Political Snap Shot




Written Jul 17 2am EST


   You in the media after the summit in Helsinki continue to undermine Trump and shape the minds in America. I told you in the media none of you were privy to what was said in the meeting as it was between the two by design to prevent leaks. Few on Trumpís staff and less on Putinís can be trusted. Did the 2 hours center on election spying? No! The Russians are not interested in changing our process or they would promote negative ads secretly. The Russian just want to know, what the agenda of the new incoming administration is, this is the bottom line. The world would be frightened at what Trump told Putin, as his face in the following press conferences showed. Did he speak, very little?

   The Russians do not have any personal information on Trump to bribe him, the NSA cleared him or he would not be President just like Obama with his birth certificate. Did he screw many women while married? Really, this is his third wife who slept with him while he was married. All knew the risks, need I say more as almost 90% of men cheat on their wives at some point and 50% of wives cheat leading to divorce. Any information that could impeach Trump would have been revealed as he is going against the Illuminati who see all and Democrats.

   The growing problem with this nation is that the media judges and convicts without a trial. Thus they shape the opinions of both parties in the public arena without proof. This is dangerous. I heard Steel live with Brian and McCain recorded statement that Trump is with Russia? Exactly how do you know this as if you were in the meeting? Steel, I would hate to lose you like McCain. The Almighty will start to cleanse the media as millions of souls are being lost to opinions both right and wrong. Back off and take a more conservative opinion that uses thought. Can you do this?

   So you in the media want to escalate? Williams, do you really want to walk down this same path? The media forgave you for lying to advance your career; the Almighty will strike you down for the loss of one soul. Is this message clear?

   The new world order has won this round of publicity surrounding Helsinki. I really canít believe you got Putin to state he wanted Trump to win. Are we idiots? This statement backs the status quo. It is the new world order that gained. Trump stayed quiet. Any alliance for it to work, depends upon secrecy when in the open another gains. This is what you need to understand. As I said Putin is new world order as opposed to some other sites calling him service to other, which is a lie. Judge him by his actions. In any conspiracy look to who gains.

    In the media for those in the know, pick your battles as point, but retreat to a more conservative approach with all else. The media is controlled and your message is meaningless if you are removed. All are aware that you speak to, trust me. Heed this for the next few months.


Update Jul 17 11:59pm EST


   The major damage was done today by the betrayal of Trump to the Almighty. You made a conscience choice to change your narrative. No member of the team caves to the influence of the new world order, no one. As you walk back your words, the world heard would or wouldnít, do you really think what seems damage control when you were herded into the situation by design will work or meant to discredit you? Are you that weak when facing criticism?

   Your job was to state; yes the Russians did hack personal accounts with phishing, but did not hack Hillaryís or Podesta servers for their personal emails backed by the latest indictments, think. Was that too hard to do? We all make mistakes and your written speech was a lie as it did not come from you. There is no man you need to fear, but fear God. I told you trust no one and you have no friends and the battle needs perseverance and your ego is crushed. You are the last political person against the new world order after you, we are on our own, but we will have the full power of the Almighty. Just know communism is not dead in the heart of Putin. Let this not happen again and learn from your mistake. We are a team until you are removed or lose. We have faith in you.

   A message to the future EU home of the beast please put new tariffs on the US. This is my promise as I will have the Almighty change the route of the Gulf Stream south. Letís see how that works for the EU as temperatures drop and crops fail. My request has been approved, you need to change and promote fair trade and pay your bills. This is on you.

   Special message for Merkel and May, just know I will be there when the Illuminati kicks both of you to the curb as old women and your souls claimed by the dark one, I will wave goodbye as you souls get tossed into the lake of fire or you can change. The sad part is all your intel groups have told you, I am with six others protected by a force, which is God. Letís see how satan protects you after all of your child sacrifices?


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