Political Snap Shot



Written Jun. 26 2:45 am EST


    Over the weekend we have Warren sucking up to the LBGTQ community and deflecting the ”blacklash”, yes I said it, from the white community on reparations. So now we are give money to gays, because they were insulted. God destroyed them in Sodom and in your wisdom we pay them? You’re an idiot.

   Reparations is nothing for Black America, a few thousand dollars per person due to budget constraints, really, but is a Democratic ploy to extract wealth from the Middle Class. Wise up, GDP to debt has been running over 100% since 2012. The wealthy will write off the meager tax. So several ten of thousand masters enslaved millions of Blacks, and yes it was a grave injustice, but that was the way of the world. So the whole white race many who immigrated to America after 1880 are suppose to pay for the mistakes of the few and they were not even here? How is that going to work? And this is your plan?

   So billions spent to see who gets reparations. Billions spent to distribute and little by design reach the direct descendants. You are idiots again, like the charities of this nation, less than 20% and more like 5 % goes to the true needy. What about fraud?

   The Democrats still believe, Iran was complying with the treaty, put in place by the Obama Administration with a side deal giving them a 150 billion dollars of your money, billions stolen as if Iran was going to complain of a inflated number? So the Democrats made a wise choice, no, but yes. They all got paid. All you hear is death to America from their citizens and you paid for their weapons through your incompetent leaders.

   National security is based on a need to know with the Neutrino sub atomic particle space based detectors. What the trace patterns revealed, is only small amounts of Uranium enriched weapons grade deep isotopes deep under ground as observers are looking for kilograms instead of grams. All separated by distance to evade standard radiation detectors, except the neutrino detectors.

   The current plan is to smuggle the uranium in minute parts over time, then load a short range missile with an active viable nuclear warhead with proximity active radar detector that detonates if intercepted, resulting in a dirty bomb with cesium taken from US stores as a signature. If it hits with little warning due to proximity a success in Israel from devastation, if explodes early it will destroy the Palestinians, and point the finger at the Israelis backed by the Americans. Thus would unify the Moslem world, and Russia and China will escalate. This is the current plan.

   The media continues to promote the Iranian crisis, and portray, it is known that Iran attacked the tankers. The video was a fake. So what happen with that drone? What the media did not reveal, is the point of detection and the point of missile impact was 2 distinct points. The drone did fly inside of Iranian territory to provoke the attack, as it skimmed just inside of the perimeter of Iranian territory by a rogue direct its flight from here in the US. The Military and the remote pilot chosen knew exactly what flight path and depth of penetration of Iranian airspace to the debris falling into international waters. This was an new world order plan. Doubt it, ask for the radar tracking data real time.

   The Democrats will never be told of the Neutrino detectors, as it is a need to know. Will the Trump Administration admit anything to back their Middle East plans and the sudden decision not to attack, no. But the media continues to speculate. This is your impasse.

   So we have another false flag, the Bergdorf Goodman rape allegation against Trump that was timed. So lets examine it. Trump was right as to say not my type. Power is control of a woman out of your league or someone who spurned you. Trolls do not get you excited for any limp reason. She was paid.

   So we are to believe Trump wandered into the women’s dressing area open the door without being seen by the many employees that cover the area as superior customer service. The door opens, no screams or whimpers that can be heard 5 feet away. You again are idiots. So how did Trump pull down the stockings and take them off her legs while keeping her quiet with one hand on her mouth pushing against the wall and the other at her feet? He could not. The tights would had prevented penetration from the front as the legs were strapped. Hit her from the flat rear with no noise, so unsightly. This was a new world order set up, and the media bought and pay for had no choice, but to get on board. As a man, you have choices, and even when offered, we would turn it down. Again why now and not in 2016? There will be others sent if Trump is a threat to win. This is the truth.

   Today the media focused on the death of a father and a daughter at our border, and any death is tragic, but could have been prevented by a choice with the danger of water. What is sad, is the new world order arranged the scene. A child does not hold the adult or crawl under his shirt and wraps their arm around the neck of the father when already dead. There was no rigamortis signs on both bodies, and if alive at one time the face of the child would be to the side once near shore. They should have been found in separate locations due to the flow of river or found at the bottom of the river. The photo op was staged to invoke compassion in the United States to soften immigration stances. This will be seen now for what it was, a deception that was planned and the photo orchestrated to demand change. Oh, so how are you as Americans are being played.

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