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Update Jul. 6 5 pm EST


   As we started out on the first of two nights of the debates, Warren even though the Democratic draw for positioning in the first or second debate, was said to be random, only insiders witnessed. Was Warren allowed to compete against a less talented field? Yes, it was by design, as to rise against Biden, Bernie, and the new diversion who replaced Beto, Buttigieg.

   The DNC (new world order) has picked their candidate, and the backup to face Trump. The Iowa Caucuses have already been compromised with the promise of positions in the new administration. This is how it works, as the voice of the people gets lost. A new leader will rise, as the South Carolina primary comes into play. In 2016, change in the Democratic Party wanted Bernie, but Hillary had the fix in. Ask Bernie. The primaries are a farce, as the DNC will withhold funding or add to push their candidate. They will allow some to rise, and then fall by design, as who they want slowly rises. The point we have seen all, and you are our best choice, but it is by design. Warren will moderate moving towards Biden, but offering a new change from the old guard. This is their plan. This is what you do not understand.

   Biden can not be controlled by the DNC or those pulling the strings, the new world order, but he will win at first, by a smaller margin by design even with name recognition. The point is to, not lead some to consider the caucus vote as being tainted, but someone rises to incite enthusiasm in the Democratic Party of change. Who it is still unknown to me at the present time as they point to Warren, but it is early, just as they replaced Beto when mention with Buttigieg. This is the current plan.

   Warren spoke about Medicaid for all, yes, this is noble, as again all in this nation deserve affordable healthcare. What you do not consider, is that health care is about making a profit. It is a business, not a government run agency, like social security. The take away, families through our strong American Unions, that fought hard for these benefits, which protect almost 200 million Americans, and you in your lack of wisdom, think they are going to down grade, what is in their pay package to help others? On top of that, you invite millions of freebies, you’re an idiot. Who will serve the public? Not the hospitals with expenses and a payroll in the hundreds of millions. They will just close as spoken by John Delaney. Now what, wise one?

   So pharmaceutical corporations are just going to bend over, and cut their prices? Did this happen during the Clinton or Obama Administrations? No. Sixteen years of lies, and now you are going to change things? One day, who ever wants to be president, will get a knock on the door. They will be told, you can change some things, but not all. Agree and you will ascend. They all agreed, that is why nothing changed. Once in, disagree as a maverick, you will follow the life spans of Lincoln and the Kennedy’s.

   We heard from Castro as to the rights of women and transsexuals for abortion. Just asking, you do know that abortion and homosexuality is against the Laws of God, and your choice is to side with the influenced minds of men? You won’t last long.

   Moving forward and addressing the border crisis. Democrats are telling you, your way of life is over. They will burden the Middle Class with increases in rent, home prices, lower services for the poor, as we take in millions on your taxpayer backs. Is this what America wants? We hear the Statue of Liberty is a welcoming beacon for all. That can escalate to 10 of millions to start. Yet we are in debt. We have people who sleep in the streets. We have veterans, who die waiting for care in Veteran hospitals, and this is your plan?

   I ask all to look at the Democratic policies, that has now crushed the once great Golden State of California. Is this your same plan for America, Democrats? Please tell us! Yes Bernie, the corporations did create the imbalance of wealth, but we all know the Republicans backed the military complex and you backed wasting our money in the social services draining trillions over time, that did little to change the lives of our American poor. Both parties have their evil aspects and agenda.

   I hear you say, many in this world are desperate, yet you do nothing to change the immigration quotas from poor countries. Why is that? You took months to address the border crisis. Millions come, due to your words of compassion. When the facilities are overrun, you point to Trump. The cages and cement floors were in place under the Obama Administration. Trump used what was already in place. Did you provide the money to upgrade, no. So you use overcrowded conditions and pointed a finger to Trump in the media. No illegals, no problem, but you created the problem, and now offer a solution that costs a 100 billion dollars. What about rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure? I heard little about that. Again these are your leaders.

