Political Snap Shot




Written Jun. 20 7 pm EST


   Now months into the Biden Administration are your lessons somewhat clear? Do you remember, you wanted this, under a racists agenda and you were told it would be granted. So the experience was for the greater good, as you had to live it, rather than what you would have wished for. The ballots delivered your wish, but your reality has deteriorated. All of you thought by removing Trump, defunding the police, giving millions to BLM, treat illegals with respect at the border everything would be alright. Racism is still here as it will take a generation to correct what is imbedded, just ask KKK Biden. Harris has the border and told them to go home, but they still come. I wonder why, as your words to win an election was to invite them all. You lied to the American public, as you want to return to some of Trump’s policies, but do not know how. That is a politician. Defund the police and the neighborhoods pay the price for your incompetence. They are dying. Oh and BLM their leaders went out bought expensive houses on you. The problem, is that few of you have learned and solutions from you, are few to none, and the media are just out of their minds. Just know the bunkers will be hell.

   Socialism as a tool, a mid-level version of communism, is being used to raise the minimum wage, on the surface, it seemed like a good idea, but the elite just raise prices to cover the cost. This you knew would be the result, but you went ahead with it anyway. Did we not spend trillions to fight communism (aka socialism) since ‘46? You were told, the cost of those wages (15.00 minimum) without an increase in productivity would result in inflation, but you did not listen. It is here, and now, you have the same issue with the unions expecting their large increase, because you raised the bottom line for entry level workers. Exactly what do you think corporations will do? They will lock out and the unions strike, economic collapse. Tax them so they do not meet Wall Street expectation, the market dives. 401s go south and Middle Class America pays again. Capital gains will be moved overseas. You wont see a dime except again from the Middle Class. Oh yes, 45% on your 401s growth, that will help your retirement just like a market crash.

   What about the elites purchasing all housing driving purchase prices and rents up. The lower middle class have to sleep in cars with a 19 dollar an hour wage. Build affordable housing, you tried that, remember the inner city projects? How did that work out? Wake up call, you cannot afford to take in illegals any more to suppress wages, as you raised them by design. Your leaders are confused, the lesson few of you notice. What is enough for a living wage? You have no answers for a work force with simple skills. Money does not change it, generational education does, but that takes to long to be effective at the polls. So you see it is politicians first and America last.

   The border and Harris is a bad combination. She was very confused on a few questions and she quoted Europe rather than our southern border, and these are your leaders. The Republicans want her to resign that border job, which she would prefer quietly, but the optics would look worse than they are already today. Consider what and who you elected, are you still proud? Not one network showed the signs in Guatemala showing Trump Won. Fox did show Kamala mind your business, now I wonder why, when they are offered money.

   Political bribes are subjecting foreign leaders in the triangle to political enslavement. Maybe because it does not work. A country can not survive if its population now above 30% migrates. What America saw, is the lights in Harris’s mind may not be on. Again, you voted for this.

   Over 2 million illegals will enter America this year, the point Texas now wants to complete the wall. Your government wants to increase illegal migration, but there are few low skilled jobs and what about the families with young children, as if they can support themselves. I ask, why is that when then can not afford healthcare for its own citizens. What about the carbon foot print for the 40 million illegals already here? Few have money. This is why, they come here. Who is paying for this, as if you are rich? Your words Biden, when you spoke in that eatery, said we can handle another 2 million, when he was campaigning, do you remember? We can not, or you can transfer the billion plus your son made in China to the US Government as a start.

   The problem is the migration to the cities, already short of housing. What happens to rent prices? Quality of life due increased population densities with no to little increased tax revenue. Most illegals are off the books, that is why, they are illegals. This is what your leadership did not consider, but hands you the bill.

   Crime in the cities has exploded to a point, to where BLM defund the police message, has reversed to refund the police, but you will not hear that on CNN. To propose the idea was insane and most of you followed them. What does that make you? Lets see how many unarmed social workers, you can get to respond in a violent confrontation, where they may die? Why don’t we get a Lightfoot to negotiate.

   Your cities are in turmoil, and you were led down this path, you freely accepted. Does not one of have the balls to say, we were wrong on some points, before it becomes politically acceptable? I doubt it, as most of you are still cowards and follow the pack mentality. Remember, cops responding to a crime situation that kill under fifty high profile cases of your own (Blacks), and then goes under review and some are prosecuted, sent to jail or fired, but thousands die on your streets every year by your own, which is the greater problem? Lets not all answer at the same time. Every life lost is a tragedy, but place your resources where it counts. This is not a political or BLM matter, it is ours.

   Biden addresses the G-7, but when he inspected the British soldiers, which was stated as a joint inspection with the Queen, she sat in her chair. The face on Biden’s face was a scowl, check it. The UK and EU only care about America when it can save their asses against Russia and now China, otherwise they could not give a s.it.

   He went on to NATO to say America is back. Yes, it is back to paying for nations that do not pay their fair share. This is what you voted in. NATO is only strong when all fight and all pay the bills. Judging from no huddles like with Trump, they all will slow payments, its coming. You fail to realize a strong NATO only helps the EU. The US gets attacked, it is game over as the Russians and mostly Chinese intermingle with Americans, knowing Biden would surrender than risk killing more American lives. The point once the peace agreement is signed, the general population will just disappear. This is the plan of the new world order. China let the elderly (20 million) go in Wuhan and other cities, the Muslims and prisoners just disappear. You need to remember your history from 80 years ago, it is same dark leader, satan that guided the nazis now, he guides the new world order in human form. As this is his time. I ask the media, is this what the meeting showed the world?

