Political Snap Shot

The Cummings District


Written July 29 2 pm EST

   Much has made about a certain district in Baltimore, and this reveals the deceit of the Democratic party to protect, one of its own under racism. This has got to stop, again on both sides. Trump needs to attack the problem instead of the person. This has been a Democratic district for decades, and nothing has changed. Does this area near abundant government jobs in DC fall below the national average for income? Yes. Is the crime in Black communities in a certain part of Baltimore off the charts? Yes. Is there rats and roaches infesting homes in Cummins district? Yes. Is this a racist remark or the uncomfortable truth?

   The Democratic Party has been in the business of enslaving the poor with programs that do not work. They were Jim Crow. Now they have morphed. Their cities have fallen into despair and need for social programs. Again this is the truth. Nothing has changed. As Trump has stated. The failures of the Democratic over decades is not racism, but he is pointing out their failures and bad ideas. It is that Trump way of stating his views does not come across as tactful. So we have a spin that both sides take on. Democrats scream racism and the far right some how think they are empowered, but both views are far from the truth. We donot need a politician that sugar coats the truth, and we get this with Trump, but also it comes with a bite. This is what the media needs to understand.

   In the Bronx Juan Rodriquez has been accused of man slaughter. Yes he left his twins in the car and suffered a great loss. This will be his pain, but to take him away from his family for an unintended crime would be unjust. Let the man go as his wife is his greatest wrath. This request is coming from the Almighty.

   A warning for the Democrats, as you proceed using the Mueller report to start the impeachment process. All has been made about the Russians and how the Trump campaign did seek cooperation in the campaign, but it was not proven. Yet the Democrats put in place, Trump was working with the Russians with a false paid for dossier by the DNC. What will be revealed is the Russian collusion was a set up to start the Mueller investigation. Pelosi is trying so hard to make this go away, but others see the removal of Trump as a political jewel. You want him removed, then do it in the 2020 election, which you know will not happen. This is your deceit.

   To the American people some are wondering, how so many corporations are not paying taxes? They are buying the businesses that fail at rock bottom prices, and applying their massive debt to write off their corporate tax (Carry Back, Carry Forward). So Amazon can acquire vast properties and business instead of paying taxes for the 7 years after the purchase. At certain point the physical asset is sold for large profit. Trying to tax Google, Microsoft and Amazon is a joke, and you see who they want in office. Your leaders have done nothing to stop this, as this will continue to expand the gap between the rich and the poor.

   Corporate healthcare works for over a 150 million Americans and you think you are going to take this away for something inferior? Special tax on the Middle Class making over 100K. You will never win.

Update July 30 1am EST

   Racism did not just start with Trump, that is now the rage of the media. It has been centuries in the making and your opinion that America needs to come together, is falling on deft ears. The Almighty said, there will be a separation of good and evil, and what is popular will be on the wrong side, as the devoted are fooled. Check it. Yes, we need to help the poor, but many whites see you the Government throwing their money at people who refuse to contribute with little work ethic, a constant cycle of welfare for generations is unacceptable. This is the dirty truth. Yes there many more white on welfare than Minorities, but they look past this, as rural communities has never had the support like the cities. Again this is the Truth. It has always been there, and your constant media accusing Trump has empowered them. Trump just says nothing towards what you created. You create the problem, and expect a measured response that never meets your approval, no matter what he states. No one plays that game.

   Yes trump should not demonize poor neighborhoods run by Democrats, but it is the truth. Nothing has changed. I heard Cuomo state there are more Republicans top cities that are poor. Really, stop with that lie, as I heard you say eight. So New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco just to start donot count? Need I go on? I told you Cuomo, you are not on the right team. Trump is a sinner, but no matter his sins, he is doing what the Almighty wants. When it is over, all is forgiven. This is the bottom line, no matter what you think. None you cowards would go up against the new world order, none of you.

   Cummings was a hero in the civil rights era, but can do only do so much under the elite. For Trump, I am telling you to lay off him, this is not an option, as he is doing the best he can with the cards he is dealt. Attack the problem, not a legend for Civil rights. Concentrate on inept policies and focus less on the people who promote it. This is the key. I have never led you wrong. They offer nothing that will help the Middle Class except waste of spending and no new ideas. Improving schools means nothing, if the parents do little to help their own children. Technology only enslaves the minds of the weak, as to escape poverty is Instagram followings, likes, a rapper or a sports career. This is what your corporations like Facebook and Google promote to the youth of minorities, which few attain. They are the scourge. This is what America does not understand.

   Biden is the only one not linked with the new world order of importance. They will come after him as if he wins, like you, will bring Washington to its knees if he wins, and if 2020 happens, which it won’t.

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