   Wake up call for the Democrats, almost all who arrive here slept on dirt floors and eat corn mush. This is the deceit of the Democratic Party. Trump will say, shut the border, and let in the many through our legal immigration system, particularly those who will help his nation. This is a fact. On the other side, they were told by allowing illegals to cross unimpeded by the millions, you will make billions on social services, create a permanent dependant under class and increase your base. This is what the new world order has fed them. The sad part, you think they are working for you.

   Asylum does not offer refuge status for those fleeing violence or poverty, check it. You in the Democratic are playing the American public. If you want to change things, then increase the legal immigration quotas from all the poor countries, and the Northern Triangle in Central America and then drop the fees, as those crossing illegally pay nothing. But you won’t do this, knowing the ramifications from Red Middle America.

   All of you spoke as if you know the truth on Iran’s nuclear program. They are cheating and presently have enough enriched uranium for a dirty bomb. Did the new world order play the Donald, yes. With no agreement, they continue with the program daring the US to reveal the secret neutrino detectors, while the clueless Democrats think they have a new angle on peace, again they are idiots.

   Now I stress, almost all on this planet has free will, and can choose a mate that they love. Now the act of homosexuality is allowed under the eyes of God, as this practice comes from another. You have choices, good or bad. But not one of you, shall disgrace the Sacrament of Marriage that God gave to this earth. Go to a justice of peace.

   Some Democrats made a point that we were within 10 minutes or a tweet from war, thus attacking Iran. There are nations in the Gulf, which have stated, there is no definitive evidence that Iran planted the bombs on the tankers. Yet the US, which has the total area under satellite surveillance, states otherwise without proof. Yes they provided a grainy video where nothing can be distinguished by design, just like the UFO photos and videos. This was a new world hit, as all top Trump’s advisors Pence, Bolton, and Pompeo wanted the attack, why is that? The Democrats were surprised, as they thought, they would have him killing civilians, so disappointed. For the Democrats he was 10 minutes away from pulling the trigger is now a weakness, and chose not to. Trump was told Iran did not attack the tankers. The grainy video tape offered no evidence, but enhanced speculation, as it was a lie. Trump does not start a war over a lie, as did Congress and Bush in the last gulf war.

   Gillibrand, greed and the NRA are not behind the mass shootings in our schools. It is a mental health issue and combined with lax parental supervision of their children, but you do not address this. People kill, and guns are the weapon of choice, that will change to skirt your laws. The removal of semiautomatic weapons under the guise of school shootings and other engineered mass shootings, is to disarm Americans in preparation to when politicians if or when Trump is removed answer to the new world order. The point you can not revolt, and must simply comply. This is their sinister plan. It is in the Bible.

   The Democrats have tried the single payer option for health care, as those who never had health care, have pre existing conditions at a far greater rate than the models shown. The doctors are leaving the rural communities, as the fees granted for many procedures by the insurance companies, do not allow the doctors to make a living with few patients, so they fold. Many hospitals now administer over our healthcare systems instead of doctors who are affiliated with them, and the wealth is concentrated in the administrators, insurers, and pharm companies. You have not controlled the medical testing industry, and with the lawyers lobbying there own, suing will never be controlled or capped. As Democrats, you have no real plans, just more of the same fluff, that never changes the plight of the common man. As the underlying issues still remain, and your answer is to throw money at it.

   In America, those with hard fought union jobs, the corporations pay almost 20,000 a year for family plans & 9,000 for singles, and we are step down to your healthcare plan where the poor can afford it? The doctors who will go with your plan, will switch from quality to quantity in health care to make ends meet. Have you addressed the sky high insurance rates doctors pay? America this is what you face, as they get their directions for this country from speaking to the people, focus groups and the polls, instead of smarts and common sense. A leader leads no matter the opinion to get things done. A follower reacts to what he thinks he or she sees, which is your candidate?

