Political Snap Shot

The Democratic Debates




Written Aug. 2 4pm EST


    So what is the total overall view of the Debates? It is not what the Media reports to you, as all have their points on both sides. What has stunned me, is that are trying to turn Biden against Obamaís policies. You do not turn on your own for any reason, Obama was president and it is not Bidenís job to offer you counter opinions, when he was loyal. You are basically asking Biden, to lie about why he was supporting Obama, and your message to America is this, but offer new solutions. America watches as you destroy each for your past, as if we do not grow as a person over time, instead of addressing the problems of today.

   You have grand ideas of taxing the rich, but they will withdraw from the market and it will tank. Those you hope to elevate, the Middle Class will easily lose more than half of their 401Ks, but you did not consider this. Again, all union members fought for health care, instead of a wage increase. Your plan is to take it away, and you really think corporations will give them the 18K differential for a families and 7K for an individual, when you canceled their plan shifting the cost to taxpayers? 32 trillion for health care added to the deficit, yet the current debt of 20 trillion can not be maintained. Add on free college education, which many will waste, as they do not show up to classes, as they learn little real world skills, like Job Corp. We need skilled plumbers, electricians and construction workers. We need an expansion in the Army Corp. of Engineers to build roads and bridges in peace time and medical students to join the military. Medical facilities will use turnover of patients instead of real care to make a profit. Fraud, as you can not verify illegals you offer health care, when you cannot pay for your own. Reduce the interest rates on student loans Warren, but you have not. Increase capital gains taxes from 15 percent to what the Middle Class pays as a start, but you have not done that either. I wonder why, all of the top corporations that make billions support you and the DNC?

   All of you are divided to a certain degree, all of you. So ask you continue to talk about racism and give money to illegals, you will lose. I watched all of you destroy each other in the debates, and this is the new world order plan. You are all pawns. I told you this earth is under transformation, and all that is evil will be destroyed. Your wild card is Epstein. For Biden, the elite does not want you, and they used Harris to destroy you with a promise, but then offered Gabbard the same deal to destroy Harris. This is what you are up against. Now lets address the debates.

   As the first field of ten were discussing new Medicaid for all plan. They were asked, will they raise taxes on the Middle Class? Many were evasive. For those 150 million Americans who sacrificed wage increases for health care, and your answer is to not only tax them, but take away benefits without compensation. Corporations pay near 20 K for family insurance and 9 K for individual coverage on average. Co-pays averaging 30 dollars for major corporations offering prime care, and you are going to match this? So corporations will save billions, as they no longer cover employees, we do. Are you going to give us 18 thousand for our loss benefits, no. Then you never considered fraud, especially with illegals, who have few records or will talk.

   The Democrats have no solution for the border, and they keep talking about the babies. We have a moral obligation, really? You care nothing for the world, only when they show up on your doorstep. Bernie talks about rebuilding the triangle in Central America, how? Corrupt government officials and gangs will steal most resources sent. America has failed to change any government even in war, and your solution is to throw money at those who will steal it. I ask Warren, how are you going to pay for it? Would not fixing our infrastructure creating American jobs be a wiser use of our money, than supporting another country that dumps its poor at our doorsteps?

   Yes we need universal gun checks, and few do not agree with this, as it is common sense. What you fail to realize, is that, we have mentally disturb mostly white kids that pass the gun checks or acquire their familyís weapons and then commit mass murder, primarily in schools of their likeness. The guns are not the problem, as only a total ban would infringe on Americans rights. They will only just get the weapons on the black market while denying our 2nd Amendment, put in place to protect us from stupid politicians. If you can not protect yourselves, you may or will be enslaved. This is a historical fact. No one under the age of 25 should be allowed to buy an assault weapon for any reason. If a parent allows access to an assault weapon to their child under 25, they are responsible. Lock the weapons up, just like they were a child. This is the law we need.

