Political Snap Shot




Written Jun 16 12:30am EST


   As we start, the special prosecutor has just accused Trump of obstruction yesterday. This obstruction is about Flynn not reporting income from the Russians while as a private citizen. Trump said, “I hope you can let this go”. This was a suggestion on the free will Comey. His crime was unreported income, but was reported to the IRS. Innuendo or feelings are not facts in a court of law. I ask; where are the facts?

   Did Trump destroy evidence? Did Trump intimidate Comey or any other witness or bribe? The Comey firing did not end the investigation as I told you, FBI agents do the work and gather evidence and this has not changed. Leaks released over the last year, but nothing on Trump and one on Flynn. Why? If no crime is in place, then there is no obstruction. Trump will not stop the Flynn investigation when he fired him. If Flynn lied and he did, he falls. What he did would have stopped his appointment. So he was fired. Flynn’s name was ruined and guilty of accepting money from the Russians. This is a fact. So in all your wisdom Trump is going to obstruct justice for a staff member who lied?

   Firing Comey was due to his cover-up of the Hillary emails investigation. He was not given a choice as to opening the investigation on those same emails 2 weeks before the election. Did his information change? Was there something discovered? No he was forced to right previous wrongs under a death threat from Patriots of this nation. The Democrats exploited this as they knew his firing would only intensify the investigation, not impede it. The investigation moves forward as all see. This is the Truth.

   Comey leaked information in order to put in place a special prosecutor by design. The goal is to perpetuate the Russian cloud. But it was the timing of Trump release of investigation that may be investigated that should raise eyebrows. Two days ago a shooter shot at several people on a baseball field. Do you really think what is presented in the media now is seen as extreme as a supporter of Bernie over the years? Do really think Stein would really change the direction of this nation? What happened during the last election was what was seemed as weak would insure new world order candidate would win. What was orchestrated to paint a picture that gun control measures are needed, but this runs counter to a Bernie supporter? He was a mole. His target was supposed to be masked. He knew the time and location of the practice and only asked the question of Democrats or Republicans as a cover. Look at why this narrative is being promoted. Scalise is the House Majority Whip and was targeted to be killed. You can thank the Almighty that his life has not yet ended, but that is up to the Almighty. Scalise was the only target; the others were used as a deflection. This is your world.

   The message was to the Trump Administration, none of you are safe from the new world order. Stand by the Almighty and none in the Trump Administration will fall except your traitor moles. This is a promise.

   As CNN reported with sympathy, although they failed to mention that the rhetoric has now push what is seen as a common citizen to kill. He was a professional that was allowed to be taken out after his mission failed. But did it? His job was to send a message to Trump. This he accomplished. The problem is the copy cats. They for the most part will be taken out quietly.

   You can push gun laws, but he was one of your own. All will ask, did he take one to disarm the American citizen? The second Amendment is our founding Fathers safeguard to prevent an unjustified or arranged polarization from allow the citizen to protect their families.

   Do really think in America your status would change? This has been lies and a downward spiral where debt crushes your future. Yes student debt that you sign on to give your child a better chance. You sign for rates that are around 6% only to see there now 11%. Do you really believe Bernie, Stein or Hillary would change your fate as pawns? You were lied to. Yes they have aroused the base as if something was stolen in the last election and now your rhetoric is the point that caused an assassination. Yes some came together, but Pelosi is doubling down. This is what is wrong with your nation.


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