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Written July 10 11pm EST

Updated July 11 11:59pm EST


Back from vacation


   I want to thank Disney and Universal for a great time in Florida. Prices were better for food and drinks in Universal, but Disney had great fire works on the 5th, as for Universal on the 4th it sucked, sooo… cheap. The Banshee ride was a 10 and the Na’vi River ride for purest can be missed at the Animal Kingdom. Only worth a 30 to 40 minute wait. Universal Harry Potter was better on at Universal Studios side in the basement, but Kong Skull Island was great. If you want steaks go to Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs for the best price $24 for 10 oz. sirloin instead a price of 40 to 50 dollars everywhere else and the 20 ounce strip will leave you and others you share with satisfied. T-Rex and Rain Forest is not worth the wait and price.

   I paid for everything and the theme parks do not know who I am or that I frequented their establishment. Just know you will walk 10 miles per day for the fit to cover everything if not, double the days of your park tickets for the slow or order scooters. Do not miss the favorites, the Hulk, Tower of Terror, Jurassic, Rockin Roller, Epcot Test car, the safari, it’s a bug’s life and now adding the Banshee ride, Harry Potter (studio side) and Kong Skull Island.

   For beer and liquor go to King’s Supermarket from Disney about 8 dollars one way by Uber. There are no 30 packs just 24 for $26. Beer at Disney resorts is $9 for a 12 oz. & $8 for a 20 oz. in Universal parks. Disney to Universal is about $32 and do  not pay the premium of $90 to get back when the park closes, wait 15 to 25 min, and the price will drop back down on Uber. Get the food plan at Disney or pay $15 per person for all meals. Now it is time to address the important issues of the time.


The Cherokee Nation


   Let’s give some insight on the plight of the Cherokee Nation when the British invaded their land. For the record 30 million of this nation died at the hands of the invaders who came as friends at first in the 17th century. The Cherokee Nation had respect for the earth where land and water was set aside for wildlife to flourish and this was in place for centuries. This was the land of plenty.

   At first a few ships came, they pillaged the resources for profit returned home and brought more. There was no respect for the land and water. This continues today, but your minds are clouded. The cycle repeated over and over again to where lumber, fur, Atlantic salmon, cod, cotton and corn was shipped over seas. The British to this day cannot call corn by its only name in this world, Maze.

   So how did thirty million perish? The British employed a tactic to shot into village randomly with a few men and fast horses, and then ride away. The goal was to draw the all the men away as they did followed. Then a massive force would come into the village and killed them; all women, children, the elderly, but any woman, girl or boy over the age of five was raped first. They were nasty and spread VD among the few survivors as the men had sex with the animals, bahhh, on the voyage over. This is what destroyed many of the Hawaiian people and why the Forbidden Island was created. When they offered hope with aid, the blankets given were from the infectious diseased that people died in order to decimate the population just as the UN vaccines do today in Africa. This is your world.

   Returning, warriors seeing the extreme devastation of their village, there was no hope for many. The brave now enraged, rode into ambushes. Those in the rear retreated to warn and saved others. When the Cherokee Nation had to surrender, they were made to sit down as the average male Cherokee was 6’ 7” in height as this was hinted in Avatar. This is not written in your history book. Well over 200 million Native Americans died to create this great nation, the elite who profited hide this. This was total exploitation of the environment. This is the Truth.

   Most of you do see do not see the moral of this lesson. The game is still the same as the elite can exploit a free society with out being called out. This has not changed since the Middle Ages. Human labor is the new commodity in the 21st century as all other resources are in the hands of the elite for decades to where the goal is to promote spending in the times of plenty in Western Nations and then depress wages with the policy to allow illegal immigration under the guise of humanitarian help. The ultimate goal is financial slavery of personal debt. The nation first falls like Greece and Venezuela, and Venezuela has oil. Beware!


The Charles Gard Child


    I will say this in the Name of the Almighty as these are His Words; “No nation has the right to terminate any life. Only I created it; I say when it is time to come to me, not you a government made of men that I created. Let the couple seek hope in America and if they pray I may intercede with a miracle. Stop it and I will crush your nation. This is a promise.” I hope events changed today as I have not seen an updated story as this was written.


Jesus Hate Crime NY


   Be careful Liberals as you explain a painting of Jesus as a hate crime in Nassau county N.Y. The painting was put there to embrace as all on this earth have to come through Him to gain salvation. This is a fact in the Bible. I ask, do you really want to go there? Mohammed is not God, but a representative of His grand plan. For the Muslims do not confuse a prophet for the Word of God. He told you there are many ways to God and your plan will be modified.

