Political Snap Shot




Written Jul 20 5:15pm EST


   Your media at the top has been infiltrated by the new world order long ago, and now the Illuminati, has complete control. This is why a few of Fox News by the total numbers in some aspects was given the OK to turn on the President.

   NATO defends many in the EU and we pay at present 90 percent of the bill. Few nations have armies or supplies, and if we were attacked little help would come from other member nations to change events on our soil.

   We are not responsible for the protection of the EU in a treaty written over 69 years ago, if their own will not fight or have an army like Germany. This is why NATO is obsolete as it is one sided. Your media presents this as we need NATO when those who refuse to pay, burdens the US taxpayer and our Military with their lives. We were isolationists and drawn into war twice by arranged events and now we have an arranged treaty to make sure, but you donít see this and you call yourselves smart. We do not need them as they would run as cowards if the Chinese or Russian attacked our West Coast. So they send a few soldiers as tokens if they can get here in time, because their main concern would be to fortify the eastern flank, ask them.

   Do your small minds not comprehend planned wars financed by the banks on both sides to enslave nations with debt? Wilson sold out this nation, when he gave the new world order bankers control of our Federal Reserve. After it was allowed, the Lusitania in 1915 to smuggle weapons to Britain was sunk pushing us into WW1. The Americans saved Europe. Again the bankers provided financing to Germany and Illuminati member Hitler took control of the government by an arranged arson at the Reichstag. Well financed while America was in an arranged depression created by an artificial bubble of cheap interest rates and then contracted by design as the puppet master of that time was short and bought up proxy interests in all the promising American companies in 29í.

   They compromised Roosevelt, who is now in hell to allow the attack on Pearl Harbor as the radar operators were told to stand down just like events with WTC to draw in America again for war. Again America saved Europe as the Brits fame was retreat at Dunkirk. Korea then Vietnam all giving power to the Military complex and increasing debt. With WW3 now on the Horizon, Trump is not following the plan.

   There is a difference between Hillary had she won and Trump. If Poland been invaded on her watch, she would have imposed severe sanctions. Trump would have gone to war. This is the difference, as Germany would have been next by design. Almost all leaders in your world answer to the new world order and the order answers to the antichrist (satan). This is written.

   You say Trump was not prepared for the Helsinki conference, but not one of you knows what was discussed. You ask why only the interpreter and no aids? He now trusts no one. Trump did not waste is time on spying that did not change the vote as it is business as usual for all past administrations, and now it counts. You in the media are idiots.

   Trump is forcing Putin to stand down on WW3. They came to an agreement, but were told here Putin will break it. Trump now has a second conference as a final ultimatum. This is where we stand as Coats and others are new world order that will undermine this nation can resign. They were left out of the loop by design.

   Just know Trump was told weeks before his inauguration of the interference in our election process as it was meant by Hillary to defeat him by association to the Russians, years in place. This obviously did not work so the narrative continues to affect the 2018 Midterms as Mueller releases timed indictments to affect the election this fall. The NSA had real time data of what was being hacked and now we are to believe they checked the files and found 12 Russian operatives a year later after the first set? Obama was briefed, but passed on it as Hillary would win and no one needs to know. This was the plan. It backfired.

    The media is shifting towards Manafort and his crimes that would lead to life in prison. Yes he broke the law, but who was he working for when these crimes occurred? Manafort worked for John Podesta insulated by his brother, Tony and Mueller gives immunity to him. Manafort is an opportunist and a double agent for the DNC, but answers to the new world order. Nothing about his indictments and crimes will affect Trump as they were before his time. As for Manafort, they will continue to pressure him to say something that is related to Trump. Trump is careful and would not allow a person recommended to him by outside political sources into his internal sphere without time measured in years of loyalty, with knowledge to topple his empire. This is where Mueller is the fool. What will Manafort do? He will reveal the workings of the Podesta crime empire and its association to insulate the Clinton foundation, but he will be seen as unreliable as turning on the Podestas to thwart Tony. If the public starts to believe Manafort, he will have an arranged hanging or heart attack. Tell the truth on the Podestasí for the world to see. They may kill you anyway. Save your internal soul as the needle under the armpit or you hanging in an apparent suicide is in the cards. Reveal and the Almighty will protect you with prayers and atonement, choose now.

