Political Snap Shot





Written Jul 12 11:59pm EST


   We will start with the earth changes escalating and now affecting Japan and other unreported areas of the globe. 8 million were evacuated with waters rising to 5 meters (16 feet) with a suppressed death total like Puerto Rico only a suspect 200 are dead. This will shortly change the US as not reported in the general media. These flooding events will become more frequent and more intense shortly and then comes the heat. Activity at our Sun will increase creating short bursts of intense light at first withering crops on the edge then spreading to western nations. Be prepared.

   The leaders of your world are preparing for one world government and one religion under the rule of a dictator from hell. This is why the EU has allowed their porous borders by design and this is why the Democrats push for open borders in the US under the guise of protecting babies, yet they abort them. Beware of the false façade.

   For once, step back ignore the rhetoric in the media as their job is to forge opinions among those who think the source is independent, but the goal is the herd the masses and examine your plight. Your life has cycled downward as disposable income shrinks and you back globalism were your financial status lowers to meet those coming in as a balance. The goal, the rich get richer with housing, health and consumer prices that strips you of your wealth along with the stock market engineered bubbles as you hold positions that you were taught. This is their plan, yet you follow blindly on the words of politicians. This must change.

   As for Central America finally the people of Nicaragua take a stand against the elite whom rule them and demands justice against the political killings masked as gang violence. This is an example for other nations in Central America that should follow them instead of a population running for our Southern Border. Fight for what is yours.

   As evil in your world increases due policies, allowed to take place, it is due to your fear to remove corrupt leaders as they lie. Your eyes see the truth. In America division has risen as the status quo fear replacement, in this case again I say if all are against one in leadership, then the one is right.

   Trump sent a message to Merkel by addressing her by her first name, which was against diplomatic protocol. I would have blown her off as she answers to the antichrist and Russia, a traitor to this world. He knows she is new world order as is Macron, as the Illuminati elite amass secretly in his country instead of Italy as you led to believe. Protocol does not save souls; the truth does in its raw form when dealing with the elite. The Almighty does not play games with mankind and this is the time of the antichrist. No mercy will be given to the elite.

   Macron let your people know that your acceptance has doomed them as when the Atlantic rips and tsunamis assault your coast they will carry to Paris. This is a promise without change. Your nation will contribute victims’ souls to offset the evil of the new world order in the millions. Watch as he cowers in fear when the Wrath of the Almighty is unleashed and the dark one walks away only to capture his soul as the French eliminate a traitor.

  There is hope that the elite will change. So some of you will be inflicted with the plague in the hope you beg for mercy from God the Father Almighty. Jesus will hear your prayers if not, the next round will take your loved ones. Mankind does not rule this world, satan may in his very short reign and was given permission do with you as he wants, but this will end at the Second Coming. Make a choice while there is still time.


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