Political Snap Shot





Written Jul 25 1am EST


   As the earth polarizes, let’s examine the least important news in your media at present. We hear there is a tape between Cohen and Trump with an associated playboy woman and talks of a payment. You guys are idiots. So we are to ignore the fact a tabloid paper bought the rights and did not publish? Was there collusion, no, but the Trump was told of the purchase and the tabloid saw it as an investment. It paid off. No direct payment to the model or use of campaign funds. This is why the tape was released.

   I have told you that the new world order is herding the population to consider socialism. But the danger was lack of taxes to balance increased Medicare, health care, education until College and retirement. All great ideas without funding and you let a porous border to exist?  The rich will move their money outside of our tax system or move.  I ask, then what when funds run dry? Did you consider eliminating the abuses in the for profit health care system? No! You just throw money at the system without correcting the problem at its base and we pay for your incompetence. These are your politicians.

   Trump may not be the best, but he is no traitor. Under Bush the WTC was allowed to fall for oil profits by design. Let’s not talk about slick Willy who banged or was sucked by almost every willing person with two legs. His story was crushed by the illuminati as for Trump his story comes to light as “he” is not part of the team. So what is the plan?

   The Illuminati has made some inroads within the Trump Administration as seen with the Putin reversal. He was given no choice. Will this continue as photos of his hand match Merkel’s? As of now Trump still answers to the Almighty, but that time may come to an end as it is not written. So if he falls so does your world by the Almighty’s hand requested by me. It was granted. In America a family was taken on the road accident. Another family was taken in a downing, but hugging. Greek families were taken hugging in a firestorm. There are home. Your bodies cannot transcend a move to Heaven. What you see is merciful as the soul does not die. This is the most important.

   The floods are here and the extreme heat is just starting. Welcome to the End Times. For the harden who believe in a false religion as only there is only one church established by Jesus, the Roman Catholic religion is your only salvation as there is a new Covenant replaces that with the Jews who rejected the Messiah. This is written in the Bible, but men seem to take it upon themselves to change this as if they hear God, no they hear satan as he changes a few things as it is the truth. On the pulpit they can promise salvation as only Jesus judges you. No one has a free pass, if they tell you this especially as a child, it is a lie. You can preach, knock on doors, but within your own ranks, their is hatred and bias. Think about it? This is His Word and I am only the messenger.


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