Political Snap Shot



Written Jul 21 11 pm EST


    The new world order has stepped it up, as time is short. The seven years predicted in the Bible will end on Feb. 21 2020, and then it is on for the Almighty and Jesus to save all He can over the Tribulations just before the date, after the Warning in the late spring 2020, and the months later, due to the Great Tribulations, because you will not listen, and then the Second Coming. Those religions that promise rapture is lying, only the Father and His Son chooses the pure of souls. Not a man and certainly not a religion. There is only one religion started by Jesus Christ, one. It is Catholicism no matter their faults. The exception is the acceptance of the dark prophet Francis now in power who will align will the dark one. Just know Democratic politicians will hiding in spring 2020 along with new world order Republicans. Your leaders are cowards, as they change nothing.

   With the orchestrated seizure of the British vessel just north passing through the straits of Hormuz by the Iranians. First, realize the tanker should have been captured, after it was loaded on the way out. Protocol is to move the vessel back into the international if not a threat. This was not done. The event is a repeated attempt by design, the first leading with suspected contraband oil. Just how would they know this, unless it was a common practice where both sides ignore unless provoked? So Iranians have access to the paperwork and plans of the vessels leaving the Gulf? All oil leaving the Gulf is legal unless it is one of their own. It was. The Iranians have a covert agreement with the UK and EU to circumvent US sanctions. Basically they are saying FU Trump. This was a calculated move to cause division as Trump now knows the British and the EU are receiving oil from Iran. This is why the ships were not protected. Iran is showing the US that deceit is on both sides. Now what?

   The British have ignored shipments of Iranian oil that has passed through international waters, as there is money to be made on both sides. This is the ugly truth of sanctions. Just as the US who have satellite surveillance, is tracking every tanker that leaves Iran. What about Erdogan who gets Iranian oil through pipelines, all while the west including the US, looks away. It allows Iran to continue to suffer, but not a stranglehold, as the media would have you believe. The point, Western connected interests gets rich, while the world sees them standing up to Iran for nuclear proliferation, what a plan.

   This was to send a massage to the UK that captured their vessel, as many have sailed past Gibraltar thousands of times. Why the change? Ask, why a force that could be there in minutes, never was dispatched into the straits? Where was the emergency call? The original statement days before, said it was an illegal shipment a separate vessel, yet not clear in the media. Why was it an international shipping violation, but the new vessel was coming in. Strayed into Iranian waters with GPS? Why the sudden turn without resistance? All are talking of war, but it was not our ship and no cargo. Trump, will stand down, as you pick your battles.

   Trump has no choice, but to let the Brits handle this. Did they provide protection for its vessel, no. They set them up, as they knew some vessel at some point, would be captured to enhance the Iranian position, thus involving American intervention. The point, return to the old treaty, or war, as all the elite goes long in oil options contracts, when attacks are imminent. You are fools. If they want to fight over a captured vessel, it is all about returning the vessel held by the British, so be it. All players knew the tactics, they wanted to see if Trump would bite. He has passed with no voice.

   It is not Americaís choice to fight for the Brits. We did that in WW2 and never again. Europe and the UK would have conquered had we not entered as Roosevelt looked away from intelligence knowing the attack on Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen. The US would have nuked Japan and Germany if attacked, war over, without the huge loss of life and financial debt imposed on nations of this world. This is the truth. This is why Roosevelt is burning in hell as he empowered the military complex sapping this nation. Letís make this clear, we need weapons and defense, but we do not need to get ripped off.

   The Brits did not protect their own assets by design. This is about starting a war. Iran smuggles oil to the EU and the elite get rich, as they do have to import from Russia or the US. The Iranians figured, side money could be made by offering Syria oil, a new deal, the flash point of the world. The new world order set them up, and arranged the capture of the Iranian and British tankers. Trump does not care to go to war with Iran, so they (new world order) introduced an ally in need, who would not protect itself. What is wrong with this picture?