   America, some of your leaders really think, you want to allow an unimpeded flow of illegals to enter this country, when we have a legal way. Our nation is on the path to detain 1.5 million illegals that were caught this year. Not to mention the over 750,000 that get past border security. House them, offer healthcare, succumb to diseases while working, feed them. Families with no skills and children where the mother has to care for them, and can not work. So your politicians talk of compassion and drive you into a debt. Your children can never pay back for millions seeking escape from poverty from this world. How can you escape poverty, if your politicians allow millions to compete with you and you pay their bills? How can your kids learn, if the schools are overcrowded, and scant resources diverted to teach introductory English? How can you afford rent, as illegals drive up the price for a set amount of apartments and homes due to demand? Pay taxes, how with a fraudulent social security card known as identity theft, and you are promoting this?

   Harris you speak these noble words, but when millions come, and they will, this will further bankrupt this country. Are you that clueless, as not to see what happened in the EU, and you if as president, want to bring those same problems here? Then what? Wake up call, low or no skilled jobs are being eliminated, and your answer is to invite more of the same? At the current rate shortly, you are going to morph Trump’s slogan into your own maga, “Make American Ghettos Again“. I am so sure Democrats, you will be so proud to wear that hat around.

   The Democrats speak of how wealth has not reached all of America, and this is true. As the poor and lower middle class have resources taken away, as the result of the current immigration policy. New poor flood into this nation and you as politicians are responsible for America, as we continue to see no change, while you spout land of the free and all are welcome as if this is the nineteenth century. You want healthcare in America, become an illegal. Homeless on the streets in America, you want a home or apartment instead of a tent, become an illegal. You want to go to college free, become an illegal. What about those feces, illegals have toilets and running water, but the Democrats state they have to drink from them. Their meals come warm on a plate, yours is cuisine dumpster a la carte, if you find it. This is how out of touch the Democrats are, and their counter is, there is a racist in the White House.

   Had Obama gone to North Korea, he would have been a beacon of peace. Had Obama made NATO pay their bills, he would have been strong. Had Obama shown restraint with Iran, he would have been shrewd against the military complex. America, you need to step back, and look at the big picture. I have told you that your opinions, which you think are yours, is herding you in a desired direction that you seem to choose. You are so deep in, that only upon collapse of what you see as normal, will you seek help, and that day is coming.

   Buttigieg, when he answered, why there is not more diversity of his police force, he stated the obvious. He failed. Did he have a responsible plan to change what has occurred in his city? No, as he is too busy running for President, as his city falls into despair. The ugly truth is, that blacks face a hostile work environment once entering the South Bend Police Force. So they do not apply in great numbers, and even fewer get accepted for training by design. Buttigieg is aware of this, and would have to clean house of those at the top. Rocking the boat at this time, would hurt him politically, and many would turn against him in his city. This is his only concern as he hopes to move on from South Bend in a cabinet position. So he offer words of compassion and hopes it goes away, standard operations in the Democratic Party.

   Bernie you keep talking about the wages need to be a living wage, so you are increasing the wages of low skill workers with low productivity, as the gap shrinks between the Middle Class and the poor. The companies will just raise their prices to cover the costs and the Middle Class wages increases does little to increase their disposable income, which has shrunk, but you don’t see this as a disconnected politician.

   Yes the tax cuts did more for the rich, as they have greater incomes, but as a percentage there was parity. The poor pay no taxes, as you cannot give them something for free. Where Americans are fooled, is that many in the Democratic are in the industry of non profits and social services to the tune of trillions over time. Republican backed businesses and military complex or Democratic social services that bleed the government, pick your poison.

   For Bernie and Gillibrand on abortion, the US Constitution does not back abortion in the Fifth Amendment. You were told the life force attaches the human cell at conception, as this is beyond your human knowledge. You are told once the collection of humans cells die in any form from zygote to a fully formed human being, the life force is removed. Roe vs. Wade is mankind’s rules from another source. Do you really think you are going to over rule God’s Laws? This is why, we are in the End Times, make your choice.

