Political Snap Shot





Written Jul 15 11:30pm EST


  So what is Trump going to talk about to Putin? Your media puts emphasis of the hacking of Hillary’s office, but her servers were not breached by the Russians as you are led to believe. This is one of many reasons why the press is called fake news. Most in America do not care what was in the Clinton emails, but the Russians stole them. If Clinton was above board, the release of her emails would have meant nothing; but again this was not your focus. You were told by the DNC Trump was linked to the Russians to discredit his chances. They never thought he would win as did the Russians. This is why they never hacked him. For once is there anybody out there with common sense?

   It was promoted the vote was changed to again discredit the win, but you were told here  almost 2 years ago the votes and polling process is not connected to the internet. Yet your inept media continues to preach this. They only hacked a company that created the software of the voting process in select areas now confirmed over a year later in the latest indictment. You were told the Mueller investigation was to continue to affect the 2018 mid terms and you see this information of new indictments was released days before the meeting with Putin deliberately with no evidence of collusion. Senator Paul stated we all spy on each others elections. This is fact. This happened under Obama’s watch and nothing was done as the NSA had real time evidence years ago. So is this going to be mentioned to Putin? Yes, but why as it is just smoke to appease the media.

   What is being discussed by Trump is serious as the Russians plans to invade the EU and with Merkel as his lapdog convincing certain members to fold to communism or as Europe sees it, socialism. Trump has stated the EU, Russia and China are our foes and this will be shortly true as they answer to the new world order. Your media divides this nation by its comments; the point when war comes all will accept one world government as a solution for peace. All of your leaders talk of love, peace, no borders yet it is their policies that drive the poor from their nations.

   In order to take in 100 million migrants your life styles, homes and income must severely change. Public services will be strained and only extended families will be able to afford homes and apartments as many share the same space. How is that going to work for America? What you do not understand is socialism takes from the middle class, which now for the most part lives weekly on their next check and gives it to the poor. The rich moves or hides their money and assets. This is the truth. When the flow of money stops due to mismanagement or profit as the leaders control the organizations dispersing funds, it collapses as seen so many times in the past.

   As your leaders talk peace, many nations in Europe are preparing their population for war. Check it. Trump is telling Putin that the EU will not be invaded like Crimea and we will not stand down like NATO did under Obama’s watch as the cowards they are. And now we are to make this an important piece of the current discussion as if you really care? Is this how we lead? Putin will be told we have weapons 200 hundred years in advance of present day technology in Skunk Works and other Black Projects and will be used to level the east if plans to proceed take place. They are already prepped. The problem is that many nations in the EU want to join the new world order so this will complicate tactics as the antichrist owns them. If the Bible tells you the End Times are controlled by satan then the status quo not the lone wolf answers to him. Events in your world are not what they seem.

   Trump will discuss the current status of the approach of Niribu and the escalation of disasters on earth or as your media and politicians lie to you as Climate Change. Look around at your fellow humans as very shortly only 1 in 10 of you will be alive and most of you will wish you were dead.

   The illusion of peace in this world is just that. Empty words as the new world order sculpt the population by allowing no response to disasters, starvation, war, inoculations in the 3rd world designed to kill months after. You ask how will they know who to save? The your genetic makeup will solve this as you freely gave them this information like idiots by ancestry kits that search for past relatives and origins and facial recognition provides a data base to find you, thank you I phones. You say only the young use facial recognition. This is true. Wake up they are not interested in those over 30, they expect you to die. Oh and if you are pretty and smart expect to be taken so you can lie naked under a creepy very old man of power. Old women will be eliminated secretly. If I was Merkel or May I would reevaluate my choices. This goes for both sexes. This how sinister your world is as a designed war will murder ¾ of mankind in order to herd all to a solution of peace, one world government, one religion and you don’t even know you are being played with little over a year left, all to worship satan as your god.

   Trump is telling you to have the true God in your life. Respect the gift of life He gives to this world as it is not a woman’s’ right to terminate. You have a choice in most cases except rape. Same sex makes a mockery of the Sacrament of Marriage and sin will explode. Murder and violence will escalate to the point most will fear to walk the streets. Trump will not join the new world order as Hillary, McCain and many others in both parties did as they have a plan for America. You will be enslaved and I am not talking about your current financial noose its worse. This is what you face and the Wrath of the Almighty who hopes to wake you from your slumber, but few are listening as the scales of justice to sin tip to an extreme. So we will ratchet up the earth changes so your losses really hurt instead of your perception of accidents or just natural disasters. We have thrown pebbles and stones and now it time for the bricks and cinder blocks. In Helsinki they will discuss the future of mankind, may God have mercy on your souls especially those who led the public astray. Hell is real and eternal, choose.