   Iran was given well over the 150 billion dollars on the books, which intelligence knew would flow directly to terrorist to curb a nuclear program that was only monitored on the surface by inept UN monitors. Who were told where to look. You really think, this was a good plan? Billions spent to protect western nations from a few terrorist and you finance them through a back door Obama agreement? You were told neutrino detectors discovered small amounts of weapons grade uranium scattered among many bunkers far below what the UN monitors, in DUMBs, and the EU sold them the centrifuges. This secret program was revealed to Trump, the Iranians were breaking the deal, put in place by the Democrats, thus invalidating the treaty with cause, that can not be revealed to this nation. Do Congressional and Senate intelligence committees know Iran violated the treaty, yes. Can they reveal this, no. They are gagged under national security, but it keeps Trump in place. This is the plan.

   We as a nation under God will not allow arranged encounters with Iran, to dictate responses or protect what is not ours. The British were the empire, now they are being bullied by the EU on Brexit. They can not even protect their own. Remember May and Merkel adding their 2 cents new world opinions this past week, on the presidentís comments about freshmen Congress women, they need not speak about? The squad can not manage their own lives, and you trust them to move this country forward? Racism, no, they just have bad ideas. Trump goes after McCain, Rubio, Hillary, Biden and they are white, Hispanic and a woman, but you ignore this. Can you label him going against stupidity that goes against what is not right for this nation, then you have your man. So the media spins it. It will say this only once, we have stupid gays, straights, blacks, whites, Hispanics and some Asians. If they are stupid with the wrong ideas, you need to stop labeling it racism. This is a fact and is the new cancer of your nation few of you are able to stop and this is why your world will be destroyed.

    They have offered social plans that drains government coffers. Green new deal, free health care, and free college, all of which are not truly free. You have to pay for it through taxes, but the inept management, fraud will bankrupt this country, and your standard of living drops. This is a fact. May had to resign, and Merkel trembles in public and your counter is she is strong. You are lying. The Almighty is slowly taking her body out, since she wonít resign. I stress, all that come to America needs to contribute, if something is wrong, offer solution, not comments that inflame those who may be racists. Yes they exist and the media is expanding this, not Trump.

   Hidden Racist, offer first start education, their donors own them, job programs of affirmative action, their donor own them, yet nothing changes, except who gets paid, remember Job Corp? Racists speak about equality, but marry Chelsea, not happening. I told you in the north many hide it. Racism is hidden and defined by actions, not words. They are playing Trump, and this nation sees it. You donot care for your own poor, as few minorities have elevated themselves since the seventies, and you talk about raising the plight of an illegal under moral values. You are idiots, as you are saying, I would rather take care of a street person, than those at home in my family first. You say it is the right thing to do, but you bankrupt the country. You are inept leaders, and this is your 2020 plan?

   Now let me educate America as to how stupid your leaders are. The media no longer informs you as to make the correct decision, they indoctrinate with an agenda for America. Few in the media are smart as their positions are based on a voice, looks and personality, the ability to decipher world events, no as the read screen prompters and you follow them. They talk about creating a living wage as presented by the new world order, and yes it does elevate the poor, but disposable income does not change for most, as prices of medical and housing outstrip the gains. I have told you, sometimes to step back and question, why this push? You have done nothing to insure those who are crushed, like students after graduating college, who are slaves to predatory interest rates, whom many make 15 to 23 dollars per hour. Now you offer those that have little to no education up to high school a base of 15 dollars with no skill sets? Your decision is to close the gap between the elite and the poor, as the only gap that will close, is with the Middle Class. Did you really think this through?

   Free college is not the answer, as millions will just waste the opportunity and we pay. They do it to parents. College tuition is paid by merit, grades. More important, reduce education loans interest rates to start, from predatory lending institutions like Sallie Mae, but you will not do that. What you should do, is elevate the learning process for the same cost. As it is only the curriculum that changes. When a student graduates after a 12 year education it is an equivalent to an Associates Degree. But the university and college lobbyists will hold this nation back. They can still get international students to fill the gap in the first 2 years. As I said, your politicians offer dreams instead of real solutions.

