Political Snap Shot




Written June 6 11:59pm EST


   So letís make one thing clear first. The statement by the London mayor was not about an increased police presence. The message was to calm the fear that an attack on London can be controlled, but it is out of control. Politician was your child or loved one hurt or killed? I doubt your words would be the same. Oh I forgot words for the family and hallow words for the public are different.

   The liberal media has allowed a new narrative to infiltrate society, you should ask why? And you really believe the bull sh.t. An increased police presence is the correct response and all expect this from a responsible government that can or in the UK may protect its citizens. That was exactly what the population wants to see as fear abounds. It would be the status quo of no change or a reduction that would cause concern. This is common sense, but the media expects a dulled opinion from its populace. The message was to deflect hate and fear from increasing towards the Muslim community as this will be short lived. The words were chosen carefully and Trump exposed this as a farce. When it is all against one, the Truth lies with the one.

   Mayor, the policies of the EU are foolish as the results are hitting home with an increasing frequency. You are a tool and will be crushed, but you are so consumed that London picked a Muslim mayor as it was by design, like Obama. This is nothing new as scape goats are put in place again by design. Such the fool when controlled by the new order. The frequency of hate will rise and your promotion of inclusiveness is to be admired, but you need to use common sense and cut the strings. Yes most Muslims are good, but the few bad will crush your country. I ask you, if you go into a mosque is it Britain first or Sharia law? Without true assimilation your nation dies. This is the Truth.

  You will be the focus of hate among the common British citizen, yet you have no answers as you are out of the loop and Parliament will throw you under the bus. It will get worse and with each increased next attack, then what, a police state? I ask; consider an inside link corrupting by revealing your plans and then you will know why you failed.

   Trump is stating, he does not care what immigrants think. They have no rights in America, but human. As he does not care what happens in your country and France with an increasing frequency that may happen here. Oh, France again is attacked today at Notre Dame and again words of solidarity are your focus, cowards as your people die. You, mayor as a pawn of Parliament can spout your weak words on the BBC, yet your asses are getting kicked. What a joke as this is real. Real children died at that concert. Real people were near the palace, died. Is this your new acceptable norm? Real people died on London Bridge and you talk about a firm resolve? Really, how is that working for you in the UK? It is not.

   May and Hillary says it is a disgrace that Trump goes after the mayor for political reasons. Really, tell that to the parents and loved ones lost as you try to find the right words of compassion, but have no true solution as more will die. This is the Truth.

   Remember Dunkirk when your nation retreated? So talk the words to Trump, he is not wanted here and consider how D-Day would have gone without the US? You would have been crushed, so you need to be careful of your words. You donít have the balls to change this as you bounce between two chairs the Almighty or the dark one make a choice or you will fall.

   Yes all of our hearts go out for all of those killed and wounded in these senseless attacks and their families and yes we stand united with the UK in fighting terrorism. But here in the US it is not about the soft words. If you cannot even contain your home grown then how you think you will control immigrants unwanted by most of your population, but the media skews the true opinion and division accelerates.

   Not talking about the real problem of a hatred of Western Society due their acceptance of sin does not make it go away. It only increases, by first a foothold into your society and then terrorism to bring your government to its knees as you waste billions protecting the many from the few. Allah does not let another kill a Jew as Jesus the Son of Allah is. When the Jews killed Him the Son God, He created the Christian faith, yet you execute them, just like the Jews. Being inclusive to those who should have never entered your nation is now increasing death. If they were never here, it would have never happened.

   In our nation, it is that you are an American first and a Muslim second. All ethnic groups faced rejection, the Irish, Italians, Japanese and Blacks here since slavery on some part still are not accepted, and you are no different. You will obey American law first and only there is no Sharia Law as it violates the rights of others to lead their lives. Donít like it? Donít come.

   I have told you that as these next 21 months cycle down the EU leaders, Russia, China will take Europe and Africa and force the US into a limited war, but Hillary lost. Trump is not playing their game. Why protect the EU when they are invited the Russians to invade behind closed doors. The populations will be enslaved during the earth changes as this is the goal. Trump will level Russia and China if the US is attacked and their will be little for the antichrist and new order to rule except for burnt human flesh and a radioactive landscape. This is a promise.

