Political Snap Shot



Written Jul. 12 7pm EST

   Acosta is gone and that was the deep state’s only sane move, except killing him and Epstein, but that would bring more questions as to why. Epstein’s lawyers have already made their threats and have introduced a set of parameters they feel, will be acceptable for his silence. It was not the Republicans that cared, as all know why Epstein walked when Acosta (patsy) was in charge in Florida. The current thinking of the Democratic party and DNC heads want this scandal to go away. You were told Acosta was pressured by certain high profile political leaders in this nation to let him go. Why, as they could be implicated with sexual encounters with children. Trump told you, he kicked him out of his estate, but did not say why. It was the flow of underage girls around Epstein, that was too much. So he was removed. You say, why didn’t Trump rat him out, really? It would have been hearsay, then what? The rich have always desired children for their pathetic needs sex and sacrifice, as this is why so many disappear.

   Currently the deep state, did not want Acosta as a new factor at this critical time (end times). For his life and all associated with him, he was given a choice, resign and just fade away. Epstein will plead, go to jail for optics and the plan is suicide by hanging, and replace his body, as he goes free when smuggled out. A hundred million can buy you freedom. This is the current plan, as no one plans on doing a DNA test on the body by design. This is the deceit of your nation. He talks, many iconic and political leaders both male and female will fall, both like little girls. So he is either dead or disappears. Remember there is video with sound, so a comparative voice print can be identified. Billy are you sweating yet, as you just can‘t keep you mouth shut when engaged with your h.es.

   The Democratic Party bought the race card into the political arena and now their own have turned on them. You used it against Trump, and now they are using it against you. Just what are you going to do as leaders of the Democratic party? You shift more left to their demands, you lose. You crush them and the cries of racism grow louder, you lose. You do nothing, and the party continues to divide, and you look weak, you lose. I told you to be careful, as to what you create, and now it is biting you in the ass.

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