   I watch again as in a free draw for the Democratic debates, it just so happens the number 2 pain for the DNC goes against Warren, and Biden is set up against Harris as his defining moment. He fails, he is out with some excuse. I told you this is by design. All of them talk about reducing prescription costs, but did nothing in the Clinton and Obama years. 16 years and they did nothing. This is the party that will put getting minority ownership of a house out of reach as rents rise in the cities due to demand from illegals, they freely invite. This is the party that will raise health and auto insurance rate as few illegals have coverage. This is the same party that when they house children at the border, they pay almost 800 dollars a day, equivalent to a five star hotel room for one child, and this is your fiscal responsibility? These children lived on dirt floors and ate corn mush. Running water or a bathroom, it was down the road at the common fountain and the bathroom aka the bushes. This is a joke. Under them yes you will be caring for the migrants, but you will also be broke. Is it worth it? Trump states America first, and then we will use our spoils help others. Democrats will enslave you, as many shift towards poverty under debt. You will lose your nation, some will lose homes, all will lose a certain amount of disposable income. This is your choice. Racism and Russian collusion was used to crush Trump, put in place, as he is against the new world order. It did not work, but you cling in hope. You do you answer to? Not God.

    You were told in the End Times, satan would have his way with mankind, and even the elect would be fooled. Look in the mirror, as you call all racists, even some of your own, as if you know what lurks within their minds. Look at you, as the sanctity of life is replaced by late term abortion. Life begins at conception, as the soul enters the zygote and the mother is a host for the unborn child, not as baby breathes air. Look at you, as you shut down free speech and guns. The founding fathers put this is place as civilization matures the people are oppressed by those in power. This was a protection in place, as history confirms this in your world. You were warned of these times and now it is here.

   The warnings sent to awaken mankind as to the threat of the dark one were ignored. You were told of the polarization of good and bad, but incite racism for political gains and this has backfired like letting out a disease. To destroy Trump was it worth it, as you see the result, and so do the astute American public. Epstein was allowed to have 13 to 16 year girls prance around his island for years by choice as they were paid, but others kidnapped were far younger and few bothered him. As this was the playground of the rich and powerful. Tony, Andrew, Bill and Hillary to name a few had one thing in common. When revealed this will have many questioning the UK, DNC and some in the RNC political systems. Epstein will be protect by God, in exchange all that used his services shall fall.

   America is being financially enslaved, the IMF did the same with Africa offering loans and services to improve their lives that fell short, nothing changed except a crushing debt the nations could not pay back, thus leading to influence and bribes to covet their national resources as the people were just a liability. Now you are being told as it is the right thing to do, and invite all the poor, as robots are now replacing any job they hope to have. You are so brilliant.

    You were told all that is rotten will fall and as His messenger, I will make it so. First overseas then quickly to the United States. You ask why now? Look around, your political ploy is now a theme. Corporations have embraced homosexuality under equality. Abortion is a right of woman and you invite the poor knowing this will push many who are left in the Middle Class to poor as the rich play your politicians and media, population increases in the poorest countries would negate any policy of Climate Change, if it was true, and you ask why. We have progressives the crimes o a few to take away the gun right of millions, democratic kids out of control. We roits and protests that shut down free speech against anything that is not progressive. We have morals that demand we let the world in as if this was still the nineteenth century. It is out of control. So with great sympathy I am invoking a massive loss of life to save souls only through the power of the Almighty changing the face of your earth. False religions that prey on the weak or those born into it, with no real reference, and evil politicians shall start to fall. This decision was not made lightly, as the Almighty has held me in check as His tool, and that hold has been released. May God have mercy on your souls. Remember all are save when you accept Jesus as you Lord and Savior, even at the last second. Stubborn, you will be brought to your knees. For in the irresponsible media, as it unfolds just stop.

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