Political Snap Shot


June 12 4:15 pm EST

   To start on CNN, Monday that just passed, finally that show at 9 pm, has started to move towards balanced reporting, just started with Maher and the DHS secretary. Could you please educate D Lemon. Quickly moving to Pelosi as she continues to put her foot in her mouth, as the media promotes what she states, but laughs behind her back.

   We hear words like impeachment, is not off the table, and when he speaks, your stock goes up, really, in whose eyes? You speak about upholding the Constitution of the United States, as a reason for impeaching Trump. Did he betray this country? Mueller stated, he did not collude with Russia or Putin. Nor did any of his staff. So he is not a traitor, or did he put the interest of another country, in front of ours. Yes he did try and build a building for money, the deal in place before the election as a private businessman, but the deal fell apart. In your wisdom, you want to impeach, because he did not mention a failed project. You are insane. Had he told you of the deal, you would have spun it for political purposes. Again this is only one of your reasons.

   The DNC set up this false investigation of Russian collusion to assist Hillary in her presidential run, which will be exposed. Pelosi, then what? Trump was entrapped and proven innocent by the Mueller investigation, so any charge of obstruction for a crime never committed, will be thrown out in a court of law. Impeachment is a joke.

   Stopping millions from passing over the border. You encouraged it. The President made what you call allies, pay their bills for NATO. You stated, he has turned his back on friends. Friends pay, leeches use. Pelosi, you don’t see this. You speak about China and its tariffs. So let’s get this, we would continue to allow a 600 billion deficit per year and your concern is the farmers who sell soy beans that is being compensated by the funds brought in by the tariffs? So what can the Chinese buy with 2 trillion dollars in the US over 3 years?

   The media has pushed racism, due to the Mexicans rushing over our Southern border. Caravans minimized rape by design, yet this is not stated in the media. What the DHS does not report or the media not report, is the amount of women and children assaulted during their trek north. Crimes that was committed outside of our jurisdiction, are not our concern. This is the key as to the deception in the media.

   Pelosi do you understand your responsibility to this nation as a Congresswomen? You, as Speaker of the House is to protect this nation from any threat, no matter how they are masked. I ask you, is allowing and promoting millions to come here illegally, and stiff the American taxpayer is your idea of the morals of America. When bills are presented in Congress in front of you, it is your only job is to protect America, not the world? You answer to another, and your talk of distractions. So I will give a distraction. The Almighty will shortly render your state as unlivable. Lets see how you respond as you are brought to your knees to beg. It is done. Oh, in your mind you ask, yes, you are being made an example of.

   I have a question Pelosi, since you think you are in control? The 911 Victim Fund is due to expire in 2020, and those in the committee, many did not even show up for the hearing. So you can spend 100 billion for the illegal migrants, but when it comes to those of the NYPD & NYFD who responded to 911 due toxic dust inhaled during the rescue of Americans, you come up short? You are pathetic, and will be shown for who you are.

   Debbie Dingell on tariffs and NAFTA, do you really think you have an answer? For decades, your family has controlled a congressional district since 1955 in Michigan. Did your family stem the tide of the auto industry jobs leaving and Detroit becoming a cesspool of despair? Your words mean nothing, and offer no solution.

   Today, Bernie keeps taking about healthcare as a right. So in essence, those who have worked hard and paid for their own health insurance through the type of job they have or deductions, needs to subsidize healthcare for all. As you just know how to throw money at the problem.

   You Bernie spoke about corporate socialism. The government does not control corporations in this nation. Corporations control the government. This is where, you are the fool. As Democrats, did you reign in the false stock market bubbles created to strip wealth from the common man, as the elite went short since 29‘? This continues today, but your politicians have done little.

   Look at why the socialist countries have gone broke and failed, but you won‘t. And Capitalist countries, if left unchecked by its politicians, financially enslave the common man. Have you address unrealistic rates of interests on student loans? You address none the problems at its core. A new vision and this is that time, really. You speak about a minimum wage of 15 dollars per hour, but the corporations just raise their prices, thus forced inflation, brilliant. You speak about illegals, but do not speak on why we should pay for this, when we have problems here. We are not the door mat for the world’s poor. You cannot change oppressive regimes that take all from their citizens and do not pretend, you can changer this.

   Your job is America first, compassion for others after you take care of home, but you cannot comprehend this, and you call yourself a leader? You speak about the elite families that control this nation, the new world order, yet half of your party answers to them and enact their policies. This is how the average American fell into living pay check to pay check mostly under Democratic control. You have no answer.