   Now Biden meets Putin. Was he not an alleged friend of Trump (they were enemies), as the media pushed, and now he is a threat? Russia was always an enemy, just like China, but you refused to look at who got paid. What about that 3 million your son got paid in Moscow, Biden? Is this why the Ukraine military aid is under review? I ask, but your media did today. Since the Russians withdrew from its border the funds are not needed, or so they say. So if they attack just how long will it take to get weapons to reinforce the border, months and Ukraine would fall. Some of us are not fools. Clean it up Biden.

   Putin did not back down with his meeting with Biden, as he sends bomber raids to Hawaii that armed F-22s with clearance to engage, if there is a breach. It is no longer a military exercise, but practice runs looking for weaknesses. This would be a perfect launch point for a west coast invasion and they cannot nuke it with captive American citizens. This is what is being withheld from the American public.

   Now that Covid is winding down, the truth is leaching through various sources, as a variant some how, is now the new scourge of the earth. I wonder, as I refresh you? What your scientists will arrive at shortly due to pressure, is that the Chinese discovered a bat cave that humans in the vicinity seem to die at an accelerated rate. The bats were captured and the disease modified by genetic engineering in Wuhan facility and other labs, but Wuhan had the head start. This was the reason for all the mice with human traits to be tested on, leaked by Chinese scientists that worked there. They knew nothing of the grand plan, but exposed general faults. They know better now, as all info from the lab, has been shut down, as a joint effort between the Chinese and the Americans. What you have to realize, is that that many of the leaders in this country answer to the Global elite, the new world order. This is why, the Wuhan Lab was funded by Fauci, the goal to share the knowledge of a pandemic virus with goals of depopulation on earth.

   So what was the lab researching, again? They were creating a genetically engineered virus with a greater efficiency of killing human beings with what was discovered in that cave. You ask, why would the US support the development of a virus that would cull the world population? The green new deal will never work if the population of the world continues to increase. The elite has a goal to reduce the population of earth to 150 million, for many that does not include you. Climate change destroys food production, now what? The Chinese saw this as an opportunity to spread the virus in America and claim the land as her own, as the majority of the population died, they hoped. Both did not get what they wanted and neither can talk about it.

   Again those in the Wuhan Lab were following orders and a rogue insert was responsible for the leak at the Wuhan lab. Records destroyed and samples stolen and this was base source of the genetically engineered variants now affecting India and the EU. Is there not one of you, that will come forward? No, as I see cowards. But now you want an investigative commission, led by the WHO that was behind the original cover-up. Biden says China will tell the truth, what a laugh. Punish them, as they hold your bonds and your factories are on their land, again what a joke. Sanctions are like a wet paper tiger. So what will you find, that Trump was right with the Wuhan virus without an investigation. No they will lie. The world will never reveal the truth.

   What you need to know, is that the leak at the Wuhan lab was designed outside of Chinese knowledge, as they are the fall guys by design. Watch as it unfolds. The Chinese, were suppose to eliminate certain aspects of worlds population starting with Africa, South America and the Middle East through vaccines that infect and kill a year down the road. The current virus did not deliver the desired death rate in China or the rest of the world. So western labs genetically modified the virus again. The variants are still weak, but what was released in India offers hope for them, as it is designed to accelerate infection rates and death when hydroxychloroquine is introduced into the body.

   Few of you refuse to consider, that Covid was a designed by the West (new world order) in Chinese labs, then released by design with a fall nation in place to cull and control the world’s population. You were confined to your local spaces by your leaders. You had your rights to mingle freely revoked. Your elderly were infected by design, as the states mandated the infected return to nursing homes with little to no protection. This is a fact. Your rights to sell with open businesses stopped. All of this was predicted in the Bible, the mark of the beast. The difference is the spin, none of you have consider this, and I wonder why?

   The left in America is considering its options. I told you the pendulum swings both ways and it is more than 40% moving towards the neutral point. Society has a place to empower the leaders when power shifts. When it swings back due to follies, Antifa, BLM, Wokeness, now what? The world was stupid when they embraced this, and what is worse your leaders, like they always do, followed, instead of leading.

   The cities have fell to crime and gangs and now what? There will be no answers, as the earth changes will overwhelm your world. Climate change a farce and the media will lose its control slowly. As for your leaders, what will you do when the sky reveals your lies? I know, run and hide. This is your future. This is how, you made your own bed. This will be revealed for all to see. The general population will seek another in this Great War for the Souls of Earth.

   Your world listens to fools, when the political agenda and media backs them. I told you again, the pendulum swings both ways. Rampant crime in your Democratic cities has silenced the defund police movement. You hope no one notices, but they have. Now what? One dies at the hands of the police and more than 50 die by own. Do you see the disconnect? Leaders, there are none.

   I ask, how can you spend nearly 30 grand per student in New York City to educate blacks and 75% fail proficiency tests on average? That will not happen in a Catholic School. Why, because the parents and the teachers both care.

   On the world stage Biden states we can work with Russia, it is a lie. They painted Trump as a Putin puppet and now out of power, have things changed? As I told you, agreements are made to facilitate peace, but the goal is to enslave mankind under one rule. Yes the new world order includes the EU, Russia, China, UK, certain parts of the US and Israel, all to bring all on earth under one government and one false god. Their plans for the little people, you will just go away.

   Recently we have seen that Harris does not have a clue to her assigned Border task, designed to show failure. Biden seeks peace, when China seeks America as the land of opportunity. You were told, there will be constant talk of peace, but none and sheep will be wolves, are you listening? All nations know of the upcoming pole shift, and this is the problem. There will be no accountability and you think the Chinese will not invade this country? Your weak politicians know this. This is why, they want to ban assault weapons. To disarm the populace by design. Plus, we have not even addressed Iran, Taiwan or North Korea.

   Biden can not walk a set of stairs without help (rail) or sometimes speak a coherent sentence, with Kamala out to lunch, these are your leaders.


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