Political Snap Shot

The El Paso-Dayton Mass Shootings





Written Aug 4 11:59pm EST


    The nation is gripped again by not one mass shooting, but two and screams of white nationalism is heard in the boardrooms of the media and in the Congress of this nation. I told you here, that mass murder would increase long before Trump was even a thought in your minds, as this nation polarizes by design. There is no middle ground of all coming together. I told you, the Democratic Party’s decision to label Trump as a racist would back fire and in your wisdom, today’s presidential candidates decide to double down.

   You will say anything to get elected. This is a mistake, you will regret. I have told you Trump is not racist, but you think he is, as he wants to help all Americans, not the rest of the world. Would Trump want Ivanka to marry a minority, no, but she married a Jew. As there are other factors as to how the Trump family navigates. There is racism in Puerto Rico between the light and the dark, just like in the Black community. Almost all groups has some form of prejudice. This is the truth.

   Some of you have no respect for our laws, and because we heard a slanted media, many are to welcome all illegals, but living pay check to pay check, as we have to pay and you waste our money. The sad part so many believe the rhetoric, clueless to the changes that would affect them years down the road. Social services paying almost 800 dollars a day to house a single migrant child. This is a fact. Many Americans do not make that in a full week of work, and this is your fiscal policy.

   As Democrats you used lies to entrap Trump in the Russian collusion. This will come out shortly, and a dark cloud will hover over Hillary, Podesta and the DNC. And when that did not work, you switched to racism. Again some not all Mexicans do rape migrants or enslave them on the passage north. This is a fact, again not racists‘ statement. Poor countries are hell holes, as none of you would live there impoverish by loans set up by the IMF to financially enslave the nations, then steal their resources. Again, this a fact. Cumming’s District that is crime infested was a racist statement, they lie, as he was burglarized. This is a fact. For Trump, I would take up Cummings offer and go to Baltimore as a part of the solution, instead harping on the problem.

   The squad with their socialists ideas would cost trillions, and are ideas that will not work, but when criticized, it is racist. No, when women of color have stupid ideas, they should be called out on it. Bad ideas from Black, Hispanic, Asian or White is not racism, but bad ideas, grow up. What is sad, is that, they are allowed to proceed under Pelosi, as she knows the set back to the Democratic Party is only temporary, as they will be out when just one loses if the next election happens. Democrats will know fear, as the files on Epstein are revealed. Stop the release, then you place it in God’s hand. As his messenger, I will deliver for Him. All that is rotten shall fall.

   Racism in this country was backed by the Democratic Party, as they fought the Civil Rights Act in the sixties. It was only with Republican support, that it passed, check it. Racism just went underground. Racism is redlining the ability to buy a home for many minorities. Poor education has plagued minority neighborhoods in Democratic districts for decades. Predatory lending practices that Warren failed to change under her watch. Murder rates in the hundreds, but when a group of 20, perish in a tragic mass shooting, it is a national emergency. In Chicago that may be just a total for a week and nobody cares. But you harp over Trump‘s silence. He speaks and condemns the violence, but tis is not enough. You really think he should fight racism you put in place and do not address with plans, but spout worthless words? The racism infestation speared by your party started in the early 20th century and festered over time. Remember when whites were walking around with an image of Obama with a noose around his neck? Not one of you stopped it, or called it out. This is the ugly truth.

   You state the president does not effetely speak up and against White Nationalists. He does in a limited fashion, but no matter what he states, you say the response is not high enough. Trump does not wear a KKK hood, but your Virginia Governor did. White nationalist for the most part, are not interested in crushing minorities, but they do not like the policies of the Democratic Party. The extreme portion hates everyone, but themselves. Everybody works, not hand outs. Everybody fights to put America first. Everybody who is a citizen is protected from any migration for any reason, that is our law. Trump is fighting for America, and you in the media and crazy politicians call this racism. Either we all rise as Americans first or you can choose to take on the burdens of the world before your own and then fall. This is your choice.

   The El Paso attack was racially motivated, as he was trying to target illegals, not the minorities in this great country. If so, then he would have went to Philly to shoot. The manifesto was planted, as a deranged person would not take the time to write his thoughts outside of what was posted online? The new world order takes advantage of random events and then twists them, as few would question its source. The attacker was responsible his strategy on his own, and had an escape plan. A manifesto is only left if you have chosen to die at the scene in a shootout.

   I have told you are being herded to eliminate your guns. Most mass shootings in the United States are done by unstable persons, not racists. Stop painting this new narrative and I am speaking to the Democratic front runners. So Bernie, why do you hide your Jewish background? Very few in America know this, but I bet you continue to hide the fact. Reveal it and you are out. You are a racist of the worst kind, ashamed of your own race, who are the children of God. I am just the messenger Bernie, as the Almighty opened my eyes.

   The Dayton tragedy has many factors, some of which, may never be revealed, as it would inflame America. The media is off base as they want Trump to reject white nationalism before the facts are public. You do not apologize on an if.

    You wonder why your earth is about to suffer. Look around, racism as a talking point that you promoted, for decades has simmered. Your false accusations and Trump’s silence, is not a true measure for racism. I am not falling into your trap. Racism has festered for decades, because your actions. Send middle class jobs over seas devastating rural America, and then the government wastes billions for social programs that do not work. Welfare is in place to lift the needy in times of distress, not a way of life. This is your problem and causes division, but you are blind. Raise America first, then with our bounty can we help others. You have it backwards, invite all and bankrupt the country under the debt of social programs where incentives increase the flow of migrants, as low skilled jobs disappear. You are idiots. There is not a million farm jobs and if the kids come, this is farm welfare, as any savings from low cost labor is crushed by the cost to educate one child on the backs of taxpayers.

   The shooters are influenced by another, not Trump. Since you cannot act to change this, I with the power of the Almighty God the Father in His name will. Background checks a must. Gun show loopholes shall be closed for assault weapons only. 25 year old minimum to buy an assault weapon, but you cannot do even this. I am tired of the lies, and you have had your chance. When conditions do not change, this will only increase violence. You are being herded. The actions of very few, shall not dictate the rights of millions. Drunk drivers kill tens of thousands per year, shall we ban driving cars or alcoholic drinks? Ban assault weapons, and you will play into the hands of criminals, who will still get them, and create an underground market yielding billions for the gun industry. But as you are blind, and you do not see this.

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