Political Snap Shot

Impeachment based on Obstruction Charges



Written Jun 8 3:45 pm EST

Update Jun 10 3:45 pm EST

Obstruction Charge 1

   Flynn, at the time he was the White House’s national security adviser, did lie about his interactions with the Russian ambassador after the election was won, and before Trump’s inauguration. When Flynn was relieved of his position, Trump said, “Now that we fired Flynn, the Russia thing is over.” First is not illegal for anyone to talk to any official, as long as he is not setting a new policy for this nation and put it in place, before Trump takes office by side stepping the outgoing Obama Administration. The sanctions against the Russians did not change before Trump was in office, and even today some are in still place. Is it wrong to start a dialog before you take office to hit the ground running? No we do it all the time except now. I wonder why?

   What was said between the two, is not made clear here or is part of the report. Talking about reconsidering the sanctions when in office, needs not to be reported, as Flynn saw it. So when he testified, he did not report it. As it would have added unnecessarily to the Russian hype already in place by the media. This is why he omitted the contact. Flynn was snagged on influence peddling in Turkey and he pleaded to lying, which was a set up in exchange for the Justice Dept. to go easy on that charge only.

   Did Trump make a comment to Comey, yes. “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” This was a suggestion as to consider, did it change anything or coerce the final opinion, no. Do not family members plead to a judge for another? It is a crime to demand someone to go easy. No crime was committed here. Remember Reagan contacted Iran to delay the release of the hostages, while Jimmy Carter was president to win the election, and you did nothing.

Obstruction Charge 2

   Trump was upset at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation. Could Sessions influence who was appointed, you will never know, before the special counsel was appointed. Being upset is not a crime, as Sessions did distance himself from the investigation.

   So we have an investigation that clears him of Russian Collusion, which he knew, and getting other officials to say a good word is obstruction for a crime that was put in place by the Democrats. What a country.

Obstruction Charge 3

   Mueller used the Comey firing as obstruction. Comey was fired because, when he testified to Congress about who was being investigated, he did not mention anyone that would personally hurt Trump’s family or himself. This omission was by design to cast a continuing dark cloud around Trump and his family, which lasted to the midterm elections.

   Trump suspected collusion between Comey and the DNC, he was correct. This will soon be revealed as to how this started. As the investigation closed, no one in his family or the President was linked to Russian Collusion. As President, he had the right to fire Comey, for any reason, and as one man among thousands, does not obstruct the investigation. This is where Mueller goes astray

In Closing

   I have covered only three by design, and will comment on the other seven when or if needed. For the Democrats please proceed with impeachment, and I will seal your fate for misleading this great country. I need you as representatives of this great nation to stop bending to the will of the new world order, who intends to destroy this country. Many in your top leadership have sign on, as they are blackmailed or worship the dark one. Will any of you stand up for America? When all are against one, something is wrong, as you can vote him out without the nonsense or the threat of impeachment. Biased media, you need to think why? Please wake up out of the fog you call reality.

Update Jun 8 5:30 pm EST

   Not even 24 hours has passed, and Schumer and Pelosi cannot help themselves. At least Schumer stated with sarcasm, let’s see on the Mexican agreement that prevents tariffs. He is a New Yorker, and knows when not to step in sh.t. But Nancy (she is from California) states, how can we treat a friend like this. Exactly what reality do you live in Nancy? You have done nothing to stop the flow ,and we are to listen to your shallow words?

   A friend does not let over million illegals march through their country, and assist them in a year. This costs our nation hundreds of billions, and we are not responsible for what happens in the world or Central America, nor should pay for it, when we are 20 trillion in debt. Oh you forgot that, as you spend money we do not have. Are you sure, you are a leader?

   With the settlement, the illegals and I say again illegals, stay in Mexico while awaiting their asylum hearing, and you are against this? So let’s get this straight, most who seek asylum are turned down, and you answer is, let the American taxpayer pay for this (staying in our care) over the many, many years. America something is wrong with those, who are suppose to represent you and your needs. It seems the longer they stay in power, the more they lose their minds.


Update Jun 10 3:45 pm EST

   The NYT reported over the weekend, that the Mexican deal was already in place, in order to deflect on the Trump Administration move to inflict tariffs, that were scheduled to go into effect today. The move no matter how you spin it, worked. In response, the Left stated it is complicated, really, for you it is, not Trump. You, the Democrats are angry that you had no solution, and the Presidents‘, yes extreme, worked. Mexico is not China with vast financial resources. If the agreement was in place, the illegal migrant flows would have stopped, as your eyes are seeing now. This is why the statement, fake news is heard.

   Yes certain points of the deal was negotiated, but there was no agreement in place at Mexico’s southern border as you, the NYT are leading the nation to believe. It was only when Mexico could lose billions, did they choose to stop looking the other way, as illegal migrants (less than 10% can pass for asylum) passed through the country unimpeded.

   The weak leadership in the Left did nothing to stop millions flowing north, and now the media led by the NYT and politically, Pelosi to minimize how effective the threat of tariffs was, shows their incompetence and quest for power, they do not deserve as leaders. Pelosi really thinks the few extremist who want to you to pay for millions entering this country and already here giving free healthcare, housing, meals, government benefits, increased property taxes to support schools as millions of children overwhelm cities, social services, increased rents and housing costs due to demand, depressed wages for those starting as entry workers with no skills, and they think you the voter wants this. We welcome those where opportunity and merit supports it. I ask you, we have millions who live in poverty here, who are Americans, and you choose to invite millions not born here, you cannot afford, when you have not taken care of our own poor?

   You, as illegals do not just come and expect us to support you, when you skirt the system. Oh, the politicians state, prop up their Central American governments and provide a safe home for those fleeing. They are fleeing poverty and want a life they cannot achieve in their homeland, but you do not understand this. Yes some face gang violence, but not all. They could fight back, but many choose to run. So your answer is to send its corrupt leaders money, where they will steal the funds, as little flows to the people. The projects given to American companies to improve infrastructure at inflated costs due to bid rigging, as this is how the Democrats dole out favors for contributions. Seen this, we have done that, it is a waste, as nothing changes except who makes money. This what your leaders can not comprehend. This is why, they are out of touch. This is what America sees.

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