Political Snap Shot



Written Jun 7 12 am EST

International Stage

   The war in Gaza is now a political issue in the upcoming Presidential elections in Nov. Israel surrounding Hamas cells in Rafah, they have accelerated the tactic of imbedding with the people of Gaza. With the world focused on war crimes, Hamas is using the civilians many of whom are willing participants for their freedom fighters. When you freely act as an shield to Hamas, then you become a legitimate target. The Hamas hiding in the UN compound was ratted out by locals as to there location. Just how did Hamas get into a protected UN refugee compound? The people of Gaza has to make a choice if your location has been infiltrated leave. To stay is aiding and abetting a terrorist organization wanted for murder is a crime in all countries.

   Again there is no peace process in place for Gaza, as the first requirement is the total elimination of Hamas and the flow of weapons from Egypt stopped. Hamas goal is to increase the amount collateral damage to the civilian population to gain world sympathy, shut down the Israeli offensive so they can regroup and recruit to fight another day. Israel will of course plan to build new settlements in Gaza, which will further enflame the region. For the world to dress this up as a cease fire leading to peace is lie to the common man.

   The UN has proposed the removal of all advertisements of fossil fuels, as if this idea going to change the plight on earth. Your brain washing of the general public is being countered a slow education of the general public with an increase of storms. You better hope you are not in charge when the general public awakens to the truth. Authorization has been given to increase sightings in 3rd world countries as a start, which will filter back to Western Media and the general public who have relatives there slowly. The lie by design, colluded by all world leaders will not go over well with your citizens. You were introduced to unlimited clean energy sources far superior to fusion, nuclear, solar and wind. Your scientists will continue to stumble, as you know what to do next year, when it become obvious in your labs. This last statement is directed to America only.


Domestic Stage


   Events at the border has not changed with the implementation of the Administrationís executive order for Mayorkas to shut the border. There was no coordinated count along the border crossings or stepped up observations, where illegals do not encounter border patrols. Mayorkas knows who butters his bread and will slow walk the process reducing its effectiveness by design. Currently the executive order is only words, as actions have not followed to change conditions at the border or stop the flow of illegal migrants. This administrative tactic seems to be based on media optics for the up coming Nov. election as a temporary fix.

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