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Written Jun. 9 6 pm EST

International Stage

   With the resignation of war cabinet member Benny Gantz, it brings to the surface the turmoil within the Netanyahu coalition government. The primary reason is Netanyahu refuses to preset a plan for Gaza after the war concludes. There is no secret here, as all know Netanyahu plans to take back some areas in Gaza for new Israeli settlements and for rebuilding Gaza not Israeli money. The US will pay reconstruction in the tens of billions. This is why the plan has not been released.

   Now most are not in support of the war in Gaza on both sides, but it is on the world stage, as everyone adds their two cents. In war all is fair period. Hamas attacked all civilians and killed them with brutality after raping them, women, men and children. And your answer is to protest? Hamas did not play by the rules during the Oct. 7 attack and killed the innocent. Cowards attack the weak not the IDF, had they attacked them, they would have been crushed. The people of Gaza hide war criminals and there are repercussions. They need to make a choice.

   The Oct. 7 attack could have resulted in a retaliatory civilian carpet bombing of Gaza as a response. Then what? Europe just celebrated D-day how would a limited response in Nazi Germany worked? It would not and today the EU would be under Nazi control. The Hague applies its rules where it wants, yet millions died in Cambodia, Rwanda and Sudan to start.

   Israeli is not delaying a war, it is the time needed to eliminate Hamas, as they told you. Your world leaders are clueless or puppets. For true peace, Palestine has to sign off on a land grab by Israel. This is not going to happen. Mix Hamas with civilians, they will die. Now you can continue to play the fool on both sides or resolve this. The monetary support from the US will wane or stop due to the actions of the Israeli government, which does not give a sh.t on what the world or our administration thinks. The US college campus revolts is increasing hate only and is not a solution, as they hold no power on the world stage and is labeled an annoyance. For the students, get a life, as your voice only has courage when in numbers, alone you fold. When you enter the workforce your actions will follow. It is not worth it, as your actions change nothing.

   The hostage rescue operation in Gaza was carried out with precision. They were guided by US satellite infrared surveillance showing the active locations of the hostages and Hamas operatives along with their human shields. Those with concern would have removed innocents from harms way when the attack began, but many stayed the course and died as an media optic. When you hear shots you should run away instead of towards. In Rafah drop leaflets, stay and you are considered Hamas, leave you are free, Israel then carry out the operation. The mixing of Hamas and civilians is by design, end it.

   Oh by the way, who gave the order to reconstruct the Gaza pier? Knowing it was sabotaged and was supposed to be abandon per the media.

   In the Ukraine conflict many at the D-Day remembrance stated Putin would not stop if Ukraine was reabsorbed into the Russia. Yes Russia and China will move on the EU, but at a time they choose, not due to the Ukraine conflict. Ukraine is a corrupt government, which can be validated now that the world knows the “laptop” is real and email correspondence shows a pay for play arrangement. Currently Russia could take the country of Ukraine no matter the support of arms from America, but would rather keep pro Russian areas and Crimea due to the Black Sea access. It is here with those concessions, that peace can be attained or Putin can draw this out. Bankrupt the US military assistance program and still take the country. The choice is in Ukraine’s hand, because some politicians in the US are pathetic, as the follow the whims of polls rather than lead . Any advance into Europe would start WW3, which the Chinese and Russia are not fully finished with upgrading their militaries. On the back side some in the EU are opening up backdoor negotiations like France and Germany with China and Russia just in case.

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