Political Snap Shot



Written July 31 11:59pm EST


   On this day we will save Trump for last. Now many of you are wondering, why would Debbie Shultz would keep a Pakistani IT and family at a great expense? Why push the referrals among her own as DNC chairman, because she could and demanded loyalty.  Bank fraud is only the tip, but will not be investigated. Did he see the most sensitive emails, no, but you are led to believe this. It was his job to put in place secure firewalls, but the NSA breached this and it was his job once detected to bleach the files and destroy the disks. If Hillary and Debbie were brought to trail denial is in place and it was he that destroyed the files as it was his job. Thus, he was the fall guy if needed including being blamed for the leaks. This is why he was paid and this why he wired the funds overseas if caught as Hillary was suppose the win the election and crimes committed dismissed as all look away. All of you under estimate the power of the new world order (nwo) and this will be your downfall. Despite the assurance of safety, there will be none. In chaos, no one answers to the people and men over 50 and women over 40 unless they really have a great body and will be disposed of as useless eaters. Now where have we heard that term before?

   The Trump administration continues to be undermined from all avenues and this is your clue. Insiders are in place. Some that has revealed the most sensitive information are all primarily from within the inner circle. Trump you were told this is by design and to trust no one. All is in place with the new world order as they have planted discord within your ranks and out throughout the media. The reporters see as one who is crude, pompous and lacks a true understanding of the world. They say that about me also.

   You were warned here, but you underestimated the predictions and put place what you call reason from humans that have not a clue that has slowed your response. How is that working for you? You were warned of the media attacks and your response was twitter to level the playing field? This was a trap as you have yet to comprehend how to counter deceit of the dark one as you are man. You were told to remove the weeds from your organization and you brought one in, Anthony. Did you really think a treacherous Wall Street executive would be concerned with the will of the people? For once, I need you to look past the politics, the phony meetings, and the pledges of support. It is all lies as many have their own agenda. They expect you to fall and the people will look to them as new leaders. Oh the knife in the back is so sweet for them. Wise up.

   Know this. The new world order wants you out of the presidency by any means necessary before Oct. of this year. You only need to last until March of 2018 for the Truth to hit this world, Niribu. They know you will warn the public of their fate as they continue to lie. Only then is your mission accomplished. If they get to you, all bets are off. Then billions will be slaughtered. It is time to lay low and follow the program for once. Heed this.


Update Aug. 1 11pm EST


    Again Trump you fail to understand the message. Your twitter account does inform the nation, but you are being herded by designed events. Sometimes it is better to wait 24 hours before texting as an instant response will not always be the right response. The media is just like a marriage you can get 8-9 things rights, but only takes one wrong. This is the truth. You were put in place now because you are not the statesman or can solve the world's problems, but you are incorruptible unlike many in the government and the world. You have many who want you impeached for talking to the Russians. There is no crime for excepting information with no promise of favors. The Russians got 20 percent of our Uranium that creates nuclear weapons. You say China is upgrading its  number 2 military for defense against who? You guys are in a fog. Time is up for the media and those who put self interests above the people as they pretend to change. Nothing has changed for Blacks, but now whites see their spending power is decreasing, all put in place by the new world order and financial manipulation of the stock market destroying your 401 Ks. This is the Truth.

   All in the media know of the coming events and wrote off the general population of this nation. Climate change will evaporate as Niribu appears in the skies and all of you will know you were lied to so the elite can survive. This is your world. But know this. God loves you and your present body cannot transcend the crossing to the new earth. Some of you will be murdered to atone for the sins of man. Most will perish in the disasters and plagues. A few will be lifted in the Rapture and for the 144,000 they will stay her and fight with Jesus. Over 90% of mankind will perish choosing Jesus or survival of the fittest. This is God's Plan. A gift to God as life never is destroyed to counter evil. The next six months you se a definitive change and know for the religions, there are no special people except the chosen Jews and all are blood descendants of the 12 tribes chosen by the Almighty God the Father. This is the Word of God. No man, splinter religion or prophet transcends that which was established by the Son of God and your clouded minds think you have a path to the Almighty. To the Moslems you think your prophet sent by Allah is above His Son or Moses? You are out of your minds. You will be caste aside as you and many other religions do know the Father or His Son. You have no clue of what is coming, but prepare. For those who heed this you will be guided.


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