   Senator Harris, you are lying about Climate Change as you were briefed on Nibiru planetary approach, and the potential effects on earth leading up to the pole shift. Again as I told Pelosi, I am telling you. Your state of California will suffer greatly due to yours and her policies tainting America. You won’t be able to campaign across America, as disaster after disaster strikes your state in one form or another. I have told you, I am going to make your state an example through the power of the Almighty, and you drop to your knees in grief. We will start in San Francisco showing you how homosexuality hurts the Father as you and blind others push the past rainbow pride month.

   Bernie in his closing arguments stated the truth. The DNC will never let him have the nomination, as you saw what Hillary did the last time around. Take in now what Harris did to Biden with a premeditated strike, approved in advanced by the DNC, and the media rode the wave. Biden, heed the warning as you are on your own, and don‘t believe the polls. As for Harris, you were a fool to agree to those that put you up, as where do you go from here? You turned on one of your own, and we are going to trust you? There went your VP bid, opportunist. Presidency, dream on as satan lies. You made a promise to the devil to rise, he delivered short term, now watch as he lied to you through others you trust and your ultimate fall.

   Oh Biden, you just asked, why does the DNC fear you? Your mouth is shut, because you hate Trump, and you knew what Hillary’s plans were in place for this nation, the truth about Seth, Wiki Leaks and Russian interference. If pressed, you may talk as the DNC is using the same tactics on you as Trump, thus you cannot be trusted with the office of the Presidency. You may become a Trump type (against the new world order, globalism, and stand for America), except without the mouth or racism, thus even harder to control if there is a 2020 election. They hit Trump with saying, not doing, grabbing a pus.y and they hit you with a hug and unwanted peck. They hit Trump with racism and they hit you with racism. Do you see the pattern?

    Words for Harris, Biden is a champion for the rights of all others, no matter what was the past. Those where different times and many in Congress were true racists, was he not to work with them? That would have been stupid to call them out, as he would have lost his next election, so he played the game. Just like you do today. Look at him now. If you want to go back, lets talk about almost the entire Democratic Party backing Jim Crow, lynching and the KKK in the fifties and before. I bet you won’t go there. Be careful where you step, as what may be next for you, is a pile of sh.t. You captured few minds on your policies, and your now fading star despite the fixed polls was to insult Biden, everyone has seen how you play your cards, good luck.

   I speak to the poor in Appalachia, the poor in the inner cities, Black, White and Hispanic. Sorry there are few poor Asians, and they are smart. The Democrats offer grand plans to lift you up, and have been in power in your cities and some states since the sixties. Has the cycle of welfare from mother to daughter in many of your poor communities been broken? Has the education systems in our inner cities moved your children out of poverty or turned some of them to the gangs and the street still? Many of the poor suffer on government healthcare, but this is your plan for America. You are offering services to illegals, that you do not give to our own, why because the poor do not watch the debates or even care to vote. You say they are being informed, just how with the sub standard education you provided to process your words? The sad part, they believe you are going to change things. The Middle Class is watching, as Amazon and Google back you, and they are monopolies, many need to ask why? If we as a nation allocates over 75% of GDP to pay our debt, just how are you going to offer free college, student debt elimination, or free health care? You won’t, as they are just empty promises, as the new debt would crush this nation. They are just lies repeated over and over in the media as fake news.

   Here is a modified idea of yours. Free education at the Community College level for all families making under 125K rising with inflation, which is merit based. 3.3 or greater you get free tuition and books evaluated per semester, 3.29 to 2.75 free tuition per semester, 2.74 to 2.5 75% tuition per semester, 2.49 to 2 50% tuition per semester, and under 2 you pay your bills. Degrees must be in the field of the current or future need and the colleges participating, payment scores are curved up or down dependant upon the level of the curriculum related to each other.

   This is common sense, instead of giving a free education for those, who choose to fail, as it is free. If you want a degree in fine arts, philosophy, liberal arts or some other meaningless degree, you are on your own. And again student loans are to have interest rates aligned to the prime rate while in school, then 1 year out, 1 to 2 points above prime to account for defaults. There is no need to financially enslave our children to debt to get an education so that we can compete with the world, which is a far greater threat than the deficit.

