Political Snap Shot



Written Aug. 5 12:30 am EST


   Lets start at the Jan. 6 insurrection and look deeper. Now I do agree, there was no reason great enough to invade, the Capitol. Especially, when most were followers and did the talk the talk, but could not back it up with force to change government. When they saw the police at the doors and banged, they let then in on the most part while others broke windows in front of the cameras, when most could have walked through the open front door. You do not freely admit what you fear. What few of you want to realize, is the same tactic to protect the Capitol, was used to protect the embassy in Benghazi. Numerous call were made to have additional support from all available agencies for hours, all ignored, as they were told to stand down. This time it was not Hillary, who made the call. We saw those sworn to protect, testify the threats they faced, but it was a civilian, who was killed with cameras covering every inch of space, infrared, sound detectors, and impenetrable emergency doors that can be activated. Certain areas can be segregated and gassed, immobilizing any threat, yet the shooter goes undetected. Why is that?

   Many of the Capitol police were interviewed, and the ones with the narrative Pelosi wanted Congress to see and hear, was put in place for the media. You say what about those that reported their calls went unanswered, why did we not hear from them? They allegedly committed suicide, and those who thought about revealing the truth, were silenced by their many examples. The insurrection was, as they say, never let an event that leads to a disaster go to waste. They just opened doors under orders from those inside, delayed police support and let it unfold in the eyes of the media by design, and you are none the wiser. It was a brilliant political tactical move by those in control. The bunkers in the Capitol are impenetrable, the civilians who mingled in the halls of the Capitol were not an armed group of Russians and Chinese. There was no real threat. Yet the results are still impacting Trump and the Republican Party. Need more proof, just ask why the leaders of almost all nations that refused the vaccine, are now not walking this earth. Connect the dots.

   So you say, this is just another conspiracy theory. Really if you attempt to interview families and friends of those dead, most will walk away in fear. So a police officer that did protect the Capitol with overwhelming odds saving Congress, sees them selves as failures? Enough to kill themselves and families left behind, have no insurance or pensions, due to their actions? Yeah, right. One person was killed, and one officer would have felt guilty, not 4 or others not counted. And the officer who died in the hospital, you do not know, how he died, as an example. It only takes a undetectable shot in the arm pit to cause a heart attack. This is the truth. Beware of what your government, now will do, to stay in power as the pole shift nears. When the east coast gets hit, they will cry like babies, as they did little to prepare for your survival. 40 years since they have definitely known and they did not prepare, except for themselves.

   Now we cover Andrew, exactly what has changed. A sexual abuser never changes his or her spots, but when in office for many years, why now? This was common knowledge, yet unspoken, This is the key. Few will question? Remember, flirty words is not abuse, unless you lose your job or are transferred. Touching private parts is grounds for immediate termination for any reason. Kissing in public is not sexual abuse or you need remove Biden. You can not have it both ways. A conversation, walk away. If threats are made, prosecute. Be careful here, as you can apply the same rules to everyone in politics, and more than half the men, will be gone if you dig. Get rid of the dogs, you know who they are.

   Lets move to K through 12 mask requirements. First all of all, you do know the kids are least affected by this virus, so why the rule? This was allowed to happen to show, America the incompetence of your leaders. If a child is infected, a mask or a desk shield does nothing to protect those around them. You seem to think air flow does not go over or around shields, which is determined by local pressure differentials. A cough increases the local air pressure and what was a semi stagnant velocity of air molecules around a child, which spreads due to equalization, no matter the barrier. Again your leaders are idiots.

   The Covid 19 variant, when a living host is infected, it is released within a fine water vapor accompanying the CO2 exhale. That is released through the mask even without a cough. Can a cloth mask filter a molecule that is composed of a few atoms, no. And on a more microscopic level, a virus, no chance. So why lie? Do your schools have a hepa filtration system that stops another child from breathing CO2 from another student. No. What about when they eat lunch, go to bathroom, touch the door knobs or play on the bus. They touch each other without thinking, no matter what you say to them. Germs spread so easy, and your leaders are idiots. They hope to suppress your rights, as a step to something greater.

   So lets look at Provincetown. What is unusual about the Covid 19 variant, is that it seemed to explode in all the states, that refused to follow the Biden agenda, except a few that were randomized to discount any thoughts, that is was planted. Provincetown was unique, as most that attended did not have symptoms, yet there was a serious outbreak, why?

   There are only two primary explanations. It was planted to shift focus from the south, as all are vulnerable. And more sinister, the US moved infected illegal migrants from the border to fill a labor shortage needed into the area restaurants. This is a fact. It wonít take much digging on flight arrivals to the general area. The elites win on both fronts.

   Your government is testing the waters on private rental property. If you abstain renter from paying rent, then you need to abstain middle class owners from paying their mortgages on the property of those not paying. But they do not apply these same restrictions to the Banks, backed by billions. The Middle Class home owners, some live day to day. The Biden Administration sat on this and then passed it to Pelosi. They do not have your back, as they lie. When its over, coming soon, it has ended and you lose you property, the renter moves on. Covid shut down many from being employed, yet we as a nation now have a labor shortage, as many restrictions lift and few of the renters want to work. Why is that Biden?

   The Biden Administration is secretly plotting on, how to force all Americans to be required to take the vaccine. A vaccine is now needed to go in certain areas, to work, does this sound like the mark? They say we are trying to save the lives of the unvaccinated. It is their choice. Do you remember how many died in past experiments painted as safe? Can you guarantee years down the road, the vaccines do not have after effects? No you can not. Cigarettes were painted safe, yet millions died from cancer. Did you offer them compensation? Biden you can not even publicly deny you was a KKK boy. We have the pictures, such a coward.

    What about the CDC stopping evictions? This was engineered by the Biden Administration. No government agency except Congress can set policy. How did this happen? The Biden Administration dictated terms to the CDC, as in a blowback, they would take the fall. There are testing the waters and all are onboard. This is why all are silent for now.

   All forced vaccinations when reviewed in the future, will be seen as racist. It is the Black minority that it will forced upon. If I was an elite, I would taint it with a time release. Where no one will be held accountable. The coming disasters will impact coastline minority areas. Covid is designed to keep all in place. Heed this.

   For those politicians and media reps who seem to think they are immune, as they lead America down a dark path. The Almighty has authorized a slow removal starting at or near the top. Accidents, bone fractures with over a dozen points, brain function degradation all to look normal, but know this, you the afflicted will be sure, it was the Hand of God. You have a choice. Every soul must be saved and no man will stop Godís Plan.


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