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The Danger of the Democratic Immigration Policy

Global: The Iran Nuclear Deal





Written Jul. 7 11:59 pm EST

Update Jul. 11 1:30 am EST


   Years ago here, you were warned of the coming polarization of this nation. You were told, it was not about standing between two chairs, where all fall. It is about choosing right from wrong. You were told, what seems right is wrong, and what all think is wrong, is right. Even with these warnings in the time of the dark one and the new world order, few of you got right, what is good for this nation.

   I ask you, America, to look back at what your Democratic politicians stated about the border. They lied in unison, as all talking points came from one source. Not the pawns that they are, Pelosi and the DNC, but the new world order that controls the EU, the elite, and the narrative. They said, there was manufactured crisis at the border, yet few in the media realized what those same words did to exponentially increase the problem by design. During the last months the media pushed, we have compassion for the children, this giving the cartels the opportunity to make billions.

   Five thousand a head, and children are free, is their theme. Bribe the locals along the route, set up food and clothing stations to look like it is volunteers, yet they do not have a pot to piss in. Bus them at specific points, so it seems random, and none is the wiser. The US media and Democrats have been played. What the Democrats and the media did not expect, was to be caught, as there words encouraged many more to come than our southern border security could handle. Did you provide new facilities or beds as in the past in anticipation, no. Politicians rarely think ahead, but react to polls. So they saw a debacle in place for the Trump Administration, but did not expect a blow back of some in the media questioning their motives. I told you how the Democratic party donors get rich commanding social services. It costs 775 dollars per day to house a migrant child in a particular facility. That is more than a 5 star hotel. Why donít we move them there, 4 to a room as it is cheaper. You are idiots.

   The Democrats all raise their hands to decriminalize illegal border crossings at our second national debate on NBC, and now even more will come and come. Housing them per day is above what the average American makes in the day as a gross before taxes. They offer millions to come by their words, yet want no walls and refuse to close asylum loopholes. They say they will contribute, how, mothers and children since mostly families are coming now? Get your lies straight. They do not address this, but expect you to pay. Enough of the deceit, as we will be bankrupt before healthcare, infrastructure and education is put in place.

   You can not change, what is forcing millions from their homelands with American funds. Did we not try this in the Middle East and other countries without success? It is gang violence and the bribing of government officials, and you think throwing money at them, is going to change them. Those in control of those nations work hand and hand with the cartels, but you know this. They spend some for the police force to protect US interests, the rest is embezzled. Reinstate the flow of money, it will be stolen faster. Because nothing will change. The sad part, Pelosi and Schumer know this, but not the pawns in the public eye, like AOC & Tlaib. I told you, that you are being used by the DNC. Did you ever think, why you were given a national platform, as they stayed quiet? No, you are to busy seeking fame and power, as is if you change things. You know nothing about this world. I am tired of the lies from politicians and the media.

   The founding fathers never considered that illegals would overflow this country by the tens millions. We as a nation opened our door for all, except those with medical issues. Yet we are now allowing many infected with diseases to released into the general population. Epidemics will soon follow. This did not happen when we invited millions to our shores out of a true need in the at the turn of the 20th century. Our legal immigration system was put in place that all were counted. All were invited to be citizens. There is a difference now, as the influx where most will be deported, is affecting the Electoral College and Congressional redistricting, but your judges do not see this by design. You as politicians are voted in to protect us, not a party or the world first.

   All who are on the political fence, know your words, as Democrats have invited millions to flow north, thus creating the crisis at the border. 40% percent use children that are not a parent, but this is not an issue for separation. Most get turned down for asylum, but all can apply. Democrats, asylum does not cover economic distress, domestic gang or family violence. If it is then you will invite the world. What is the cap 100 million or more?

   The 4.5 billion allocated to HHS will not last long, and no matter what you say, the wall would have sent a message. Trump will crush anyone that comes up against him if 2020 happens, as we are against the new world order, pups. You used race with the Mexicans, when Trump told the Truth. All were exploited by the cartels and some were raped. This did not quantify into race issues in America with Blacks, but you used it. Trump against the Central Park 5 an opinion, not bias as he did not know the facts, like many at that time including blacks. Certain people in the NYPD and the media pushed this as a fact. The Democratic Party can not help themselves to use race, like Harris as she threw one of her own under the bus for political reasons and you donít see this? Almost all of the Democratic Party was Jim Crow in the fifties, almost all. Deny that!