   The Middle East will not be worth protecting as the oil resources will burn during the constant quakes. When the war is called, the new world government without Trump if he is still in power will give Israel as a prize to the antichrist and the Jews by the millions will disappear. This is your if the current path of your leaders and the media continues to lie to the common man.

   The current plan of inclusion, depresses your jobs and Bill Clinton said this in the nineties about all illegals. Home grown and they put the faith of Muslims above the laws of this country, America which welcomed them. If this was a disease, they would be a quarantined, but your politicians allow this to continue by design. All of you see what is wanted here and was tried in Europe. Do you think the template will change? The only thing that does not change is the common sense of politicians as your love ones die, validated under humanism, which I told you.

   The Truth comes from the West stealing the oil resources and the EU and US protecting the elite of the Middle East while their population squalor in filth and die in useless wars. Their Sharia Laws are made fun of here and gays accepted by our society when it is against the laws of your Christian God and Allah. This is the Truth. Leave the oil elite and the terrorist go away, but you wonít do this.  It is about the money. So the innocent pay a price for Western greed. This is the Truth.

   The NSA contractor caught is just the tip of the iceberg as all leaks were designed to come from them. Do you not think the contractor was given the job due to her online profile? You were told a year ago all leaks came from the NSA. The secret document is true, but again they fail to tell the Truth. The US election system though computerize is isolated from the World Wide Web. This is a fact. So the lie that Macedonian hackers compromised your election from overseas is again a lie. There is a direct connection between polling stations and state headquarters that can only be hacked within close proximity of the polling stations. So every polling station needs a hacker, but the US knew hackers were coming. This was a cover story as the true hackers were aligned with Hillary to change the vote in key states. This was stopped and this is why Trump surprised is president.

  Finally the BLM interview or as I see it, a rant that occurred Tucker Tuesday night was a disgrace. Since when is it OK to tell your white supporters to go home? Either you embrace diversity at all levels or you become what you hate. Some will feel rejected or betrayed no matter how you spin in the media, is this what you want?


Update June 7 11:30pm


   Today we see Gov. Brown going around the current policy US Government led by Trump in favor of Climate Change with the Chinese. You say its non binding, then why make an agreement no one intends to honor? The Chinese donít as their air is toxic and kills their own. This is a fact. Your state can barely afford an increase in energy and water conservation is a joke. A green state, no, wake up Brown, yours is a welfare state so go push solar in the hood.

   He states that the world will pay a price with plagues from God.  The sins of mankind are bringing Climate Change and CO2 is not the cause and the world will see this shortly. Your leaders have lied to you and when Niribu appears in the skies as the double sun, then what? They knew since the forties. Brown you know as you were briefed years ago, but you play the game knowing millions will die as you are one of the many perpetuating the silence. Division is the goal as this will help eliminate the common man before they realize the elite are the true enemy as they allow a population reduction through natural disasters without allowing prep. This is their current plan.

   As you all salivate in the media over the Comey testimony tomorrow, you have strike one, Trump was never under investigation. Strike two is that Flynn was a private citizen trying to make a deal with the Russians and got caught lying so he could have a government position of true power. This was a personal choice, not collusion as he lied to Pence. Did Trump ask Comey to let this go, yes, but he allowed Comey to have free will. This is where you fail. Obstruction first needs a crime; you have omission of funds paid legally, which may have disqualified him from the position he took. He lost it anyway as he resigned in disgrace.

   Trump is worried about moles implanted by the past administration as was Obama and the need for loyalty is paramount. This is a fact. All you ask this of your staff and now you make something different to those in government staff that serve a leader, again this is a lie. Brazile once said if you stand in the middle of the road you get hit. Bill had a meeting with the AG for Obama on the tarmac of an Arizona runway and he asked for her loyalty to Hillary and got it. This is you world of lies.


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