   The polls that came out today (July 2), showed the obvious, as the DNC is so predictable. Warren was given a platform against the weaker field of opponents, so she can rise by design. This happened as planned. What surprised most, was the engineered attack on Biden, the dismissal of Bernie and the media bit. Buttigieg in the polls with Blacks came up with 0% as was said here, Blacks and many Hispanic men voters do not vote gay. They are Christians, and you think the preacher who talks about the sins of being gay are going to give you a platform with the congregation? Oh, you had an audience with Jesse, he sells out to fame, fortune and your photo op, but you don‘t know that, with your shallow research and attempts. Few follow him, as he is of the past and did little to change Black America. Theses are facts. You are out of your mind, and the DNC knows this. If the Black vote stays home, the Democrats lose, so Harris has taken the spoiler position for now. You can go hang out with the discarded, Beto. The point, to stop Biden and let another, who can be controlled, rise.

   As of now, Warren is on board with the new world order. They lied to her, and she is so naive to their power. They promise the presidency, as they did to Clinton, but you have go through a ceremony, where you sell your soul. If I were you, I would walk away, but the idea of being the first woman president, just like Harris and Clinton is so tempting. When this is over, I will waving goodbye, as you join many others of power, on your way to your new home, as you cross the veil upon death. You have time to change.

   The upcoming CNN debates will exclude some and force others to reconsider their efforts for president, but for now, the debate questions will favor Warren, hurt Bernie by design, and remain neutral for Biden and Harris, but traps are in place to allow a self inflicted gaffes. This is the current plan.

   Shifting to Huawei and the Trump Administration to considering to lift some sanctions is correct, yet the Democrats are up in arms. If they were in power under Clinton, our 5G network would be Chinese instead of controlled by our Domestic cell providers. Selling them components that are not a threat to national security, is the right thing to do, but access to our telecommunication networks, will never happen. Just know in the EU where Huawei has a strong foothold, all conversations are listened to, no matter their lies. When war comes, the network will be disabled, causing chaos by design. What happens in Europe, need not happen here.

   So what is behind the new push at the border and the comparison to detention camps by Democratic point person AOC? AOC you do not have a clue. You are being used, and will take the fall while Pelosi and Schumer step back from this toxic plan, but you have not noticed this, as all focus on you by design. Young pups (no disrespect as a reference to inexperienced, not a young dog, incase you want to spin it) like you run into the fire and get burnt. Your party created the problem over time with inaction, first by inviting all to come, second by not funding ICE and the border patrol, and third by not recognizing facilities to house migrants is a fraction of what is needed to address what is coming in.

   Yes there is no space and even fewer showers with the overflow. So when you say, they cannot take showers, that is true. Not because they are refused the privilege, but there are not enough, even if run 24 hrs a day for all to shower due to over capacity. Drink out of the toilets may have been given as an option, but you made it seem they were drinking out of the waste infested bowl, when they were talking about the clean water source of the tank. It is an option, no matter how you spin it.

   Where they came from, few had beds, running water or even toilets. This is a fact. They are escaping poverty, and you are crushing the American family into debt on your foolish idea, you can save the world. There are billions just like them and where does it stop? Oh, when we are broke. You burden us with billions morphing to trillions to increase your long term base? America needs health care, infrastructure, good schools, housing for the poor, and you are dicking around at the border. You know, if we have a year, and that it is too much. It is division and turmoil you seek. As Trump’s base will erupt, and your predicted race wars, will ensue by your design.

