Political Snap Shot




Written Jun 5 11:59EST


   North Korea, you are being offered a plan counter to the Chinese, which provide little to change the plight of your nation. Look around, no food, little electricity, and you think a few nuclear weapons will bring you respect? Try it and you will face the same racist threat Hiroshima and Nagasaki did. America did not lose a million men invading Germany and Japan you were no Germany. The Americans sent a message to the world and then armed Russia with the same weapon out of an air field in New Jersey. Why, to provide a threat that would maximize profits in the military complex.

   Trump will offer basic medical assistance to rid your nation of intestinal worms, simple diseases and a reliable power grid with what little time we have left. Food will be scarce due to the drought I have authorized backed by the power of the Almighty. There will be a third world war despite your few weapons and your people used as the first pawns.

   Your nation will be slaughtered by the hand of God. This is a promise. Take the deal America offers as it will be fair. Then with strength you can come to the table for reunification as almost an equal. Back out and a plague not seen since the early 20th century shall ravage your country laying waste to millions, as I have said before this is not a threat, but a promise. Heed this Kim.

   The earth changes have reached a point of no return as the first of three volcanic explosions has taken place in Guatemala. The next two will increase in destruction and surprise and all of you know that God the Father Almighty will rid this planet of evil along with the innocent. Scramble as the next explosion will be in North America and another in a high profile location for the world to see. Central America will crumble stopping illegal immigration from South America, rouge waves will sink migrant boats in whirlpools in the Caribbean and earthquakes out of place all will have nothing to do with your false Global Warming.

   Signs will appear in the sky that change is here. Beautiful rainbows, auroras, spectacular meteor showers and flybys, but this will take a dark twist. None of you are listening and the signs will shortly warn you that your world will soon change.

   What you the media in America need to come to grips as to the power of the new world order. In Britain as they withdrew from the EU, are being punished. The open policy allowing a flow of illegals has changed their society. Thousands of women were raped by Muslim gangs, yet the media and government suppresses this information. Those brave enough to reveal this truth is now jailed in England. This is what you need to fear if Trump is removed by impeachment. Illegal immigrants are not rapists are constantly in our media, but in the present EU it is the Truth. This policy backs your politicians to destroy the social fabric of your country by design. It has worked there, but with Trump it will not work here. Interfere and those leading this charge will be called home by the Almighty. Please roll the dice. Just know the Clinton-Bush family is now in the process of being called to their home to where their souls will reside forever.

   Some have concern with Uber and Lyft and it is justified. Many of the drivers know they are going to pick up single intoxicated women, some jump at the offer of sex as it is exciting in their drab life. For others it is a dark nightmare as the driver takes advantage of a woman whose eyes are rolling uncontrollable while drunk. The point, few report the abuse, this is why it goes on. Place an emergency wireless button in the car as a requirement, equipped with a removal sensor and protect your passengers, culture does not change the problem, action does, start there.

   The key of the new world order is to destroy the family fabric through social discord and finances. We are all Americans and this comes first. Yes you can look out for others, but take care of home first. Then accept others when you have the resources that help other without ignoring your problems at home. Charity starts at home.


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