Political Snap Shot

NYC Outage



Written July 14 12:59 pm EST

Update July 14 8 pm EST


   Currently tropical storm Barry has not wreaked the predicted havoc of flooding, but the wind field held to predictions, as it made land fall, and I asked the Almighty. He in His wisdom is trying to still educated mankind to the powers of God. He can be forgiving, as you just witnessed in New Orleans or can crush with the remote areas by design displayed in Southern California with constant low level quakes, after a 6.4 and 7.1, more yet to unfold. Nothing will prepare you for Mount Rainer to explode leveling general residences or non reinforced buildings in Seattle or St Louis left in ruins, as the New Madrid ruptures.

   Presently, we as a group, will allow structures and money to be loss, but in most cases preserve life as to allow a lesson. This is in place by my request, as I live with you and know your wants and fears, but events will ramp up, as few are listening. I told you, I have no mercy, but God does. This is why the Gulf Coast was spared, and my patience again is wearing thin.

   I am singling you out AOC, as you should fear the power of God. You are wasting your time in your efforts to change the Democratic party along with your crew. Green New Deal, 12 years, you have less than one. They are playing as a fool, as it is the APPROACH of Nibiru, that is behind climate change, but they have not informed you. They see you as a dumb Puerto Rican woman with a mouth. As for Omar, they will crush when the time is ripe.

   The Almighty allowed you and the others to win, just like Trump. Did not Jesus pick sinners to follow Him, and this does not label to you? Although, I know you do not want to hear this, but it is the truth. Both of you and Trump were just crazy enough to challenge the authority and both of you entered the race as a test, hoping for a close contest and further your careers, don’t lie. The Almighty covers both sides. But you, like Trump were stunned when you won. He stepped up, will you?

   You were thought the Democratic leaders would treat you with respect, as you see them as very old and inept? How many times have you talked about Pelosi’s wrinkles among your friends? So you ask why is Trump backing Pelosi? You are a rebel, and confused, Trump is not your enemy, Pelosi, DNC and the new world order is. They will make sure you and your crew no matter what it takes, all of your crew are one time representatives. This is the current plan, as you are bogged down in meaningless committee oversights changing nothing.

   You now ask, why would God allow me to represent the people, and then take it away? Good question, AOC. You were His tool to show the deceit in the Democratic party. For now, you see the small or short term picture, but ask Him to reveal the total picture as your mind expands, but you have to ask for it and give up free will. These are non negotiable terms that I accepted, and you will excel. You want to know more, then take that step. It is not about party loyalty, above the good of the nation. Donna coined it perfectly, stand in the middle of the road, and you get hit. Welcome to my world.

   Tonight, New York City experience a power outage, the source still not revealed or will be hidden with technical excuses. Some truly will challenge the official response. So lets examine what happen under the pavement of the city that never sleeps. Manhattan is riddled with expansion faults as the Atlantic stretches and is vulnerable to EMP streams flowing from our core, that erupt randomly, remember the last power arc in Queens? Your clue is how coastal elevation along the NJ coast line falls with no explanation. Check it. This will increase exponentially. This nation need real leaders, not politicians. In 911 the NYPD & NYFD ran in without question to save all. Not one politician, as the cowards they are would have followed them, not one. Your politicians have lied to you to insure their safety.

   With the disasters, many of you do not see what is coming, many in power will run away with what the think is money. When your agencies are on top and do not need any help from politicians. Let them do their jobs and lead, as politicians cannot make timely crucial decisions, as they have to consult the polls weeks later. The Finest, the Bravest and Con Ed did a great job last night, as you are the leaders, not you pathetic politicians spouting words of hope.


Update July 14 8 pm EST


   Many are asking questions as to the transformer fire in New York City, and why it may take months to investigate a “transmission disturbance”, blacking out midtown. Just why is that? So now the preliminary details that Con Ed was not allowed to give the public as to the cause of the transformer fire, is what you should question. They left you clues as to what did not happen. There was no surge, due to demand as it was Saturday, daylight, no workforce and weather temps relatively moderate as for air conditioning use. They said there was a fire, but they have downplayed this, as an outside source has been eliminated through terrorism or a cyber attack. Now what?

   You have been told, the eastern coast of the United States is stretching, thus creating breaks within the crust of the earth, and the land slightly dropping for now. Check it. The earth’s magnetic core is responding to the approach of Nibiru, and magnetic planet, just not visible to the American public yet. This will change, and there is a concentrated flow of electrons that are attracted to components of our power grid, thus will increase exponentially as distance closes. The huge arcing in Queens was seen as an anomaly, and did not disrupt the power grid. What happen Saturday as an accelerated flow of electrons through the transformer burning it from the inside out, as the insulation between the coils broke down. Thus the report of the transformer fire. The eerie arc that proceeded the burn out was not visible, as the transformer was under ground. What stunned the Con Ed workers was the containment box suffered little fire damage as to the transformer.

   So what does Con Ed know? The removed transformer was sliced in half to examine the cause of the failure. What they found was the core, was destroyed and a pattern of extreme heat that spread from the core, then outward. The problem was, that there was no discernable spike of power passing through the transformer at the time of failure. So the cause was not sparked by an outside fire or a surge. All have been told this is national security issue and they cannot talk. Did the first responders upon entering the underground cavity and seen unusual lights emanating from the transformer, yes, but they will not speak about it.

   The power grid has fail safes, and detected an anomaly that shut down adjacent transformers connected in close proximity. This why a group came up so quickly, as they were just reset. Power outages will be the least of your problems as your leaders lie as to the cause.

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