   Reparations, no, this will divide this nation, as many whites in this nation had nothing to do with slavery. Go after the British and others in the EU as they captured, transported and sold them to this nation, but you wonít. The empire controlled nations as late as the sixties, but you say nothing. Instead offer home and student loans at reduced interest rates for those who qualify to all. People change, as your party did, remember. This needs to stop, as you are turning off old Democrats who vote. Save America, before you save the world. You do not have money to do both.

   Shortly as events go south, all resources will be needed to protect our own. You were told, yet you refuse to tell the public, what is imminent. The Democratic party embraces expansion of social services, that we can not afford. Tax the rich at 70% percent is a lie as Amazon, Google and all tech companies back them. You need to ask why?

   Republicans are seen as giving the rich the breaks, yet many corporations want them out? Why? All is not what it seems. I am appealing to the few, the brave, those who are not on board, like Todd, Matthews, Cuomo to start. Just how long are you going to allow what see, go on? Millions of souls will be lost, if you do not stand up. Using race when neither party did nothing to change education in the inner cities? Using the environmental issues, yet Flint suffered irrevocable damage with its drinking water and the Democrats tried to cover it? Democrats use the chaos at the border, which was created as a political ploy, as now you scramble to offer services, yet you do not provide the same for your own. You can not trust them. I have asked you before, and I am asking again, break free, as you will be protected. Just tell the truth.

Update Jul. 9 2:30 am EST

   Over the past weekend, you hear of the arrest of Epstein again on July 7, and how he skirted prosecution in the past with a minimum sentence. Well connected in the social and political circles, this was a given. If you look deeper, he took many of the elite with him on his private planes, as all knew, he liked under age girls. The sad part, many that associated with him like Bill, had the same taste. He was one of many that he gave the elite access to virgin pus.y by the thousands. But it was recorded, as they could not help themselves when drunk and a young girl appeared before there eyes some as young as 8. With their small dicks, all they thought of was tight puss., as many now felt powerful over the weak 8 year old beneath their naked bodies, instead of dropping into their wifeĎs stale canyons after birth of a child. This is the truth.

   Many children were kidnapped from the streets of America, and others who were older (12) enticed with the promise of thousands, but paid hundreds. This is why some have come forward. The young saw a way out of poverty, through what was a one time sexual encounter, was a lie. The staff by the tens had their way (train) with seconds. Those who complained went missing and their faces on milk cartons. This is your world.

   Stein black mailed the rich, thus his fortune increased, as no one seems to trace, how he acquired great wealth. Will he walk yes and no. Evidence will seem insufficient, as witnesses disappear sending a message, already in place. You ask why? He has tapes of Bill, Tony Blair, and Hillary with underage boys and girls. Letís not talk about that private island owned by another. This is his leverage against judges, politicians and titans of industry, all recorded. For now, their sins will not be revealed to the general public, as it would destroy this nation. This can change. So what does the Almighty and I want? Break the DNC from the new world order and Podesta falls for his crimes against this nation, Pelosi drops to her knees and closes the border, reign in AOC and Hillary indicted, career over in disgrace, but gets a slap on the wrist, as she was coerced by Bill, and she still likes Huma exposed or else. It is your choice. This is not negotiable. Either way, we win with film at 11. Oh, you think you will kill Epstein as an accident, but he has made recordings with documentation outside of your reach with representatives in the Latino and Black Caucus involved, as they are so weak like Jesse. I do not bluff.


Update July 10 2 am EST

Global: The Iran Nuclear Deal


   You have been told, Iran has been cheating on nuclear enrichment of Uranium, since an agreement was put in place by our Administration. Obama knowing the pole shift is coming, brokered a weak deal, as they never thought, they would be held accountable, when Hillary won. She didnít. The Iranians thought the deep bunkers, hidden centrifuges, several levels below the main facility, built by the Chinese, designed by the Russians, would protect minute samples of enriched Uranium under 100 grams at a time, from being detected. It worked, as the UN inspectors were none the wiser. You were told, the EU or Germany and France sold them the advanced centrifuges, and western brokers acquired the deal, to obtain the yellow cake.

