Political Snap Shot




Written Jun 28 11:59pm EST


   You were told that story of Russian Collusion was put in place by Democrats as the nail in the coffin to discredit Trump in the 2016 election. She used the same technique to discredit Obama in 2008, as she was the source of Obama being born in Kenya, but not one you in the media have the balls to ask why, maybe Tucker. Did the CIA forge the birth document that will be unknown until the Warning? But you in the media dare not cover this. I have told you, there is no proof of Russian collusion, but the key here is to imply this as to sway the Mid-Term vote in a shift towards the Democrats, all of which is in place as Trump cannot control by the elite. This is why some Republicans seek a conclusion, not what the media states as an abbreviated investigation under the control of the new world order as they are control their corporations by proxy. If there is evidence, then present it or close the case.

   Murder again is on the increase as it takes 5 corporate people to capture the attention of this nation. How many die in Chicago everyday? What you are being taught, it is not the weapon, but a dark side that influences weak minds that kills innocent lives. This will increase exponentially with the earth changes leading to the Second Coming. This attack again was arranged to be decisive. Repeal the Second Amendment in response for the system is to identify the inept. It is your politicians who are so weak that have no direction for America. People kill and the gun is just a tool. Mental illness in place, but no one is available, but you send them to border for children in distress. Your politicians care more about crying children than those who kill. You need more responsible representatives. This is the Truth.

   There is a sinister agenda of many in both parties is to disarm America. With the earth changes and the collapse of your financial markets, the new world order wants little resistance from the public. They have not informed you of the impending doom, but they think they are prepared. Docile slaves and the weak eliminated. This is their Nazi plan, yet words spouted on the media do not match actions of the Trump Administration. I ask if someone jumped in front of you for a job promotion or in line you would be pissed, but you are passive for those skipping our laws on the border. Why? Who pays the bill? What do they offer to this nation, more poor people? The dark side has a plan to divide this nation and it is working as you think you are saving children, but there plight was arranged. You are idiots.

   There is a movement to remove ICE, because you in your short sightedness do not concern yourselves with the long term consequences. You want to change things, then eliminate the corrupt governments sending their people here and give them a safe home instead of migration, but as again as the idiots you are, you can not think that clearly. The left are followers as the rogue candidate won and now they feel it is safe put their feet in the water. The earth changes will remove all of you and those who you lied too. You shall face your decisions forced upon America. Good Luck.


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