   The Democrats state they need a 48 hr notice to visit a facility, and they say they cannot not get a true picture, really. You are lazy, as you can schedule in advance multiple visits at all locations over months, but you won’t do this, as to mingle with filth and disease. Our nation has always turned away all who were sick or infected in the past, not now, and they stick you with the bill. What is sad, you don‘t even have proper health care. They talk about filthy conditions and trash, why, because they do not use a trash cans and the minimal staff there, cannot keep up with those not use to sanitary conditions. This will spread to your cities, when the are released. The Democrats allow this to occur, had Trump shut the border, and kept all in Mexico awaiting asylum, there would be no over crowding or the 100 billion cost to feed and house them. This is what you want to lead this country?

   So getting back to why the sudden push by the Democrats? You were told many times here, create the problem, then offer the solution. The Democrats definitely created the problem, and the illegals did not have to come here, but chose to. Once in, now they complain, as they broke the law. You want to decriminalize it, why? Humanitarian reasons, no, is a guise. You are looking ahead with a shift in populations and that social organizations owned by your supporters, will be paid with government money to house the overflow, what a plan. Finally, we see it is about the money, votes and Congressional redistricting. They are traitors to this nation. Illegal immigration unimpeded is not in the best interest of this nation, as not one speaks of the costs vs. returns to this nation.

   The citizen question was to be put in place on the census to protect rural America. The Democrats want your representation to decrease in favor of the cities, which has been mishandled, broke, crime ridden over time. This is a fact., but want to control the direction this nation will take. The Democrats hope that illegals are counted in the census, thus moving more Congressional Seats to Blue states. What should be done is that all citizens are to be counted, and backed with a social security number, then crossed checked. This is within your power. Congress represents America, not those who are transient over time. America, you are being manipulated. When the facts are in front of your face, despite the paid media, then what? You come first and your needs, not the needs of the world. You want to save the world, then give up your wealth and home, not ours. You won’t, as your words are just a façade.

   We have the idea of Trump celebrating the birth of our nation on the fourth of July, which is also my birthday. All politicize it, if you get into power, you will too. Get over it and stop whining like children. As for the balloon, if it went up during an Obama term, it would be racist. If it does tomorrow I, I would suggest lasering it or high powered pellet guns and then it deflates, like Democrat’s hopes in 2020. If the idea comes from me, no one will mention it, due to the risk of the truth on this website. A danger, no, as the pellet drops inside the balloon and is not going out the other side. Free speech is one thing, and disrespect for the presidency is another, no matter your position. For the media do not lie this was Trump’s idea. It is mine, and if it happens with the power of the Almighty, as you will try and shoot pellets into the public by your own accord to cause dissention. No one will be harmed. Know this, some that shoot into the public will injured themselves severely. Heed the warning.

   Vote Democratic in 2020 if it happens, and you can kiss your country goodbye, as we cannot pay our own expenses, and now you ask us to take on the debt of the world, because it is moral? What is funny is you are asking America to give all to the poor, while you hide in your gated communities, rich and away from the coming blight. Amazon and Google could change the migrant situation as a gentle write off, but they won’t, but the common man living pay check to pay check should. You are idiots. Again these are the politician you want to guide this nation.

Quick Update Jul. 6 5pm EST

    As Scotus and the lower courts considers the citizenship question on the census, one side states, it will suppress the vote in Latino areas of this nation. This is not true, as if you are a citizen, you have no fear of filling out the census. But as an illegal who cannot vote anyway, you say this is a problem. This is where the lie starts. What the Democrats are doing, is altering the electoral college votes allocated to blue states since they cannot shift to the popular vote yet, thus elimination the College.

   The census evaluates the representation of our citizens in the Congress of the United States, not illegals. What the Democrats are doing, is stacking the deck. With tens of millions of illegals potentially counted, Middle America loses their true representation. Is this what want? Not only do you have to pay bills for those who cheated our legal immigration system, but the power of your vote shifts to the left as millions are counted who are not citizens used to distribute tax dollars and may be deported. Pay taxes, how through identity theft? Property taxes, how when 15 to 30 live in a residence and overload your school systems to the cost of 15k per child. This is the plan of the Democrats, and the media just turns its back as to not inform. Why is that?

   By the way Pelosi and Harris, we are just getting started in your state and it will vary, change your ways.


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