Political Snap Shot



Written Jun 24 11:59pm EST


   Bernie hit a news show Sunday to voice his and the basic Democratic opinion on the treatment of the innocent children due to illegal border crossings. Yes we are a compassionate nation, but it is the parents fleeing from poverty and violence that put the children at risk. One has to ask, how are these migrants crossing the desert without money? They are not walking. Are some being dropped at the border on purpose to create a crisis? This needs to be investigated.

   Trump’s original choice to separate families was to send a strong signal, but a public relations disaster. It was reversed. You speak of overcrowded centers sleeping people on the floor, where many come from they sleep o the dirt. Gross mistreatment when they are being feed 3 real meals a day. You talked about DACA, which is a problem that needs to be solved, but you give nothing in return. All of this is the focus of politics as children are being used to increase sympathy for those caught crossing the border.

   You have no answers on how to stop the flow. You say we need more unskilled labor, but your base wage now push in the United States is for 15 dollars. How is that going to work? The children will flood schools systems and rents will skyrocket already happening as strained systems in our inner cities stretch have resources. Again how is this going to work?

   You speak as if you know what America wants as protesters shape the media and your opinions. You are followers of polls, not leaders. The jobs they seek help the rich and hurt the middle class. Our immigration policy is based on need not stating what our nation was in the past. This is your disconnect. Asylum is not based on a person fleeing violence and poverty if that was so then I guess some in the Chicago hood and Long Island should flee to Canada.

   Democrats’ state the migrants are being criminalize, really, they broke law and that labels their parents a criminal, period, yet you focus on the children. These centers were in place during other Administrations along with the cages, nothing has change except who is in control of this nation. Under funded, but you are reluctant to shift money from your social services.

   As for Haley pulling out of the UN Human Rights, all in this government know that the UN is a tentacle of the new world order as the WHO will used to spread disease and the plague in 3rd world countries as inoculations. This has already been reported and will significantly increase during the earth changes, but censored from mainstream media, check it.

   The media speaks of who wins the Left or the Right? The Left speaks of humanity, but exploits the pictures of children to invoke a reaction as the students of DACA has fizzled. The Left speaks of low skilled workers are needed so what are these jobs and how does America win if these jobs are off the books? They do not have social security cards unless they create identity fraud. A stream of low skilled workers puts a strain on public and social services all at your tax payer expense. Cheap labor does not pay taxes.

   For the Right, Trump is upsetting his own as yes they want to seen as tough on the border, but Trump is stopping the rich from profiting from cheap labor, thus a serious pain in the ass for the new world order. This is his backlash. Neither the Left nor the Right loses, but America does.

    Yes we need migrant workers to pick the food, but rotate in then out. Overstay your Visas you are tracked, fined and then deported. Judges moved to our Southern Border States to increase the speed of due process. The US Military and drones with infrared to raise the efficiency of the border patrol. There needs to be a covert removal of the drug smugglers and migrant transport systems in place, start here.

   America has always welcomes the immigrant through our legal system, but the current rate is unsustainable as our needs have changed. You have water restrictions in the West and a homeless population sleeping outside and you think treatment of the illegals is needed before you take care of your own? You are idiots.

   Your politicians do not have a clue and do what seems is right based on public opinion or so it seems. The US public does not do its own research, but listens to a media that spouts what the new world order wants you to hear. Here lies the danger. I have told you polarization is the goal where father fights son and mother against daughter. This is quickly evolving to this point. It is hate that has increased in America, but few see the increase for what it is. The alt right has always hated and with no challenge it is protests. The Left has added something different as an opinion is now a threat. It starts with exclusion, but will quickly be raised to violence. A word of caution Democrats as you push, they will push and the liberals will attack. This will work in the cities, but will not work in rural America. They are armed. The Bible has predicted race wars and the dark side; new world order has played you as a fiddle as you are herded by evil. Masking events with children will not hide the long term intent. Your leaders allow a flood of the poor when your government is broke. Low skilled workers will offer no addition to our bottom line. You are incompetent. When the violence becomes unchecked in certain cities just know you have picked the cities that will be destroyed first. This is a promise through the power of the Almighty. Take care of home first, and then help others through strength.


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