   CNN now promotes Putin as the most powerful man in the world. I and you should ask why? Does he have the military? Does he have the financing? Does he have the weapons? The answer to all of this is no. You say Russia is broke, so how? What the American people do not know is the Start Treaty renewed under Obama does not consider the transfer of weapons to former Soviet states in secret, which was done? Our neutrino detectors have verified this and no one is saying anything.

   The US Military has ten times the budget of the Russians, so please stop lying. The news black out on what was said in the summit as Melanie face showed, was true evil. Trump knows Putin will attack the eastern EU front in the near term future as discord rages through the US, but he will face the full force of the US Military or not as the EU continues its present assault hoping Trump gets impeached. Trump is not new world order that will betray this country like Hillary, McCain and most in your government with an arranged measured limited nuclear response with targets all agreed upon in advance. This is what you face. Yet your media concentrates it efforts of treason on spying and manipulation of our voting system that was not breach, to affect an outcome as it is closed to the internet and hacking? You are idiots and this shortly will be proven so. I would abandon ship as this is your last warning.

   You know, that any humane man or woman would not allow billions to die, but antichrist that leads the Illuminati is supernatural. He is the source of all evil and is the spirit of satan himself incarnated in a man could. Jesus, Son of God was incarnated as a man and history and the Bible stated this. In the End Times you were told the Devil would walk this earth and almost all would follow and worship him as god under one world government. Exactly what event would make all people and governments want to unite as one?

   Putin, Xi, Merkel, Hillary, McCain, May, the Queen, Charles, Kissinger, Netanyahu, Bill, W, Papa Bush, Macon, David Rockefeller, pope Francis and the puppet master are all new world order and answer to the antichrist directly. All are prepared to sculpt the over populated earth by eliminating useless eaters, as they call you in their backrooms. Their plans of poor food choices (fast food), control of the prescription industry subjugating millions to pill dependency and an inferior education system within the inner cities is by design, too slow for change. The problem is Trump as he is not on board. This is what is behind the unified push back by your politicians, controlled media or fake news. I told you when all are against one, then the target is right. I stress again in the End Times, what seems right is wrong and what seems wrong is right on the political scene.

   Trump did come to a temporary agreement with Putin to put WW3 on hold as he was threatened. Trump revealed the US Military is ready to level Russia and China first and then remove any force embedded in the EU when they invade. Normal protocol would to bring all NATO forces in to protect Europe in house to house fighting as Putin cuts off their gas and oil supplies.

   Putin made a film of nuking Florida to send a message of confidence. This infuriated Trump. If the Europe is invaded, we cannot nuke. The prolonged war would force the surrender of the EU or WW3, which all hope to avoid. This was the plan before the meeting and it has changed. The news conference of a mutual agreement backfired as all the media focused on the hacks to our voting system by design. You need to ask, who is controlling this?

   Putin saw this as a no win situation even with the stolen and given US military secrets on weaponry and unlimited financing provided by the puppet master through his proxy control of US corporations, which has now been sealed shut like the Federal Reserve. So why is there second meeting and many in the Trump Administration had no knowledge?

   Trump is well aware Putin is lying about the agreement and now he knows. The meeting later this year is an ultimatum where Putin is given time, but not enough to counter the US Military with an accelerated build up. The only choice is preemptive strikes. Trumpís choice is to allow some losses and a win or allow events to continue and the world falls to communism and the antichrist. His problem is that Congress has been infiltrated by to new world order and will not declare war no matter what it sees I the world and will speak of peace as a diversion.

   When nuclear war comes, the devastation and loss of life will cause all to scream for peace any cost. This is where all when offered one government as a solution, all will accept. How can one unified go against another will be the common theme presented to a naive world. Create the problem, and then offer the planned solution, new world order 101. Those aligned within the Trump Administration who have ties or suspected to the new world order are no longer updated. So we will see how this plays out in your future.

    What is behind California dividing into three states, which was not allowed to go through for a vote? For the Democratic Party to change the House of Representatives by an influx of illegals and amnesty is a slow process of population. The plan here is representation of all, as now the electorate is now divided in California, but the goal was to change the face of the Senate as 2 would move towards the Republicans and 4 towards the Democrats. This was their plan. Again you do not see the descent as your media has no clue.

   As for US cyber attacks, the NSA as they control the web covertly, they can stop any link at any time before its starts any thing that has gotten trough was arranged by those inside our government aligned with the new world order. You have to be a fool to create a communication system that you do not control, but is seen as free.


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