   I do not know why some asked in polls gave you an A+ in the debate to Warren as your ideas will never work. Your attack on Delaney, showed many how if you do not dream like that other nut, Williamson, why run. We need someone that will not waste our money inviting the world, when we cannot take care of ourselves. You want to give free college, yet high school falls to graduate students that are competent in our cities. So we just throw money away sending students who are destine to fail. Then your carbon plan, what ever we do, will not counter the rest of the world. Carbon reduction if you are smart, but you are not, is simple. Plant billions of trees as it is a balance, not elimination carbon by artificial means. So you will spend billions on a carbon scrubbers, when a tree seeds can be acquired by the thousands for a few dollars. You are so brilliant. It is a balance, not elimination. Eliminate carbon dioxide then the plants die. Again you are idiots.

   Bernie talks about a transition from a carbon based economy, but this about retraining, but more important there is no industry that will replace oil and gas. The populations cannot move, so what is your solution? You move them, the community dies. For once think your plans through Bernie.

   The Democrats have no plan for racism. The ugly truth is that, because of media coverage, they feel they can come out. Democrats were the face of Jim Crow decades ago, and now you are politically correct, because you deny it in public. You are lying. Since the sixties, have you fixed the cities, you are in charge of? When called out, because of inept policies or ideas, it is racist. You are out of control.

   The pipe dream of the Democratic Party is that, they are going to take the wealth of the elite. So those who finance your campaigns are going to back you, so you can tax them? You are lying.

   Warren spoke as a solution to immigration is to make another country raise wages, remove gangs, and on top of that, consider the environment. You cannot do it here, and in your infinite wisdom, you think, you can change a country. They will still come here, no matter any change at home. Have you given a solution to the 600 billions dollars flowing to China increasing our deficit? No, without tariffs there has been no need for the Chinese to come to the table. I told you in trade there are binding contracts for years. Your commodities futures markets use it to lower risk and you think those in America buying from the Chinese do not use the same tactics? Tariffs are absorbed by the Chinese until the agreement expires and then the importer has choices. Lately the Chinese have devalued their currency in response to counter Trump, but you do not speak on this.

   On taxing the wealthy, they will just lower their wages and increase stock options, then sell at your 15% capital gain tax rate. If I was to walk into a room with all of you, is there not one of you, that I will not see as dim? Defer investments, cut labor costs, write off losses will be the same old theme, as a buffer to tax the rich. All of this was in place before Trump. Try and change it, and you will be crushed by their media. Your words, just waste the time of the American public.

   Sanders talked about Trump, as if he is a liar on defense spending. Not one of you would have gone to the EU and demand all pay their fair share. Allies, no they are leaches. Turkey would rather use Russian missile defense systems compromising the F35 system integration that analyzes all threats from all points. Why would they push this unless compromised. Just like the Chinese 5G network, they all are lying. Withdraw from Afghanistan or Syria was not done under your watch. The goal was to kill Bin Laden and that happen in 2011. Once done we should have left, but the Military complex that controlled the Obama Administration delayed this. It is about profits.

   Warren talked about no use of nuclear weapons first. So if Russia launches, she is going to wait until an American city is destroyed along with many others following quickly. In Russia all will be shelters, and this is your plan. Youíre an idiot as the Bible warns you. For drug costs, promote online purchase from other countries, then watch as prices fall. Do you have common sense?

   Moving to the next day Biden brought up prescription drug prices, control the profits. You would crush research, and to remove inflation to the prices is insane. You could start a government research project, but as cures are found with no profit, the research will just disappear along with those that found it. This is the Truth.

   Projections show a debt of 32 trillion dollars to cover American health care, as it is a right, but you pay. So on top of our 20 trillion debt, a decrease of GDP due increased taxes just to start, and you think this is a great plan?

