Political Snap Shot



Written Jun. 14 2 pm EST

Updated Jun. 18 1 am EST


   Letís look at the surveillance video of the alleged Iranians on a boat removing what is assumed a bomb magnetically attached to the hull of a ship. I wonder how it came off so easily without it being pried off? Yesterday, the media including Trump, followed the narrative that it was the Iranians. Exactly what branch of the intelligence community provided this video, and what was its source? None of you questioned this? Now the Almighty, for them Allah has something special for that country, and it is not good. The Almighty did not tell you to murder, and force conversion under His Name. God the Father, His Son Jesus want to be chosen by free will, but you donít get this, as you twisted the words of the prophet Muhammad.

   Exactly how was this video filmed at a low level of height? It was not a long range drone, as the point of view rarely moved. A hover drone is not possible due its available range, as the US Military would have taken them out due to a close proximity, and provided the bomb, the boat, and bodies. The resolution was terrible, another sign, as the cameras we have, can read the print on newspapers from space. The sad part is, the video was prepared, that would simulate, what Iran would do, if an unexploded bomb they placed, was still attached to the tanker.

   You ask why do I say this? If you look closely at the video, there are shadows almost level with the boat, and the people on board on the side of the ship. This shows a outside light source almost near sea level, as night vision amplifies only available light in the infrared spectrum giving a green hue. This was not present. Check the tapes before they are doctored or removed.

   Some say the video appears to portray a daylight attack. If that was true, the boat attacking the tanker would have been seen and reported. Drones would have been redirected to observed the attack as it was about to happen or just after tracing its source as the boat returned to the homeport. You do know that we have a satellite observing the area that tracks all traffic from its source to the point of return even at night with infrared. Today, we have a media release that the UAE states no evidence points to the Iranians and the bombs were attached magnetically. The intel is late.

   No group would return in daylight after an attack to retrieve an unexploded bomb that would result in capture. Usually you remove yourself miles from the scene as not to be traced. The signal sent to explode the bombs would have been simultaneous so unless they were still there, they would not know the bomb did explode. The story sucks. Those who planted this story must think those observing this world are idiots. You were told the first 4 attacks was new world order, as this latest. The UAE admission was necessary, as they hope you continue to bite on the video leaked and created by design.

   The video was made to enhance a false flag attack and point back to Iran, now being pushed by the deep state. This would lead to a new Middle Eastern conflict and eventually WW3. This has all the signatures of a new world order attack that points to another, but your media is still none the wiser, and will not report this angle. They need their jobs. This is just one facet of their plan with more to come.

   Your Democratic leaders have no clue and could not even address this issue. If they did provide the truth, their fragile candidacies would end. Under the thumb of the new world order now controlling the EU, UN, China, Russia, corporations, the Vatican, and many in your government on both sides. This is why nothing really gets done, except an increase of general financial slavery for the common man by design.

   I see you still have not gotten over Trumpís statements. I heard spin on CNN, that the paid dossier came from a friend, but the law states, any foreign power cannot assist, friend or foe. You say no foreign power can provide value to a campaign. Yet the media broadcasted this dossier for months before the election, how many were brainwashed and changed their votes? The Hillary campaign took in billions through their slush fund, the Clinton foundation, which gave foreign governments influence under the guise of a charitable contribution. You heard this before, with those involved the College admissions scandal. Nothing changes in your world, just methods.

   You speak of intent, donations continued to flow freely until she lost. They stopped, and the fund closed down. What is funny is the Clintons moved the money overseas to a country with no extradition agreement with the US. If they distributed 5% of those billions, that to them would be too much. This is why Hillary, like McCain for other reasons, had to wear a boot. None of you dare provide the public with this information.

   The Democratic Party broke all campaign finance rules in 2016, but like usual, many have chosen to look the other way especially many in the media.


Update Jun 16 12:30 am EST


   Saturdayís leak that our cyber forces infected the Russian computer systems controlling parts of their power grid was irresponsible and will escalate now that it is public knowledge meant to embarrass. You just did, what you said Trump would do, if given the knowledge. Does the President need to know every low level hack, no. But you made it seem the knowledge was kept from him, as if he would give to the Russians. This nation gave him the nuclear codes for WW3 and he is going to leak a low level hack. You are idiots. This was a political ploy, and revealed to the world, we are hacking the software systems of the world. If this was high level, then the NYT would be guilty revealing a top secret program. Which is it NYT?


Update Jun 16 4 pm EST


    Today on MTP, we heard from Buttigieg on how the Democratic Party, needs to shed the old guard, yet their ideas do not change. As you seem to be fed talking points from the same source. Same message delivered by a new face, been there, done that. When asked about how he would handle Iran? He would go about setting up a coalition with the world, if Americans tankers were hit. I ask why? We pay for almost all costs anyway, and send most of the forces. If an American city was hit with a nuclear device, would you ask the world for permission to respond? You probably would, and this nation would be leveled due to your indecision.

