Political Snap Shot




Written June 8 12:45am EST


  Really Giuliani, do you think in your mind that telling the world Kim was on his hands and knees to reinitiate the June 12th meeting? Sometimes we need to be humble and this is one of my faults. Kim is well aware the Chinese are using him and will use his women as he does. All know the earth changes are here, but all hope if earth survives they will be on top. Align with China, Russia and the antichrist who will lose or align with America. Putin has sent a message to the American media if they stop him in Syria it will lead to ww3. This is truth, but all think this as unrealistic. You were warned in the Bible, again few are listening. This is his choice and he has made it. A warning to the American government, if Kim does summit, do not take advantage, but offer a fair deal.

   NASA is reassessing its stay on the ISS. The Military is well aware of the debris field now approaching the ISS. Hopi legend states a home in the sky crashes to earth and this is true. It shall fall for all to see. Any astronaut on the ISS is on a suicide mission as this is reason why to pass to a third party. They can see Niribu and the meteorites burning up in the upper atmosphere as this is classified for now. One of the signs to alert this world is an elevated level of meteorite assaults in your atmosphere. There will be no reasonable explanation.

   News coming out of Guatemala is just like PR and the hurricane that leveled their land stated about sixty dead, but the real total due to lies from our government suppress it. 4600 lives died, of which many arte still uncounted. The dead at 99 as of tonight is false. Thousands were caught off guard as the pictures reveal extended arms to protect themselves. A woman lost over a dozen family members in one home. This is the fate of your world.

   Letís address the spying controversy? The left states no one spied, but a judge ordered an insert as admitted on Fox news tonight. Was there a FISA warrant? Evidence would have been revealed after 2 years, but nothing has come forward. All of you ignore the obvious. In order to get a warrant to place a man is above wire tapping. This has not been presented to the American public. After almost 2 years any evidence to initiate a spy has not been presented. You were told it is a common practice to place spies in all organizations, in case the need to disrupt to regain power. This is the norm. This flows smoothly as both parties answer to the same one. Ask, if an outsider wins and is about change what you the ruling party do to depose this threat?

   On the university of RFK death his son begs the world to look at the death of his uncle and father. JFK was eliminated by the deep state by rouge CIA agents. It was Kennedyís executive order to eliminate the Federal Reserve controlled by the bank of England. When RFK entered the race they waited until he won California thus guaranteeing the nomination. At that point the decision was to send to assassins. Surhan Surhan is the fall guy and the true assassin who walked away in the confusion. This is what RFK Jr is trying to bring to light.

   Many in the EU are pushing to maintain the current agreement with Iran. Ask why? It is the EU that profits from their oil flow and also provided the centrifuges for their nuclear program to separate weapons grade uranium from that used in reactors for electrical production. This is a fact. Your world is about profit from the potential of war. You are idiots that spent every necessary to prevent it when it is by design. Both sides agree to parity and the banks bleed your economies to achieve this. The Americans gave nuclear weapon technology to Russia as they sent a complete weapon from NJ to Russia. The cover was spies, but never explained how they got in. It was a lie.

   Illegal immigration has reached a level where it divides this country. The media shows they are welcome, but not in their neighborhood. Polls show the true discord. You see schools crowded and public systems overburden. Older blacks are replaced, by those egger to work at a fraction of the current wage and you see this as positive? The bottom line is those entering this country illegally do not pay immigration fee. They do not pay on the most part income taxes unless they acquire false papers again illegal. This is stealing in Godís eyes and you are lying. A compassionate nation gives you a path, but you choose to by pass it laws. This occurs only due to greed and political influence. Since you as a nation and the media promote this, I will stop it as Central America will be destroyed. To stop the flow that will destroy America if left unimpeded.

   California now a Democratic stronghold is the spear to change the House. The policy to allow cheap labor to flow has helped the rich as long as the middle class remains compliant. A slave tax class is now fleeing to where to balance the budget the rich will need to step up. With the earth changes now at point Google and other corporation will set up satellite sites and quietly move their staff to Utah or Colorado. The tax loss will devastate California now overrun by the poor. With the elite running water resources will stop as there are no payoffs.

   For Maddow, I will give you a lot of credit for stating there is a problem in California. I sense that you may need an alternative. But pressure from your employers will make sure the words you revealed Wed. night will never happen again. What ever you say, Trump was down in the polls and never suppose to win. The emails on Podesta and Hillary were released by a DNC insider not the Russians and he is dead. Your loss in the election was an act of God. Get over it.  Maddow remember God destroys all who participate in same sex. You have time.


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