Political Snap Shot


Written Jun 4 11:59 pm EST


  What is escaping the mindset of the average Middle Class American, is that, since the sixties, nothing in your cities or social services that raise the poor from poverty and educate them, has not changed. Ask those who live then for the truth, instead of what you are fed on the media. As a Black woman who lived through civil rights, is this where you would think your loved ones would be 50 years later? No! What has changed, is those linked to social services, as a certain class of citizens are continuing to get rich on poorly managed government funds. What you were not told, is that there, is a creeping agenda that reduces your disposable income as all preach every thing is moving forward. You are being lied too. A single working parent could raise a family in the sixties, not today as it takes three full jobs just to make ends meet, and you continue to believe in the Democratic message? Just look at your cities as the poor and the middle class are now in the same boat. So who saves you? The rich will flee. Now what? If what you are told is your future and it can not be paid for. Your future is bleak as you believe the lies.

   12 to 20 billion just to start per year to take care of those, who have no rights in this country flow. And they brainwash you, to protect all at your expense, while offering no solutions. And this is who you vote for? You are not a deranged cult, as you believe every thing you are told. Do you have needs? Like affordable health care, good schools, medical care for our vets, but it is more importantly to invite millions, which you pay for to elevate them. While your life sometimes, is in squalor. I ask a simple question, do you want a politician to represent your family needs, like interests rates on student loans at the prime rate directly from the Fed instead of 7% or more, or just a relief from the constant debt? Instead of the rape of the financial future of your children, due to student loans for some degrees that offers no change? I ask, do you need an another path? Moving on.

   I listened to E Holder yesterday on a certain network, as to push back against hostile interrogation. But, did not these same crimes occur within the CIA under Obama? I watch the media push Kushner, and I am no fan of who he answers to, and it is not Trump, be careful as I know. He answered correctly, Trump is not a racist, but he will use anyone that advances his agenda or finances, when he was not President. This is what you do not understand.

   This is why the failed Russian deal never came up. If it was not going forward, why mention it, when the trap of Russian collusion was put in place by the Democrats. He would have been a fool, and a failed business venture, that is not active, as to influence him. This is what the media in collusion with Hillary promoted by design. So again, Hillary started the birther movement to discredit Obama, and win the election in 2008. This is a fact and she lost. You are idiots.

   The disconnect in American society has only increased. I have told you, it is not Trump that is doing this. The source is the deep state that controls your media. Did the Democratic governor admit he wore the KKK hood, and it is on his page photo, as if he is going to be the nig.er on the side. You guys are out of your minds, as the signs are drop in front of your face, and you choose to look the other way. The Lt. Gov accused of rape, oh woman’s rights out of the window. This is what the Almighty has stated, you are hypocrites. As for me, in advance to any thing related to me, I have been granted a pass for certain things, that does not affect mankind, as a gift for what I do. Probe, then I will see you as you pass. As I shake my head.

   So in the media, you continue down that dark path, that campaign finance rules and obstruction may have been violated by the Trump Administration. The finance rules were not violated by Trump, but Cohen under pressure pleaded guilty. He provided no evidence that Trump as rich as he is, and with many advisors would fall into a trap to pay a woman extorting him with campaign donations, when he is rich? This is only on him, yet you are led to believe it applies to Trump, but was not in the Mueller report. Dismiss it. As for Obstruction, I will address in my next paper.




   I watched in disbelief, as the Queen stated, to Trump, America has an obligation to assist the UK and the EU. I have never seen Americans run for safety like Dunkirk. A crushing defeat spun as a resurgence You need to thank God, the Germans never followed your boats. Really, as your citizens march against the hand that feeds you? It will be common knowledge the UK, Netherlands and other low lying areas of Europe will not exist shortly. What is sad, is that your the Queen, can not wait to find safe harbor and abandon England. You will find out, then what, as false tsunami will be sent, that will devastate. All will see you run like the cowards you are? Am I lying, or telling the truth?

   Did you compensate America and Canada for saving your asses in World War 2? If America did not enter the war by the false flag attack on Pearl Harbor, your nation would have fell like France. Oh, sorry as the world did not know this. FDR and Churchill knew the Japanese were planning to attack Pearl, and they let it happen, as those who lost theirs lives, were planned casualties for America to enter the war.

   Even today, you and the EU, do not pay your bills for protection. Arrogance, Trump will let the Russians advance, as this is written in the Bible. Not one American life will be given for those, who will not fight for themselves. You ask, how do you know Russia will sweep across our eastern border. All in the EU, Russia, China and many in the US government have agreed to the plan to subjugate the common citizen under the new world order. If you need details ask Hillary, as McCain is dead. I am privy to that information through the powers of God the Father Almighty. This is your world.

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