   Yes I feel your pain as many of you are misunderstood in the Western world. Many in the west are evil as on your side. Choose. Life is sacred and not to be dismissed in the name of God as a facade. Those who carry this out are one with the dark one. Allah wants no one who is forced to believe in Him or His Son, Jesus, they must freely. Understand this. America, I am sorry, labels you as one group just like the Mexicans, Blacks, and Hispanics. You have a choice, stand up for the Laws of God instead of your elders as men who infringe on the rights of others or perish. All have a right to choose or those who talk the talk will not walk the walk when the time comes of distress. This is a promise.

   When you elevate, sex is physical and you really think there are thirty virgins waiting in a pure environment? Just how many in your fold are untouched when many touch their daughters, unless they are from the Western World to make up the numbers. This is the Truth. Think your motive as a spiritual being is based on a human physical sex organ and a woman that has not been touched? You are lying to your selves as if a naked woman lied down in front of you, how many would walk away as desire and lust peak in your groin? This is the Truth.


Now the Political B.S.


   Let’s first address Peter Smith, now dead. He reveals that the Russians hacked our political software, but not the election. He is dead and anything stated is hearsay. Rachel stop promoting nonsense when you state there is no proof. Stop lying! Most of America believes this and it will be their demise. What then?

   You spoke about Shane Harris trying to get the Hillary emails, why? The emails were released by Wikileaks by the hundreds of thousands, so your collusion has no weight. It was the NSA that was the source of the leaks. If it was the Russians this would have never been allowed to be revealed as a compromise of your National Security. Again was to paint Trump as a traitor working with the Russians in order to promote Hillary. They had hoped the Americans would believe the emails were doctored, but they told the Truth. This was her demise.

   It was NSA patriots that released the information on Clinton not Russia. So the current statements perpetuated on CNN and MSNBC are controlled from the top. All of you as reporters will fall. You have a chance, walk away, and just retire before it is too late. Just know, stay and I as the Almighty’s representative on earth will put you in a special place with His permission.

   What is true is that certain elements of the Trump organization did seek dirt on Clinton, but it was a trap. Nothing reveled, but that they hunted for it? All was leaked. This is the deceit of your world. A lawyer not connected to the government, but the public now believes. All of you dig up dirt on each other to win a campaign as you would rather walk the crooked path to win. This is the Truth.  

   Today we heard from Rachel with specific points of what the Russians want. Isolation has been achieved. The truth is pressure to make leaching nations pay their bills instead of the US taxpayer. So Rachel you expect your leaching allies to continue to not pay their fair share? Oh the US taxpayer shall do it. Russian collusion with the green community is against Trump’s free use of laws to release coal and fracking. This is about profit on oil and gas that controls the EU, the green community and the left. Again Rachel, you are wrong. Where is your true compassion for the Truth?

   Syria had a red line under Obama that was crossed. Trump will let the Russians fight the battle with no cost to us. We need nothing from Syria. Is this what you say would give an advantage to Russia?

   Rachel, exactly how did every email get released? The lawyer was said to represent the Russian government, this was a lie. She had no information. She was an imposter sent by the new world order to entrap, but you can not see this. No information, no need to report. You the media are being played and will be the fall guys shortly. I hope you are ready to hide.

   So the lawyer, Natalie has no connection to the Russian Government. Yet you continue to promote the story. So Kushner is free as the lawyer as no connection to the government with no need to disclose. Did he get information on Hillary? No. Is he guilty of looking for information, yes? But this is not a crime. Remember Hillary sold 20% of this nation‘s uranium to Russia for nuclear weapons and a contribution to the Clinton Foundation did occur, but no one can point fingers at slick Bill and Hillary. Who is the true traitor?


Update on Niribu


   Your media and the past administrations since Reagan have kept a secret that millions in this nation will pay for. Greed to maintain the stock markets, greed to prevent you from leaving your jobs, debt put in place so that you cannot move. Very shortly your coast lines will be death zones. Rogue tidal waves will wipe out hundreds of thousands in South East Asia and the true death tolls never known as they are dumb down to prevent panic. Earthquakes will destroy nations, but you will only see a city. Lightning storms with bolts so large and destructive they seem to come from hell. Meteor showers that destroy crops then impact the cities. Watch as the change starts this Sept. – Oct. for the astute. The public will take heed after Jan. 2018. The seventh year starting Feb. 22 2018 will bring untold destruction and the beast will rule for 40 days. The Almighty told you his time would be short. As this is your future.

   The purpose of the media is to remove Trump before these changes occur as to continue the cover up. You say why does not Trump admit this? They would consider him insane in the media and the idea of economic losses would be used to remove him. So when Niribu appears in the skies all will know the end is near. Shortly there after there will be a comet strike removing billions. This will be your warning.


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