Political Snap Shot




Written Jul 27 12:30am EST


   Not much in the news to comment on, but McCain is still kicking, decides to enforce the treaty with Iran. Did you tell the American public that most of its nuclear program was allowed to move to Syria to proceed without the watchful eyes of the UN shielded by the Russians under Obama’s watch? It is the destabilization of this country that will initiate war in the Middle East as you were told in the past here. Mc Cain is new order and the plan is allow war to occur. Iran speaks of ending it, just how if an attack on Israel is nuclear? The Jews will be in the shelters and the Palestinianes will perish. Iranian major cities will then be a level sheet of green glass entombing all. Your words mean nothing paper tiger as does McCain’s alliance to preserve that which shall fall.

   With earth changes getting serious as day turns to night in a certain area of this world and wild fires seems Biblical and now the Greek tragedy around Athens is being blamed on arson. If so, how would a person prep multiples sites undetected when all are watching as to allow no escape route?

   The present plan of the new world order is not to allow the force of God to be linked to disasters for that, they will quickly increase again as in California and the heat. Any evidence of arson was planted after the fact by spreading an incendiary as a trace at certain points of carbonizes trees. Did the trees at that point burn any faster than those further away? You will not get that information. Satellite pictures if not real time can not reveal how the fires started. This is your deceitful world.

   Little is known that many Republicans are not backing the reversal of domestic abuse and gang violence by Sessions, put in place by Obama to allow many to come to this country that is outside of international asylum laws. You have been told the new world order elite want a new slave class to reconstruct this world after the pole shift, but nothing that is evil will remain as the earth transforms. These are the lies they spread among themselves to provide help.

   What few of you do not realize, is the control the high tech companies have over the youth. They plant opinions posing as average users and then hit themselves with likes. Algorithms to analyze your though processes as you eliminate your parents as they lied like the establishment, but this was designed. You are so stupid. Facial recognition and DNA tests to weed out the useless and you are still clueless. They here your conversations and profile your personality by your tweets, and in an emergency they know who to let die as you gave them the info freely. Again you are so stupid. I told you the weak will fall first the handicapped and many women will be protected by no one. You cannot offer sex with a starved body that smells if all are and what about children? This is why they will be taken in a plague, prepare.


Update Jul 30 10:45pm EST


   You have Coca-Cola raising their price on soda in response to Trump’s tariffs. The new world order controls their minions, but they make mistakes to expose themselves. You were told the aluminum can costs 1.7 cents and with a 10% increase it is short of 1.9 cents. So exactly what cost is being passed to the consumer? Your world is a lie.


Update Aug 01 11:15pm EST


   As the world continues to polarize, the common man continues to ignore signs that are given to him. Google is in the process of being granted access to China as a search engine that is censored, but you see no harm to this. As you know, the Chinese society is already under the control of communism. Google currently censors or buries any site with the truth on the pole shift here in the United States since 2002. They bury the fact they share their analytics with the Illuminati, as they are one.

   Facebook also shares all data with the Illuminati as their CEO worships the same entity. The point, algorithms are in place to predict human behavior in a crisis is on file. Again if all areas are hot, which is the priority for elimination as a threat? Again you do not see this, as you do not think like an elite.

   Amazon now the biggest retailer has record of all who order guns, ammunition and survival supplies will be targeted first. As almost all of power and wealth are one under the dark one, and pool information to facilitate this country’s demise. The problem, Trump has yet to join the Illuminati and is seen as a rogue. Current consensus is that he is to be eliminated by any means necessary staring with impeachment and a blue shift in the House at midterms. All while stretching the investigation to imply guilt of collusion without directly indicting. This is their plan.

   It is not the Russians who are spying on you and is a threat to safety presently, but this will change, but your cell phones that hear, smart TVs that see, texts that reveal your thoughts, DNA kits that expose your genetic defects for breeding programs, facial recognition programs in place to access phones to be added to the camera surveillance systems nation wide to track your locations, thump prints used to buy at a kiosk, and your online buying patterns. I told you were being herded and you have no one to blame, but yourselves. Heed this.

   All is not what it seems, as few of you think the world will go to war. The pole shift gives the victor total control of the earth clouded by confusion and massive loses of life during disasters and you think men of power are going to play by the rules of peace and diplomacy? This is why your world will be cleansed and we will start in America with the scourge in God’s eyes, the homosexuals who answer to the dark one. You can change or? Humanism does not supercede the Word of God as this practice that is an abomination of the flesh is the direct influence of satan. This is a promise, protect them and you will die with them at the hands of the Almighty. His Mercies are abundant, but choose to protect sin and you be caste aside, choose.


Update Aug 02 6pm EST


   With a subconscious outpouring of concern the homosexual community is asking, why is love that comes from God now being attacked? The Almighty speaks, “You are My creation and it was perfect when created. I am the author of all life and can take it away. You, children are of Me and is a reflection of My Will. I have warned you that which I created is subject to temptation and deceit. I gave you love between a man and a woman, that which was from Heaven that that has been caste into the lake of fire gave you love between the same, but it is empty and based on lust that fades over time. It is not from ME, your Father. When I cleanse the earth I will remove all that is influence by satan. This is what you need to understand. I love your souls that is within you and you are within Me, and if you must lose your physical presence on earth to preserve this, so be it. I will allow new diseases to take you so that you can review the mistakes in your life as you approach death, as it is here that I your Father hope you accept My Son with change.”

   CNN presented a story about an illegal immigrant that needed help with our health system by going to the emergency room near death as they have to be helped by law. This law was put in place to save lives due to unforeseen reasons, but opportunists are crossing to save their lives at any cost. The woman is getting dialysis treatment that cost millions over time and adds to your healthcare system, which you cannot afford. There are thousands of those cases that no one would dare report. Yes we can take care of those who need emergency care, as that is humane, but allow it to abused while Americans do not have the same care as they receive a bill is not fair. Hospital corporations win as they get paid with your tax dollars. You lose as more cannot afford premiums raised to offset the abuse.

   It has been leaked that the Trump Administration is removing troops from Africa. News flash he is bringing them back home from all theaters to protect America first as the world prepares for WW3, but the general population is in denial.


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