Political Snap Shot

Assault on Rafah and the Peace Process





Written June 3 11:59 pm EST


On the International Front


   The Administration has proposed a new cease fire agreement for Israel, which is backed by world leaders. Even though there is a full assault, that has reached central city of Rafah. Has the IDF crossed the Administrations red line in terms of assault on the city, yes. Did they work around, what is called a full scale attack, the answer is again yes. The Administration gave the IDF a way out to not trigger an arms restriction. These are the games played with the American public. The IDF still destroys Rafah, but limits how it achieves the same end result, by reducing the total force numbers. The goal just takes a few days later.

   Netanyahu behind closed doors is telling Biden, this new peace accord will destabilize the government, thus putting our leadership in peril. The far right opposition is by design with Netanyahu covert approval. This is Israel way out of the cease fire deal. Israel has no plans to stop the advance in Rafah or the upcoming West Bank operation. The goal is to give the illusion, it is considering the peace deal, but everyday requirements change to stall, which is the goal. The Israeli does not care if Hamas is weaken, they want them totally eliminated, as in no threat, but you, the American administration and advisors do not see this?

   The pier constructed in Gaza, was to show effort by the administration is interested in feeding Gaza, but they wonít tell Israel to open access points. The pier was destroyed by wave action, does that sound like a project completed by the Army Corp of Engineers? The pier had key support links removed by an elite Israeli scuba team, nature took care of the rest. This is why, it is not being rebuilt. 350 million wasted on a pier designed for high wave action by the engineers, that was likely to be sabotaged. Was there damage to other piers on the Mediterranean Sea in that area? The destroyed pier had missing critical links, not bent and broken links expected from a storm, but they will never tell you that.

   Israel recently told you 7 months for the operation to be complete, which means cleansing of the West Bank. Plus they want to reclaim the Israeli settlements abandoned in Gaza 38 years. Letís see how goes. Your cease fire deal is dead, you better figure another way to change the narrative in Gaza, as schools open in September and the new protests will surely affect national polls.


On the Domestic Front


  The decision to remove the past administration executive orders, which restricted illegal crossings, was achieved by new executive orders, eliminating past policies at the border and enforced by Secretary Mayorkas. Now Mayorkas came in the right way out of Cuba and knows right from wrong on the border, but he is the fall guy or lap dog for the current administrative policies. So we now have a new executive order, which will shut down the border without Congress? This reveals bi-partisan support, was never needed to close the border during the past twelve months, it was just media optics. What forced the decision? The November election and dismal poll numbers is the reason.

  The current proposed plan has a set number to reach before closing the border? How is that going to happen? You think the honor system is going to work? What about logistics at all entry points and those in line. Most will walk across in unguarded areas, then what? Do they count to be applied retroactive to the current daily count? So at least another million come in and this is an improvement, when you can not afford not another one already here? Oh thatís right, you expect us to pay for your incompetency.

   What the administration advisors did not factor in, was some Democrats, the legal Latino community and Blacks to turn on Homeland Securities policies, as Mayorkas leads from behind. The border should have never been open, that policy has sacrificed national security with terrorist and long term Chinese nationals planted by the CCP to be activated at any time crossing almost unimpeded across a porous border. Yet we hear in the media, there is no problem at the border as lies continues. America has eyes and for the administration to lie to our face, will cost at the polls in Nov. Factory jobs go overseas and cheap labor floods our workforce keeping wages down or worse replacement, brilliant plan. Our Nation once led the world for so many reasons. But are those same reasons still in place today? It is America first, not about 2 political parties. Change, as I hear a Tic-Tok.


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