Political Snap Shot



Written Jul. 18 2:59 am EST


   I have waited, to see just how far both sides would go with racism after the attacks on the squad, that may have been deserved. No one talks about this country. No one flies an American flag upside down and then defaces it. No one flies an a mexican flag at our government facility. This is your Democratic party. Do you like what you see? So letís define racism against minorities in the United States. As our politicians represent those who elected them. Those who ever fly again on US soil at a government facility will not see the next day's Sun rise. Heed this.

   I heard a civil rights congressman state, we have a racist in the White House. Do we? Have you forgotten the dogs, beatings, spit, and where you could not even sit near a white person. What about words of nigger as you passed in the streets or the reports of a lynching, or worse framed for crimes not committed, and you compare today to then? 50 years later in your district, nothing has changed, in fact it is worse, and your former mayor caught on corruption peddling books for favors. Now no disrespect with you Rep. Cummings, as you are a man of God. In these times, you need to make a choice. Consider, this is your plan for the future, as you lecture us? They turned on Pelosi and Biden by design, and you think they will stop? You are all tools. The Democratic Party was full of racist in the past, but you do not talk about this. The squad stated, if you do not stand up for black then you need to go. Not one of them would walk in your shoes of the past, as they would have been raped then beaten.

   So letís get to Trumpís statement that was focused on Omar, as the others were just collateral damage. Now as the idiots you are in the media, lets see how you took the statement out of context to paint Trump as a racist. He said, ďWhy donít they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done,"

   Go back to the crime infested places they come from. Now you do not have to be genius to note, where they came from, as to the districts they represent. As US citizens, this is their country, and go back to Africa, or other locations implied by the media is false. For Omar going home Minneapolis or Somalia (which is a true hell hole of murder and rape) could have been implied, but not stated. If not stated, no matter how you spin it, is an assumption in a court of law. Second, he stated come back and show us what you learned. Again you are idiots, as you and the media state Trump wants to make them go away, but his statement tells them to come back after learning. Omar is caught on tape denigrating this nation and Israel, America saved her family, but slavery still exists in Somalia and the Sudan among other places. This is your deceit.

   Letís start with AOC and racism, when you go to Puerto Rico, all of you will notice, position, power, and jobs that are held by their lighter counter parts even today. Change your home first, before dictating, what we need to do here. As for the Bronx, what have you done lately. Just a side note, your new Republicans challenge is being backed covertly by the DNC. You are a liability or toast for going against new world order Pelosi. You have a chance to join the winning team without your ego. The offer has a time limit as when the world knows, the door is closed.

   For Omar, your family was given an opportunity, and no Black minority wants to hear you trash this nation. You see a problem, fix it then talk later. You do not have a clue along with AOC, and the nation sees this. Pretty faces only go so far, others get ignored. I have to hand it to the new world order for picking you four, as your rhetoric will certainly inflame white America, and the extremes will start a race war, as prophesized in the Bible, as you are Satanís tool.

   You ask why would I say that? The constant call of racism is getting to the point, that you are affecting those, who are not, as those uncontrolled that may confront them, the innocent. They will turn with a vengeance, as this is the unexpected, you do not foresee. It only takes one attack to lose a family that once supported your cause, and this will increase exponentially, as time passes. 2020 election will not happen, as Nibiru will be at your doorstep, and you who call your selves leaders, will be cowering in the shadows, powerless to change events.

   Race was brought up by the Democrats in 2015 against Trump to derail his campaign. The Central Park Five was a case put in place by certain members of the NYPD as they thought it was a lock. Trump just followed their advice to sway the media, as he had no access to the evidence. It was a wrong opinion, not racist. He was used. A white boy in the group would have changed nothing.

   Red lining with apartments, yes Trump was guilty, but money was the factor, not race. If you were a rich Black, you were welcome, just like in Trump tower. You cannot sell apartments if common spaces are trashed. Racist comments against Trump, is against illegals, not our own minorities. The Democrats care nothing about the plight of our minorities as the cities have only gotten worse under their leadership.

   So you want to vote for a flood of uneducated adults with children many infected with diseases, and you, that lives pay check to check, but want your rents to rise, crowded trains, roads, and buses. Healthcare premiums higher as to offset the non payment of illegals in emergency rooms. Schools over crowded, teachers diverted to teach English not as a subject, but as an introductory language, and this is just the poor.

   For the Middle Class your taxes go up, and disposable income shrinks, and then your neighborhoods change over night, just visit AOCís Flushing, Queens. Just know, I have a special plan for your slimy Orchard Beach. Save the world and you pay. You forget one thing, minorities are stingy, and you think, they are going for more poor people to compete for their resources, as the moral thing to do? Again you are an idiot. Try telling a rapper, you are raising his taxes.

   They have a grand plan to tax the income of the very rich. That is so easy, salaries go down, stock options go up, as their lawyers exploit loopholes, put in place by those who represent you in the past. You are idiots. The new green deal will cost over 1 mil per family due to corruption and waste, and the rest of the world will continue to pollute, no significant change in the atmosphere as to carbon emissions as poor countries explode into development. You are fools, no she is a fool. It does not make a difference, as the Almighty, as directed through my request, will level certain areas prone to sin, to save souls, not life. And you as Democrats and some Republicans, are making this so easy.

   I have told you, over and over again Trump is not the enemy, division put in place is by certain politicians, and the media answering to the new world order are. You are embracing rioting and destruction, because you think racism that you promote, is the prime issue. I watch the corruption in social services as everyone gets paid, and the poor are still poor. This is a fact.

  The Clintons stole 2 billion dollars through their shut down fund through influence peddling (ended when she lost), and you just looked the other way. Bush spent trillions on invisible WMD in Iraq. And did we not go into Afghanistan to catch Bin Laden? I though we shot him like over 8 years ago. Why are we still there? And now we invite millions of low skilled people, who do not speak English when low skilled jobs are evaporating and you want to vote for these leaders. 775 dollars a day to take of an illegal immigrant child as those controlling social services get rich while promoting moral values. You have a choice.

    I say it again, you will have no country, as we will be broke, and then invaded by opportunists. History repeats. The new world order preys upon nations through debt, but you do not see this. They are crushing the UK through Brexit, and we do not need to be next, as the Democrats throw our money away saving the world, but who will not save themselves. This is what you face, unless America awakes from its slumber and looks to the only source of leadership, God the Father the Almighty and His Son Jesus.


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