Political Snap Shot




Written Aug 07 2am EST


   Yesterday we heard Trump state, the media is the enemy of the people escalating from fake news. The Almighty has warned mankind through the many appearances of Mary what befalls this world and the Vatican crushed this and you think the media will not lie when the Church did? Your media promotes the continued establishment of the deep state or Illuminati that controls your world, some truth mixed with that which is false. Did they tell you that most of you will die within this linear year? They and media in the know have bunkers that they hope will protect them with supplies, do you?

   They let you perceive what is right to be wrong and what is wrong to be right. Not one of you thinks the Russian and Chinese will attack this country as you are ready to replace military funding with socialism. Do you realize socialism is communism? The Middle Class works hard to improve their lives, but abuses in the banking industry, mortgages industry, high interest school loans and general incompetence by your corporate leaders eliminating millions of manufacturing jobs and white collar job to cut expense due to their choices? And now you want us to prop up your bottom without a work ethic?

   If you make 200 dollars a year in a third world country, yes you will work for a fraction in America, but what about those already here? The system will collapse over time as those offering the services get rich and all those at parity due to an influx can not afford to finance government through taxes and spending. For the present Middle Class it is a step down at the expense of a free border. Check it, with other nations who have tried this. Is this what you want to lead this nation? With socialism exactly what corporations will stay here? They will operate overseas where you cannot touch their money or be offered state run organizations that will rob you blind, choose.

   I have told you, the minorities and poor whites in this nation, that you are being herded. You are given mortgages and car loans you can barely afford so that you will never advance. Engineered stock market bubbles created to rob pension funds and 401 Kís. You are given food stamps where you buy junk food and the money you have is spent on fast food that destroys your health. Prescription pills manufactured here, but cost a fraction to what is paid overseas. Health care for most is the emergency room as many Black men past the age of 65 are dead. If alive you get a bill, but not the illegals. Black men are replaced by illegal immigrants willing to show up every day for less. Your schools decline with a less tax base per student and housing prices rise due demand, thus financially enslaving you. This is a fact. You hear racism, but it has been hidden. Your clue nothing has changed.

 Trump told you have nothing to lose and he delivered with low unemployment numbers not seen before. Trump invites Blacks to his private parties before he was President as opposed to Graham who uses them as servants. Zuckerberg, Gates, Billy are no different, but one had a Black inner circle member removed permanently aboard a plane. They want you removed from this earth as you are defined as useless eaters.  Letís not play this game. Trump is racist only in the fact he said like Hillary Obama was not born here as a Republican patsy. Used and now wants change for all American. Need I release the stats of Mexicans who rape their own in transit to America, which is north of 20%. Do we? Not all are, but just 1 is too many. None of you would like to see the bruised or destroyed vaginas or anal cavities of children under 10 to 4, would you to prove a point?

   The elite have a plan to remove the undesirables from earth within the next year. This is why your government under Trump is preparing to destroy the Russians and Chinese to protect America as all nations know war is coming except prime EU countries, the UK and America. The Illuminati are the traitors and have infiltrated the media and your government. This is why Trump must go at any cost, as he as of now does not answer to the Illuminati.

   You cannot afford a free health care system as all medical hospitals and drug companies are controlled by the elite and will bankrupt this country, again by design. They get rich under a shared system where the Middle Class instead of the rich, who hides their money, gets transferred to the poor. So in your scheme to change life you lose the Middle Class, then what Democrats? The media presents those who are vocal, as the true voices are afraid to speak, but not in the privacy of the voting booth. This is what you need to fear.

   Violence is increasing with attacks on people and property and this has to stop on both sides. For Trump, put together an undercover task force to first tape assaults and damage and then arrest and sue for the damage created by the masked ones. The first will be supported and they will fund the next. But shortly shall be abandon as it is money lost counts more to the shallow supporters.

   Next minimize the Federal Aid flowing to California as they want to secede. If your wife is leaving, do you want to bankroll this? The disasters are increasing and the rest of the nation that is part of this will need help.

   California is a point of subduction of the Pacific plates. This is increasing soil and water temperatures for now at specific points that will expand, check it. Fires will be the least of your problems as water sources just evaporate. Then what? The elite of Silicon Valley are slowly moving out as they telecommute to hide their exodus. This is the Truth. Again check it.

   Earthquake swarms will increase, but still not the Big One. Dams will burst, wildfires continue to explode and the winds increase to fan the flames. Watch as the liberals with money flee without offering a solution, global warming, which is their lie to keep you in place with your homes and jobs. You are the sacrifice.

   The drone attack in Venezuela is not what it seems. I have told you look to who would come out top to see who was behind this. No intelligence agency would send in a drone that would be spotted in daylight. Does not the US have night surveillance and infrared to track real time on bodies in motion?

   Your first clue was the size of the explosion from the drone for all to see. Where was the shrapnel?  Thus the bomb was a display instead of being effective. This was a weak attempt for the government in power to solidify control and eliminate those who oppose. As America is ruled out, it will go internal by design. Dictator, if the US was going to take you out, your ass would be dead as three snipers from three extreme angles over a mile away simultaneously would have turned your head into a pink mist. Think they would have missed? Ask Kennedy, oh but you canít. Then what, the US bails your country out to the tune of billions and when those in power rise giving up the oil rights of Citgo to US corporations? Or should we let the country fail? The US chooses the latter.

   So letís comment on Rosie who appeared on Cuomo. You really said the Russianís fixed it? How many times do you have to be told, as did Rosenstein, said the election was not affected, but your deluded mind continues to promote this poison to the many. You need to stop or the Almighty will, choose.

   So Cuomo exactly what were you hoping to accomplish in your court last night? Really you use 52 U.S.C. 30120 that addresses foreign donations? Yes, the Trump group did seek information, but there was no credible information as it was a sham when checked, the meeting ended. No money or information changed hands. The problem is this same law can be applied to Clinton and the DNC as money and information did change hands. Be careful of what you step in Cuomo.

   Finally Don, I just do not know why I continue to waste my time watching you. You speak about actions on Trump, just what has he done against Black people? Obama does not count as he is one and a Republican political ploy, as again it was Hillary that first stated he was born on Kenya. Check it. Your guest states a point, but the cages existed in the Bush and Obama years and nothing has changed. Anyone that crosses the border is sent there no matter origin of nation. But you do not paint a true picture. How can you sell out your own race knowing illegals depress wages? Yes they are welcome on the farms, but they destroy our cities financially. This is the Truth. Continue to lie and you will pay a price from your own.


Update Aug 07 11:30pm EST


   The polarization continues to expand as a protest invaded a wedding of a cop who shot an unarmed black man, as all are innocent until proven guilty. Donít start was you there in his position? Let your justice system do its work, if he skates the Almighty will judge him. The display with black lives matter, which is funded by elite group representing George Soros was disgusting, a wedding day to make a point. Check it. Where will it stop? Many on the fringe have supported your cause, but you are losing them as you have no common sense. The organization crossed line as no agenda was worth it. Do you think MLK would have done this? If so, then you are the idiots I think you are. In a marriage you would be divorced, as there is no compromise, this is how disconnected society is as few want to step back and look at events from an outside prospective. You were told this is the time of satan and it is true as you blindly follow his agenda.


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