Political Snap Shot




Written Jun 9 3:45pm EST


   As I informed you Wednesday night, the media was salivating over the Comey testimony, but it fell flat. The leak of what Comey was going to say was to give an edge to those posing the questions in the Senate Intelligence Committee, but it raised new questions. So letís examine the Russian connection.

   It was a brilliant move to allow Comey to testify as Trump knew what he had was circumstantial. As the media for the most part have convicted him by design, as pawns of those who pay them. The high priced lawyer examined all that Comey and the shadow DNC would come with. They knew who was a source of one leak so he admitted it. It is too little to late. Yes he leaked information that forced an independent council to be appointed yet this does not make sense as in the same breathe he knew Trump was innocent. There was another goal, that of the Democrats so in fact he is colluding.

   Letís step back, as Comey testified Trump had assumed intent in the Russian collusion, but committed no crime. His words with Hillary, was she may have committed a crime, but had no intent. Use common sense for America. Have you forgotten, Hillary used the Russian connection to paint Trump during the summer of 16 as a traitor to this nation in order to steal votes. It was ignored except by the media. We need to move on. For the media for once pull your heads out of the sand and stand up for the Truth. Is there one of you out there or are most of you cowards?  

   Comey states the Russians hacked our election system, but said there was no collusion with Trump being investigated. So there was no collusion, Trump is not the subject of impeachment. What has been leaked is that the Russians only tried to hack a private supplier of election software. This is the Truth. There is no reference of a success and more important, penetration of our closed election system that cannot be accessed by the internet. The Russians would have to be close to the polling centers to do this, but would have found Hillaryís agents already there who were unsuccessful. Comey implied there was a crime committed by Flynn. I told you he lied about his business and payments with the Russians as a private citizen, which is legal. What was wrong is that he did not declare this under oath during his confirmation, a crime, but minor so he was dismissed. You were played.

   Comey states the FBI through the words of Trump was in a state of disray. This is true and false. Overall the FBI is a very strong agency, but had push back from Lynch. Clinton and Obama pressured agents to drop the email case against Hillary. They were told, would you rather see Trump win and he did. Crimes unspeakable were committed by the Clintons and it was decided you did not need to know. Trump did not lie, but told a truth most in this government would rather you do not know. So the Comey leaks are not worth investigating. With no collusion that was proven. No. Tampering with the Justice system other than a suggested preference. With the presumed leaks coming from the Russians only it was from the NSA dropping dimes to the media and Wikileaks and you still donít get it. Comey does lie.

   Comey gave you hints of influence, but failed to mention the Attorney General and the meeting with Bill Clinton. Lynch backed off from the Clinton e mail scandal. This is a FACT. That meeting Lynch was told, though uncomfortable either you are with us or for the orange asshole. These were their words. Comey folded as he never expected Trump to win. This is now the nightmare.

   I told you our election system is not at risk from overseas hackers no matter how the media spins it. It is not connected to the internet and has secure private transport lines to election headquarters where the vote is tallied. Hillary and her agents tried a wireless connection to switch vote in certain states, but close proximity was required and they were taken out.

   Trump is assaulting the shadow government and all aligned with the new world order. As there are many things unseen and unreported by the media. Again when public opinion shifts to an extreme there are wrong by design.

   The key here was that president Trump is unfit for office and needs to be removed at any cost. This is why the media owned by the new order is so hostile with leaks arranged by the NSA by design and other leaks just plain disinformation made of half or no truths. Comey admitted it was not his place to correct the false narrative or go public that Trump was not under investigation. What was not covered was the unmasking of Trump individuals illegal under FISA 702, read it. The leaks are arranged to herd opinion against Trump and Comey is part of this as he admitted only to one. This is why he was fired. The media and Democrats were told the keep this Russian investigation going into next year as to swing the election in 2018. This is your deceitful world. This is the Truth.


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