Political Snap Shot


Written Jun 7 2 am EST

   As this nation moves forward, to advance the needs of its citizens, we need to reflect, as to what laws are needed to be passed in Congress, to address the desires of those you represent. When you where sworn in, did you lose focus, once in power? The new world order helps those, who advance their agenda, undermining the advancement of mankind from being independent, to be controlled through financial burdens. What most do not realize, is that without a question related to citizenship on our census, then Congressional districts are redistributed, based on the numbers. This is their plan. You as Americans are counted to apportion, those who are Congressmen or women to represent you. The Census without that question, counts people legal or illegal as to the total towards the proportion who represents you. Is this what you want?

   The current plan of the Democratic party, is to not stop the flow of illegals, as they answer to the global agenda. This is why, now over 140 thousand have passed over the border and is growing. It is their inept policies that burdens the American taxpayer. In America, this country is rich, but has debts. But to bring it down further in debt, and to use morals hoping you believe in God, is a farce. On the backside, promote abortion and homosexuality, now especially intense during pride month. They play both sides.

   We have at crisis at the border. The goal of the Democratic is to offer help and refuge, while promoting an increase without passing legislation to control the flow. Wakeup, you pay! Yes we need to offer a solution for the dreamers and to stop chain migration, but we have a legal system for immigration, and shortly a system engulfed with debt. So you will build facilities to house millions on the taxpayers, feed them, offer healthcare. You can not even take of America, and it will collapse. Then what?

   We as a nation, celebrates those who gave their lives on Omaha Beach to protect Europe 75 years ago. The British fled at Dunkirk in retreat. The French fell to the Germans. If not for the Americans, Canadians, and the other nations in a minor factor, the UK and what is the EU would still be a Nazi stronghold to this day. With the atomic bomb, they would have backed off. The EU would not have existed, if not for the United States. This is what you need to reflect on as D-Day passes.

   So Pelosi, you want to send Trump to jail, without revealing the facts. You can back off, but you wonít. The Almighty has implanted knowledge that I need to derail you and many others. Prepare.

Update Jun 7 11:59 pm EST

   The left was stunned, as the threat of tariffs forced a move by Mexico, to place armed guards to protect their border. Billions lost, or let the poor past through to our southern border assisted. Money talks. The flow halts and the tariffs never enacted. Your wimp representatives speak about saving the families, as this is our responsibility, when they mean, it is your responsibility as we pay. They are rich, and the cost does not affect them. You pay with higher insurance rates. You pay with higher property taxes to address the children of illegals flooding city schools. Your children pay with higher housing and rent costs as supply and demand gets exploited. Did you consider this, they didnít.

   With a flow reduction, detention centers will be able to properly care for the truly needy. The Democrats as was stated on Cuomo tonight, have held back funding. He asked why? The answer was to exasperate the plight of those here, and paint the Trump Administration as incompetent in caring for the migrants without addressing the extreme overflows, and the long term cost to the American public. By the way I heard D Lemon got kicked in the ass by the NY Times. It was by design as extreme will not win votes, heed the message.

   Our immigration system has a rate of acceptance, designed, to where cultural diversity keeps our neighborhoods alive, but allows for an orderly assimilation. It also insures, those who come here, are self sufficient. Migration has changed this. Under your Democrats, they put the children cages in place under Obama. Yet Trump is blamed as you do not fund to make changes. You as Democrats refuse to provide border security, as millions flow north, draining valuable assets needed for our own poor. They refuse to pass legislation on immigration, as their focus on saving the migrants, as your quality of life goes south. They invite the world to come, as this nationís debt heads south. They said, we do not have a crisis at the border. This is not the leadership we need. Their plan is insane.

   The sad part, due to the cult influence in the media, many believe this. As they have no health care, and family members who are veterans, do not get timely care. Trump may be crass, but he stands for America. Not one of you Democrats would stand up to NATO. We are the bully, and they are the punks, and what is worse, they do not pay their share. Billions wasted. Not one of you would have renegotiated NAFTA. Costing auto and dairy jobs in America. Billions wasted. Not one of your soft leaders talking about the babies, would stop the flow from the south, knowing, we cannot afford it. A trillion wasted from all illegals in this country in a single year. This is why you seek to impeach, as if 2020 comes, and he is in power, or the world is still around, you will lose.

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