   As for Trump and your meeting with Putin, this is not a negotiation. He and the Chinese plan on invading this nation. Your job is to protect your nation under God by any means necessary. Politicians are weak and are compromised; this is why you were put in this position. Now deliver for the Almighty as diplomacy does not win wars. It wins it for the bankers.


Update Jul 16 11:05pm EST


   Today we hear the outrage from all associated with the new world order (bankers, politicians and the media) as they fear losing their grip on the media narrative. Hillary tweeted about Trump, “do you know what team you are playing for”. Cheney states the Russian meddling was an act of war. Dan Coates the director of national intelligence as Trump dismisses the reports of the Intelligence community. Brennan states Trump is treasonous as to his response to Putin.

   Did any of you look at the body language of Putin? No, you just assume you know what went on in the meeting. Putin revealed his spies did hack what the FBI stated, but as the FBI again stated, the Hillary Clinton & DNC servers were not compromised as is told by the media. The NSA tracks all data flowing to the east and the DNC, Clinton emails were not part of it. The intelligence community all agreed we were hacked, but did not provide details of what was transferred. This the lie the media perpetuates, so both have agreed to move on. Hillary, all in the know has you as the traitor unlike Trump who answers to the American people. That is why you lost Divine Intervention. This is why you wear that boot like McCain. This is why you flash your Illuminati signs just like Merkel, McCone and May. Cheney an act of war, your administration arranged the demise of WTC to steal oil and you are preaching. Dan please ask the FBI, if you want for the truth or you can continue to lie. Brennan could you at least recognize the FBI was specific in what they were responsible for, but you state all with no proof from the FBI.

   The world’s problem is that Trump is not new world order and cannot be bought as of now. Putin was told we both spy on each other, and the hack at the DNC was inside job to break the ice. This is why the FBI was never allowed to examine Hillary’s and the DNC servers. Rosenstein stated “Hillary’s office was hacked by phishing software and some employee’s emails”, did you not listen? Since when is an outside firm you have to pay is more thorough than the FBI? They are not unless you want to sanitize.

   Then Putin was told any advance on the EU like Crimea and you along with China will lead to a war with the east and will not win. Yes the puppet master gave Putin stolen technology, thus hypersonic missiles, portable lasers, and long range nuclear torpedoes from the US facilitated by the Obama Administration as a few examples, but you do not have it all. And his money will mean nothing when financial markets collapse. Yes Europe will fall as Trump stated to Putin and Trump does not like them, as they do not like him. They are new world order and answers to the antichrist, only due to an old treaty will American put up some fight before leaving. Merkel thinks Germany will rise again in her deluded mind. Citizens of the EU do you know why the immigrants are being allowed in? When the earth changes occur and rebuilding is necessary, the migrants will not complain and work for scraps, you won’t so you are expendable. Exactly what will your women do to survive? This is their plan.

   Trump told you our relationship with Putin is at an historic low or in blunt terms on the cusp of war, but your minds cannot comprehend this as you think the world will go on. Putin was not smiling as he was told certain areas of the world would be level to a sheet of glass. Now you as Democrats and some Republicans state how he could let Putin win. Putin did not win as Trump told him in a war even though you are Illuminati, you will be destroyed. This is a fact and you are nervous? But wait your leader; in human form satan will eliminate the weak from among you for doubting what your eyes see. Get ready for the purge. Keep focusing on your petty arguments causing polarization and the world will move on with out you, as you were not in the meeting. Again this is why they call you fake news.

   Some of you who took the oath and blood letting sacrifices to seal it (you sold your soul) should know your antichrist, supreme leader who looks undefeatable shall be destroyed by Jesus, Son of God and thrown into the lake of fire as for you followers, it will be worse. So revel in your short term victories in the media as all that is rotten shall fall. It is written and Father God Almighty will give us what ever we need to cleanse this earth. Remember the Father created satan out of love and free will, but he turned. All who follow are damned if they are not save before the Second Coming. All lies will be exposed to all at the warning and then your world will change.


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