   Asylum was not established for fear of gangs, domestic violence, if so, then people in Chicago could apply for asylum. Check it. We want legal immigrants that are educated, assimilate, and contribute to this country. If you was head of a corporation and you hired workers with no skills, and did not have the ability to communicate effectively, then train them to move to your basic level your company, you would be bankrupt, no matter your best intentions. This is what, they want for our country.

  Booker remember as you go up against Biden, his legacy is Obama and Clinton. You will lose if the election goes forward, but burn your chance at a cabinet position, as you are labeled a hater. Newark is still a hell hole, when you go into the Black community. Pulling Wall Street for cheaper rents is no achievement.

   Gillibrand did nothing for Eric Gardner, as she said she would fire the police officer, she was Senator. Again she and DeBlasio did nothing. Remember there are two sides to the story and politics has no place. The law does.

   The Democrats have a climate change plan that does not address the source, as it is classified. Wind turbines surviving cat 5 storms. Hail storms destroying solar panels and this is your plan. I told you, shortly through the power of the Almighty, you will see the Truth. The green new deal is a lie, as Pelosi set up women of color to take the fall, when the truth comes out. Do you really think AOC, you really captivate America? You have no government skills, so in your short life, you are just another used pretty face like Omar?

   Booker, do you really think there was an organized effort to suppress the Black votes as no one thought Trump would win, including Hillary. The Black vote stayed at home by choice. Hillary talks the talk, her husband in name only, was busy on Epsteinís island banging every underage girl. Letís see if the Epstein files go public or are replaced.

   Harris you have no clue on tariffs. Turn coat pawn Cavuto, states you, America will pay, this is true in time, but contracts were signed for an established price over years. China pays the upfront costs, and those buying can seek other sources. You lose 650 billion every year, and you think tariffs are affecting the true bottom line?

   The Democrats speak about a living wage, but it is not backed up by a work ethic and skills. False disability claims crush this nation, and work locations are closed for this. I once witnessed a person claiming disability by hit in the head with a friendly toss by a nerf football. Her weight offered her great padding. She lied.

   A guaranteed wage only adds to inflation for businesses to absorb costs, and the cycle repeats. So now your policy negates treasury investments and savings accounts for the middle class who worked so hard, and now have part of their savings evaporate due to your policy that changes nothing. This will brings the middle class closer to the poor, as they creep closer by your policies, instead of merit. The key is disposable income, not a wage increase, but you are so inept, and you canít figure that out.

   America does need equal pay for the same jobs performed between men and women, but this does not apply when the work is physical. This you need to consider. America needs to remove troops from Afghanistan as the mission to find Bin Laden has ended. Nation building has never worked, as those you place in power do not care about the people, but continue to steal resources. End it.

   If there is an election in 2020, the elite will continue to allow the market to rise. What is behind the sudden interest cut to increase economic activity due to tariffs with China? The US economy is not slowing, but the Chinese economy is. You were told the new world order controls most of the banks in the world, as the media states Trump gets an interest rate cut. It was not done for Trump. It was done to create a stock bubble where the elite can cash out and a great transfer of wealth as most Americans 401s is tied to the stock market. This time as the earth changes become reality, the market will not recover with no elite buyers. How will the general public be fooled. The super rich will cover their short positions giving a temporary market increase offering hope to the general public. It will be the predators amazed there is little competition as they take long positions and the elite will go short again breaking their pattern, as economic news placed in the media by design reigns in the suckers. This is what you face. Thus sucking the general public in due to greed, as many see easy money.

   Upper and Middle class will suffer devastating losses. Minorities not within the higher ranks of the illuminati that are billionaires will lose everything. There are out of the loop. This is what the elite has planned for this nation. Democrats win, the market crashes. Trump wins it is a stock market bubble. This is the present plan.

   As for the sudden increase in the retirement of Republican Congressmen, it is not what you are led to believe. Many are leaving public life as to not be responsible for the lies facing the American public. You think you fear climate change? Watch as those who you elected fall to their knees with no solutions, when all realize the truth. The cowards are running in advance.

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