Political Snap Shot



Written Jun. 20 2 pm EST


   As Trump declared he is running, the media checked his talking points. Some are true, some lies, nothing has changed. All politicians lie. Did tens of thousands show up in Orlando? Yes, for others running on the Democratic side, as they declared they were running, the crowds were scant. His speech was a B- in my opinion, tepid in his approach, but we understand. An overreach would turn some who want to convert, off, but the tactic was correct, as it only goes north with the fixed polls.

   Many are aware climate change, is exponentially increasing, and it is not due to an increase of carbon. He did almost cover all talking points except one, NATO, and how they do not pay their bills. Just who did you listen too? Educate him. As for Iran, warn them on their oil fields, as they are a small part of the world market. Conform or level a 10% area as a warning. They will listen. If not, I will give the order to crush the country through the power of the Almighty with quakes. It is your choice. I do not bluff.

   So lets educate the American public on why you imposed a 25% tariff on 300 billion worth of goods, as our farmers lose sales, and Americans pay more for goods suffer? The Democrats exploit the uneducated, and those who just listen to the media. So what is the truth?

   The Chinese have over a 600 billion per year trade surplus with this nation. So the 25 % tariffs impose a 75 billion penalty on their goods of 300 billion. What you do not know, it that the Chinese signed long term agreements with the American companies receiving their products. This is a common practice to control costs. Is this not how your future markets work?

   The Chinese already factored in the tariffs as a cost for doing business. The net is 525 billion, as the US fights over a solution with out agreeing to parity trade. This is what I would do, if evil. This is how stupid your leaders are.

   As for AOC, you state, we have concentration camps along our border. Are you insane? The Nazis gathered Jews by force, and enslaved them, then executed them in the millions. Those coming illegally to this country, evade the system, and they walk free into our country, and we pay. They chose to escape, what they left by design. Asylum does not include escape from gangs, or poverty. No one chooses to walk into a concentration camp by choice. But cowards run, when they choose, not to fight for their country. You are a Bronx idiot, and yes, you control my old voting district East Elmhurst. I am ashamed.

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