Political Snap Shot





Written Jun 28 11:59pm EST

Updated Jun 29 10pm EST


   In the political arena new world order Crowley was defeated by design to send a message to the Democratic Party as he was anointed. The polls were rigged to suppress the vote as was done with Hillary. This is the deceit of your free media. No man is above God as a sign. So a twenty eight year old takes out the top Democratic future speaker of the House. Witness the power of the Almighty.

   You flashed pictures of children, who were not separated from parents. So what is going on? Many children have no elders, but are included in the count. What America needs to realize is that, anything here is better than home for the migrants. Do you really think information was not taken upon separation? They are using DNA tests to suppress human trafficking. This is simple.

   Many are surprised at Justice Kennedy decision to retire. Yes he is well aware that Trump would replace him with a right leaning candidate. More important he knows the impeding doom of earth and like any man who values love, now wants to spend the final days with his family. The Democrats hope to delay this vote for a new Justice of the Supreme Court, but they not have the votes. What the Republicans used to stop Obama was that he was a lame duck president that would be replaced in months. This was allowed to go forward as all thought Hillary would win, making the Republican stall, mute. This of course did not work. Earth changes will expose Democrats and many Republicans as liars. Thus Trump for now will slowly reveal the Truth.

   His decisions would affect abortion against the laws of the Almighty. Same sex marriage would not be condoned in the eyes of the Almighty as this is Sacrament put in place for a man and a woman. Same sex can hook up but the state will soon not recognize it. Man thinks he is in control and that is why the cities in this nation will be destroyed first minimizing loss of life to save souls.

   So letís look at why Trump wants to ban certain countries from entering our country. Look at Europe as Merkel again inept wants to reverse migration to public opinion. It has destroyed her nation and the innocent have been raped by the Muslimí gangs. The UK crushed a reporter who made this public, this is your world. This all changes when your daughters or wife gets raped, now a fact and assimilation are seen as segregation. All spout uncontrolled migration and open borders as you are not informed, but you react to crying children to forge policies to direct this world.

   Few of you care about the migrants sold into slavery in Africa. Hippocrates, as you know the children are sold as sex slaves or sacrificed in Illuminati ceremonies. Hillary have you been a participant? It will come out before your death, now short term.

   Your world is so corrupt. With attendance at the Olympics down what did the South Koreans do? They bribed Kim and allowed a unified team. This was by design and is all about the money. This is why Kim chose to talk to Trump. Again it is about the money. Money transferred and this is your world.


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