China has offer, which has not improved their country in decades. Yes the Chinese brought them back to the table, but the incentives were only for the rich. The country would continue to be poor and perish in the earth changes. They are well aware they are the pawns when China and Russia invade the EU and Middle East with the final goal to come to America. It will be their soldiers that will be sacrificed first and Kim knows this. Why a letter was sent to Trump? All electronic communications are monitored by the NSA who has moles, thus the hand written letter. They are hoping South Korea will take them in as did Germany with the East Germans forming one country again where all prosper. The goal is to pass Japan in the global markets.

   Stability in the South China Sea is raising concerns for all and the Philippines are ready for war. All know the plans of the Chinese while promoting peace as a ruse; it is just the media in the US that has blindfolds on.

   The earth changes are just beginning to hit America as Ellicott City had a worse storm than the one 2 years ago called a once in a thousand year storm. Flooding will increase and will be seen as the norm. Yet almost all will be in denial, so what will change shortly?
    Niribu will be shortly seen in the skies around the world after late August 2018. As the magnetic field of the planet is balanced for 4 months transitioning from 8/15 the gap between the 2 planets will close. There will come a point to where the repulsion force between the 2 planet again will force the earth backwards thus diminishing visibility of Niribu. Scientists will refer to an object that has moved on, which will be a lie. At a designated point the earth will stop in place and Nibiru will close again and earth wobble will take a vengeance on a hapless earth. All will know the lies and society as you know it, will break down.


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