Political Snap Snot




Written Jul 23 11:59pm EST


   Today the news media focuses on Iran with Trumpís rhetoric in caps on twitter. Exactly what are they going to do with small nuclear weapons provided by an insulated Putin and centrifuges provided by the EU for money? Hit a target with poor guidance as they cannot tap the GPS grid and several tens of thousands die mostly Moslems? Consider the Palestinians have no access to the shelters, great plan? You were told this world is in the end times, but you refuse to believe the repercussions. So what is the present plan of the new world order in this region?

   Several tractor trailers marked as American with ties to Israel will launch remotely from Iran courtesy of the new world order. The first two designed to explode within proximity of radar with an electromagnetic pulse to disable temporarily or fry Israeli electronics not harden as it is not expected as Iron dome defense system falls short. Only one missile will penetrate, hitting the Palestine area by design, but will be seen as poor guidance by design. Israel will take out Iran and level Tehran and millions will die. This will start WW3 as Syria is a diversion of conflict as the Russians are there. With Iran denying any involvement and Russia, the new world order is on the inside. The world will have little time to prove them wrong, until now. This is the deceit of your deep state.

   We have another shooting in Florida. For some black men, the unknown has killed you. Was it worth to stand and fight only to see your woman to bury you? That man is not the law to determine who parks in a disabled spot that is almost always unoccupied, but when needed people do move. This is the influence of the dark one.

   Call the cops and they will write the ticket. You provoked a situation that you knew you could take advantage of the law. You shouted and intimidated as you got in his face and his only action was to push you away as you fell. He would have walked away, but you pulled a gun and shot him. Welcome to hell, as you have made your choice. To the law makers who continue to back this law, add in probable cause to control this, if not let this be used against a member of your family, again choose.

   Finally we will address the current wave of socialism within this country. All do need health care, but at what cost? You as politicians seek to change society for the better, but allow the rich to profit under the guise of help. Health costs are out of control and rising. Unnecessary tests authorized to clinics owned by the doctors, drugs owned by the elite and corporations, yet you do nothing to change this except to offer health care for all, which the current system we cannot afford. I ask why?

   You have been told the Illuminati want this country to fall to communism, but you can not see this. Socialism with the removal of Capitalism is just that. All are equal without regards to talent? Why try? Unions protect the common man, but those who abuse the system should let go to protect all. This is your new job or we shall perish. The rich will just move with their money and what happens when all reach parity without a cash flow as few works without incentive? Did you think this true as if all would be truthful and contribute? This has failed in the world, but allowed those on top controlling all fields of social help to become rich, but again you do not see this. Look around at your family and work place as a template. You are idiots.


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