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Written Jun 19 12:30am EST

Update Jun 21 1:45am EST


   A comment on Immigration by Laura Bush follows a script, written by the new world order, as the narrative stating the separation of children of illegals is like the Japanese interment camps? This is an insult to our law biding Japanese American citizens as only due to their race, there where put into prison camps due to fear, what about the Germans and Italians? This was racism at its highest level by our FDR government. And you compare it to adults using children to seek freedom to escape poverty and the lack to fight to change their country as cowards? You are one of the fools leading many into the abyss of a racial war in this country. You are so aware of the coming pole shift that will sculpt the population by 90%, so be it. You allow millions to flow into this country knowing there will be no resources to help your own and those facing starvation will rise up against our own to live. This is what you want, yet this is no obvious to the general public, but this will soon change, good luck. Your Bush family will shortly suffer another lost at the Hands of the Almighty. Yes this is a warning to those who may follow this same path, Hillary.  

   To the media many do not embrace the flow of illegals into this nation. The point of using children to gain sympathy has long been used in many countries to steal. We have a system to allow all to be welcomed to our country and assimilate. Who is going to pay for this that breaks our laws? Schools overwhelmed, wages depressed due to over saturation, hospitals passing on charges for the uninsured with little tax base. This is how your nation shall fall. There will come a point where the narrative of the media becomes a disconnect from the real world. The lies will end now. You in the media have until July 4 to correct this, tone it down. The alternative now in place as I have asked the Almighty to cripple Mexico and destroy the Central American land bridge, watch. This is on you, choose as the soul is only important.

   You have a choice as to disburse 40 billion in your military budget to border security and build the wall. You have 6 months and I do not care what program is cancelled, make it happen.

   For he liberals you keep stating the Trump Administration is like Hitler. Stopping illegals feeding them and giving due process is not the same fate the 6 million Jews faced. Stop lying.

   Finally a special message to Kissinger, satanís mouth piece, your time is up. Live in fear as the Almighty has granted my request to remove evil from this earth.


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