   The rich get richer due to your colleagues, granting their wishes through legislation or lack of. Allow border crossings and many get rich through the administration of social services or cheap labor. The rich get richer as property values and rents rise, as a wanted influx of illegal overwhelms cities. Those who cannot afford homes or rents due to depressed wages, as demand overwhelms supply, the banks clean up on sub prime mortgages, but you have no solution to this.

  Have you offered a program to minorities, except through the military for doctors to be refunded for tuition, when they get a medical degree, so they can care for the poor at a reasonable price in exchange. Have you curtailed the malpractice suits raising the insurance of doctors or controlled he excessive tests for profits owned by doctors? You have no plan Bernie, just lip and hot air. Socialism is communism, no matter how you try and spin and Trump is the Russian threat?

  Poland was asked at the White House news conference, today if Russia was a foe? The was question that was to make the leader of Poland to make a choice in the media. If Poland is buying F-35s and requested additional American troops, they fear a Russian invasion. This should have been obvious to the media, but when the media is controlled by the new world order, this is expected.

Immigration question on Census

Update Jun. 13 6:45 pm

   The media is so fixated by Trump’s words, as he would look at information from a foreign source, and he mentioned Norway. Thus stating if information came from one of our allies, he would look. You carried on, as you only heard the Russians. This is your overreach.

   If the Russians wanted to influence the election, they would just release the KGB files on many of your politicians via the web, thus causing a firestorm of debate. Remember, the Democrats using what they thought Trump was doing with women in their country, Russia. Keep playing these games, and through the power of the Almighty, those files in the KGB will be leaked, and the Russians will have nothing to do with it.

   The immigration question on Census is a must. If you are not an American citizen, because you are here as an illegal transient. Why, you can be sent home when caught, not a permanent resident, you can not be counted as to apportion Congressional Districts, which represents the people of this nation. So now the communities that have the most illegals, will get the most representation? Please tell the American voter this, and you will feel their wrath.

   You still do not get it. The Democrats paid for foreign influence into our election in 2016 with the false dossier based on Russian intel. Did you forget to address this? Should we had Hillary impeached, if she won the election, as the Russian Collusion was directed and funded by the DNC and Hillary campaign?

   Trump said, he would look at and contact the FBI on a hypothetical, if information was provided from an ally, and this is impeachable. As his words, which are thoughts, not actions, is now a crime? The Democrats actually paid for it and released it, then spread by the media. The price the media will pay, is yet to be revealed, but anticipated, as some shows were given the go ahead to slowly move to the near left center, which is a start. As to not be caught, when the far Left falls.

   The Russians provided information on Trump and provided details on a failed business venture to the Democrats, and you in the media released this. A low level meeting with people pretending to have Russian intel proven a farce. And this is your case. Both countries prepping for war, and you see Trump as Putin’s friend? This is what, you are led to believe. You are out of your minds. Exactly who is giving you your same talking points? It is not the DNC. Oh I know, the new world order, and where is the old lady? Again I repeat, your approach is deceiving, and what you put out to bring down this nation, will be returned 3 fold to start.

   By the way, Bernie, the Democratic Party sees you as a liability “socialism”, and those fixed polls will show you losing ground, just ask Beto. It is ground hog day again as 2016 repeats. They cheated you before, and they will again, as you are not one of them, independent.

   You are being fooled, racism is taught as a child, no leader can forge hatred that is already there. This is the false Democratic narrative. Do you really think Hillary, would let Chelsea marry a Black or Mexican? Bill is a good old boy from the back woods of Arkansas, yet polish as a Rhodes Scholar. It is not about the façade. Your leaders did little to uplift you, towards what is normal in America. They let millions of Hispanics come in undermining start up jobs and rents increase, but a few from Africa with a greater need is addressed, no. You never learn, but you will now if 2020 occurs.

   Many still cling to events facing earth as Climate Change, what you are told, is seen as the only cause causing extreme weather, yet all who are inform of the incoming threat and promised refuge, only if they continue to keep the public in the dark. This will shortly change, as there will be no explanation for the fireballs assaulting our cities and the tsunamis washing away some coastal cities. Informing the general public slowly, would lower the loss of souls to the dark side. Watch as your leaders run and hide, and offer no solutions. This is the Truth.


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