Political Snap Shot




Written Aug. 8 11:59pm EST


   Today we start with the opportunist hiding behind innocence, Collins and his alleged insider trading scandal. So if I were Collins, just how would I being on the Board of Directors and given advanced news that drug trials were not returning the early results, but have a position in the stock along with family members told this investment will make you rich?

   The release proprietary company information verbally or by innuendo of any find not known to the public is illegal even though your stock position did not change is insider trade information. This is where one would try and beat the SEC as one who would try this is not your brightness bulb. By alerting family members to divest slowly over time could be seen as nervousness, but for more than one family member to have the same pattern sent up red flags. The timing of the board meeting, a phone call to a relative (youíre an idiot), and a divesture of a stock position all can be linked, so the indictments came. Again youíre an idiot as greed clouds your mind.

   Collins is stating he made no trade related to the knowledge that the trials were failing, which is true, but others linked to him did. But If I was him I would have contacted other with many layers between us to a proxy to go short on the news selling into strength as a Board Member held firm as if he knew something for a kick back to not only cover my losses, but yield a profit. Look at the companies that had short positions and do business legitimate business with Collins, the fees for services rendered exaggerated and then follow the money. Some one captured a short position near 90% and on margin on a promising drug the Congressman on the board did not sell. There is your smoking gun. For Trump, get him out or you will lose the seat.

   Cuomo is it you that brought up the wild fires in California and the incoherent response from Trump pointing to water resources. Yes the tweet was off and did not contain any truth, but so did you lie about Climate Change as the cause for the disasters. If you can not tell the Truth as you are under a gag order do not misinform your audience. Just donít cover it. For Ana all is not what you think or seems and empathy will mean nothing to those who will die in the future. This Government put in place since Reagan ordered FEMA to hide the true numbers of deaths in PR just as in New Orleans with Katrina and Florida when tractor trailers with body bags swept the area first. Donít say you stand up for the Truth when you know your world will change shortly.

   As for the Ohio 12 race, consider that most absentee ballots are placed by the upper income groups and military this will be shaded red. What I donít understand is that this pattern is known, but not one network stated this.

   Currently the Lombok Ė Bali area of Indonesia has been hit with a series of massive quakes as the latest 6.9 stated in the lying news was closer to 8 accounting for more than 80% of the buildings destroyed. There will be an uptick in the region and as a future tourist, make other plans.


Update Aug. 9 11pm EST


   Finally Puerto Rico admitted  more than 1427 people have now perished in Hurricane Maria only because of private study revealed over 4800 died so they see this as a come clean compromise. Ask how did they arrive at that number and how many death certificates did they review? They had a baseline and a spike over 6 months, where are those numbers? The media does not ask those questions, but accepts an agency that hid the truth, reacting to a push back by adding some to pacify. They are still lying and the study was conservative, the true number was near 10K. For those who think this was a plan of Trump. He could not care of the death totals being muted, this is the deep state keeping America in the dark with the upcoming earth changes and your controlled media works hand and hand. Trump agenda to have money for when the earth changes affect the Mainland as PR will washed under the waves. Any expenditures over the next year is a waste of resources as the island will be scoured clean of human life. This is a fact. Check it. Ask your new potential young PR congresswoman a week after she wins and watch her body language. She will choose survival over those who elected her to what she thinks is a chance to live in a government protected bunker.

   Lombok - Bali was hit again today by a major earthquake and it was not covered as there were more deaths. I wonder why? Add to this, how quiet the media is on Collins as many in your government are guilty of the same crimes. Now to the lying media, Manafort was working with the Podestas for which he is being indicted and now being prosecuted, a Podesta was given immunity. This is your system of Justice as you starting to realize most politicians are thieves, but have yet to be caught. Many more will be exposed.


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