   America, you were played. As a 150 billion dollars was given quietly at first to a terrorist nation, and you trust your Democratic leaders? Why the 1.5 billion in cash, oh it was a bribe. Of course those delivering it, stole half, as the true total was 3 billion. This is your government. Did Obama get paid, yes, as Micheleís books flew of the shelf in bulk to an untraceable buyer, but you were not looking there as planned, that was so smooth.

   Wake up call, Germany and France sold Iran, the advanced centrifuges, and western agents acquired the yellow cake. It is about the money and deceit. Then impose sanctions and then put a treaty in place, when they created the situation, but it was by design. This is your world, as all make money, then clamp down on the buyer, they set up. Now you want to know, why Iran is mad? I do not back them or their religion, just making a point. We are in a Cold War, and Hillary sells 20% of US Uranium to Russia at discounted rates. That is treason, not Trumpís failure to build a hotel residence in Russia.

   The current plan of Iran, is to now integrate their current supply of weapons grade Uranium hidden with the current supply by stating, they are increasing enrichment. Mixing weapons grade 90% with 3.7 % is a no brainer as the uptick, will be an average dependant upon the total mass. They know this move, will not bring the US back to the table. They also know, the EU will move slowly, as they need Iranian oil. The Iranians already have enough Uranium for a dirty bomb, as a nuclear explosion is not the goal, but a common bomb spreading radioactive Uranium within a closed environment by the wind, is more effective. If it goes off in the West, it will unite the Moslem world as one. This is their current plan.

   The United States intel committee needs to know, the neutrino detectors based in space does not lie, and your allies supplying the Iranians with the technical equipment to enrich Uranium are not your friends. War in the Middle East is predicted in the Bible, but you refuse to believe your eyes and mind. Germany and France (illuminati) still hate the Jews, and if Iran is the scapegoat, as they empowered them, so be it.

   If the weapon does reach Israel, it will fall short, where both Israelis and Palestinians are both affected by design. Just know EU, Trump will level Iranís oil producing capacity, water reservoirs and your gas prices will explode, crushing your economies on both sides. Pelosi and Congress will do nothing as usual, but AOC will run her mouth. Stop the games now, or with the power of the Almighty, I will level Iran through a series of quakes, not seen on earth in modern history before its time. Then you will have to buy oil from Trump (national security). Lets see how that works. It is your choice to clean up this mess. You have 30 days. Again I do not bluff. BTW, how are you dealing with the yellow shirts, as you have a news blackout?


Update July 11 1:30 am EST


  Stein is a sexual animal, all to his self satisfaction, arranged by design by the elite and his money, with many tentacles with the powerful. He is a new world order tool. I watched politicians, that do not have a clue, like Amy Klobuchar comment on the Stein case, as if she has answer. She is clueless, so you are dismissed.

   Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was pressured from both parties during the first trail, but mainly the Democrats during the first trail of Stein. He told them, who would fall if he talked. As his lawyers reworked the deal over and over again. You dismissed the witnesses, as to the deal was made without consultation. He has video tapes of the powerful. They thought if he beat the charges, as he promised would not occur again. His case was a minimal sentence by design from both parties, he lied.

   You should have paid them. You ask, why did I say that? Those young girls were promised thousands for their virginity, but were short changed. This is a fact. Why give it up to ghetto guy, when you can get paid. This was their thinking and the uncomfortable truth. Your society created a condition, where all of the lower class can rise through sports, entertainment, drugs, and prostitution, instead of investments in education.

   The elite has always taken advantage of the weak, but Stein has video. It worked the first time, but public sentiment now forces prosecution. Stein has made himself clear, as all will fall with him. If they kill him, they have to kill the labor secretary, who made the first deal with full knowledge those in government that wanted him to go away. So now what?

   They will sacrifice Bill, Hillary, and Tony, then may reveal many others, this is how far it spread. The Democrats will lose 2020 if it happens, but the fallout to others in the Democratic party will be cut short. Watch as it plays out. For Pelosi, protect it, and you will go down the rabbit hole. Schumer will walk away from you.


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