Political Snap Shot

The Mueller Indictments




Written Jul 13 2:30pm EST


   Today’s indictments of 12 Russian military officers reveals much more than what the media is willing to debate as they focus with surface remarks. So what did the Rosenstein press conference state to the American public?

   You were told DNC users were hacked using phishing techniques at state and local levels. Voter roles were stolen of both parties. Malware that has allowed key stroke information to be monitored and the software companies hacked that controlled the election process. You were told here that election process was infiltrated at the software level, but no votes were affected and that is true today.

   Did the Russians spy on our election process yes, they always do. Could there be a back link to the Russians and Guccifer 2.0 & DNC leaks maybe. They did release certain information on the emails, but so did Wikileaks as they were not named. You were told the NSA traces all transfers of data over the internet and knows the source and recipient servers. No foreign servers were involved in the Clinton and Podesta DNC breach. This is why the FBI was not allowed to examine them, as they would have found the traces of an internal download dumps to a terminal that Seth Rich was logged into with a simple thumb drive. The hacks discovered are to reinforce the Russian interference, but does not point to the Trump Administration.  The missing 33 thousand emails were deleted after the Seth Rich breach. This is a fact as dead men do not talk. Just how do you think they know the names of the Russian officers hiding on remote keyboards under pseudo names?

   What was missing is that the Mueller indictment did not say the Russians directly hacked the Clinton and DNC servers, but was many sources that facilitated its release to the general public.  Again the hacking of the Clinton and Podesta emails, which contain text agreeing to limited nuclear war, was revealed and Rich felt as his duty to this nation to expose them. He paid with his life. As for who is responsible will not be revealed at this time as there are layers of insulation going all the way to the top.

   Why the Russians were hacking our political system is not what your media perceives. Known to the patriots of this nation there is an agreement with Clinton, the Russians, Chinese and the new world order in place over decades to enslave mankind under one world government and religion. They were monitoring the Clintons to make sure there were no curve balls as they discounted Trump to win. This is why the RNC was not hacked as Trump correspondence did not go through their servers.

   What this investigation has not released to the media is the timing of the breach. When was it discovered and the passwords changed. How long was access compromised? What files or emails were transferred to the Russians and how this hack affected the outcome of our election or did not? These are the questions an informed media should ask, but they are not the professionals you think they are. This why Trump states the media lies as they filter the truth.

   The agreed limited nuclear war by the Clintons to the new world order is foretold in the Bible, but your minds refuse to believe your unthinkable reality as events unfold. Rosenstein stated that our political system was attacked not a party as the media paints. This is your clue. The Russians know Trump will level Russia and China in a war as if Hillary was elected pre-selected cities were to be nuked to move America to accept one government for all to prevent war again. This is their plan.


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