   This is what, is wrong with you leaders. You do not stand up when evidence is shady, like in both Iraq wars (WMD) and today with Iran. US space based neutrino detectors has shown small signature of weapons based uranium emitting particles from deep under ground Iranian bases. Your past policy was to give 150 billion dollars to terrorists. and hope they honor the truth. They did not and this is why the treaty was no longer honored. The Obama Administration just lied to the American people as they hoped to kick the can down the road and the Iranians taken out during the pole shift. You are just more of the same. Oh, and Buttigieg you can kiss most of the Black and Hispanic Christian vote away, as they do not vote gay. Good luck as your Party continues to divide.

   So what does America have to look forward to? The elimination of Trumpís mouth. Then an unimpeded flow of illegals north, which you pay for. We will stop disrespecting NATO and let them slide on paying their fair share, but we have friends. The trade deficit will get out of control as we pull back tariffs and our industry continues to relocate overseas and Canada and Mexico are our friends. Offer healthcare for all when the Middle Class can barely afford it and live paycheck to paycheck. And finally spend trillions to reduce carbon emissions when China and India will just watch and expand.

   Mismanagement of public funds (Flint), side deals funneling money to private social services (Planned Parenthood) by design and nothing changes again in America. This is your future with the Democratic Party. They offer nothing, but the removal of crass statements by Trump. Yet in many cases what he says is true, though does not have the concern of otherís feelings. What you underestimate, is people would like to see the nation moving forward, more than being politically correct. This is what you face in 2020 if you get to vote.

   As for that poll showing Biden beating Trump, those in control of the poll picked its best samples by design distorting the true numbers. Trump has a total approval rating of 43% overall, where he is hated in the more populous cities. So how can he poll under 45% in Republican strong holds to offset the low numbers in the cities? He is not. The polls lie just like they did leading up to the 2016 election where Hillary was leading. Do you want proof, ask Bernie quietly as not only the polls were doctored, but in some cases the votes for Bernie were suppressed or changed. This is the truth, and you are looking at the Russians.

   Some have asked, if the US satellites are watching the Gulf of Oman area at night in the infrared spectrums, just how are the heat signatures of the boats and people going undetected? The boats have an ultra light aluminum based alloy embedded on under side of a carbon based fiber mounted on top of the boat that reflects back body and engine heat and the rushing air disburses it when moving. There are side panels to hide the driver and occupants. If a patrol boat is near. You ask why the carbon fibers, it is absorb radar waves to a point it looks like random interference, and they use ultra quiet outboard engines. One over the motor as the heat stream is super cooled by a greater intake of water. This is why the origin of the boats cannot be found. When surveillance is stepped up, they will just use stealth drone subs, which is outside of Iranian technology. By the way it does not take a large gang to place a bomb or retrieve it. That was another mistake to point out with the video. It is about a boatís velocity, and the less passengers as a factor of mass, the greater the speed. Now I know you cannot reveal this to the general public as you would be fired. What you need to know, is at some point, you will realize, you are being lied to. I ask, then what?


Update Jun 18 1 am EST


    Trump pushed back against his own polling data, and the media took him to the cleaners as a liar. On the surface, this was true, as his own internal polling, showed him losing to Biden in key battleground states, and some Republican strongholds. So what is the truth?

   I have told you, that moles were placed in the Trump Administration in the past and continues today, and so with his internal polling group, which was not anticipated. Were not the doctored results released to the press? Those working to poll America, have new world order connections, as the Trump Administration did not think to vet the polling company. The assumed why? When paid, you give desired results, just like the DNC. They worked for another, thus all may be fired, those loyal, kept. The media in their absence of wisdom, see the leak as a precursor to the election, but it was arranged by design. Nothing is different than the days of Clinton and the DNC. If you are hired to poll, and the results are south, you adapt a new strategy without releasing an early poll results that shows weakness. This is common sense, unless tainted by the DNC. Only an idiot does not see this, outside of the common man.

   Ana N., you state there is no God, if he backed Trump, be careful. I ask you, only one time, never repeat the statement again with GodĎs Name. The Almighty states, as I am the messenger, ďI can take your breath of life for tainting soulsď, heed the warning. Remember, Ana those were His Words. You do not need to be made an example, for a media that uses you. The new world order will destroy this world before Jesus comes, and your goal is to stop Trump? In the Bible, God took the imperfect to move forward His agenda, as the righteous are cowards. Do not let me address you again, as it will be out of my hands. I do respect you for your passion, but choices need to be made.


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