Political Snap Shot



Written Jun. 10 11:59 EST


   Events in your world has exposed that there is collusion between the elite of global nations, yet so subtle. So lets examine Covid-19. Yes the US did fund certain areas of viral disease research at the Wuhan level 4 center, but few ask why?

   The discovery of new strains of Covid from animals was by design, what was not, the release into open air and the infection of those in the labs. What is not known to the general public, is the memo about a cave that peaked the interest of the new world order, due to human deaths. China was given the task to isolate and refine the virus backed by US funds directed by Fauci, it seems. They had a black budget outside of Fauci. That was just a cover in case things went south. This is a fact.

   The virus escaped by design, as a trusted scientist arranged this for the new world order. He is now dead. They lied it could not be transmitted to humans. Pelosi said it was alright to go to Chinese restaurants. Shutting down travel was a panic reaction. The WHO said nothing to see here. The media stated the threat was exaggerated. The Chinese funded under Fauci did not expect the research would lead to a worldwide pandemic, but it exceeded their dreams. Their lab technicians died all by design and outside of the knowledge of Chinese leaders, as they still think, it was an accident, they are trying to hide. Can they reveal those, in the US helped them capture the virus? No, but many suspect.

   Once released, the new world order and their sub partner, the Chinese saw an opportunity to sculpt the world population, as their last attempt with SARS and the Bird Flu, failed. Check it. I heard from Fauci that the Chinese would never expose themselves to a disease. They did not. The US backed project had an insider that facilitated the leak and the citizens of Wuhan paid a far greater price, than what was released in your media. The Chinese assumed they were responsible for the leak. The West laughed behind closed doors. They isolated tens of millions, yet you can not find them, except the 20 million urns that were not claimed due to fear.

   Are they not responsible for ethnic cleansing? Did they not shoot their own in Tiananmen Square? Covid was allowed to spread rampantly among the elderly, as they were deemed useless for labor and the military. Tens of millions were allowed to die. This was why the crematoriums were going 24/7. Again this is a fact.

   What is true, is that the original infection was natural, but the elite backed by money from the US black projects initiated genetic engineering. This is responsible for the variants in various countries, with the break through variant planted in India, that is resistant to their native vaccines. Not one of you has questioned, why all nations has seen a second or third wave and China has not, which was the country of origin? China lost many more than reported, as this is the reason for the new 3 child birth limit. You are being lied to. What you need to fear is that the 500 million doses being given away has a hidden trigger that will activate a negative, but natural loss of life by design with an introduction of a certain common chemical. Certain very rich people are funding research along those lines. It has been adapted. You ask when, after the New Madrid fault finally breaks. No one will be concerned.

   You keep hearing about hacks and now our meat supply is temporarily reduced by 20%? Do these corporations believe in backups? Did the cattle disappear? Yes orders and deliveries may be affected, but there is a manual process still in place. Meat processing is manual and illegal aliens, belts move the meat, which corporate can override a computer. Again, the goal is to raise prices clamping down on the common man. Ask where is the surplus being diverted to?

   They played the same game with the oil pipeline, which was diverted, but they did not tell you, as there was money to be made. Why after all these years only now in America? Did not corporation heed the pipeline warning? No, as this is by design. As you hear most of the money was recovered, but it was never sent. They tell you lies.

   As the new world order solidifies its power, you in this nation will be betrayed by your leaders. You have inflation. A porous border and a woman had to be raped on the border before your eyes to counter, Mexicans are not rapists. It only takes one. You are fools. She is one of tens of thousands, but you look the other way. Trump is gone, but you have a choice, to do the right thing.

   As Kamala addresses the border with nations in the triangle. Nothing will change. We will send money, and just like our own charities like United Way, the defunct Clinton Foundation and many others that send 5% of every dollar collected to those who need it. The rest is stolen in foreign countries and here written off as expenses. Does our black projects take out the cartels, no. There is a partnership to keep minorities in financial or drug induced slavery. Those whites who part take can afford it. The others are removed by overdoses. They see this as a perk. This is your world.

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