Political Snap Shot



Written Aug. 8 11:59pm EST


    The media still harps on the tragic events of this past weekend, but does not grasp what is happening as a function of the big picture, as it will escalate on all levels. ICE carried out raids that were legal, no matter its consequences. We are a nation of laws, not a nation that bends as babies cry. ICE did have compassion, as to returning some parents, no matter the deportation orders. Find a solution, but you won‘t. I heard, we in invited people to work in our fields and hotels. This is true, as they had temporary work visas, which means they go back home, when the job ends. They were paid. What happens, is their kids came here as a burden to US taxpayers and diverts vital resources from our own poor. Go into the hood, and say illegals cost on average 500 dollars a day, please. How many millions do we have? Why be a drug dealer, when you can be a paid as an illegal? This is a crude example to make a point, as few in the hood are dealers making that thousands a week. Again this is the ugly truth.

    Ivanka was scolded for telling the truth. In Chicago, 2 activist mothers were shot down on a corner with many children around protesting gun violence. Was it a park I do not know, as I choose never to visit that city. So all seven killed and the other fifty+ shoot did not occur in the same location, and you as mayor, this is your defense? You are an idiot, first termer. I do not know, how you got elected. Oh, I know, as minorities go into the voting booth for the most part, and just flip the Democratic levers in a row, as no one even cares to know, what you will do for them.

   Do not call out another for pointing out your city’s failures. This is not your place. Change Chicago for the better, and then you can speak. Are you going to call out Blacks as domestic terrorists, as more died in your city this year than all massacres combined in this nation, and they do not for the most part, use assault weapons. This is the nasty truth. Yes I said it.

   I see CNN did little to cover the mass killing in Southern California with a knife with Hispanic on Hispanic violence, just saying. In closing Tucker have a great vacation, the nation does not realize white supremacy is being promoted the left media, and to a lesser degree by Trump’s silence, and they have come out of the woodwork like roaches do to inflammatory rhetoric words primarily from the left. They, white nationalists are a problem, racism did just appear. It has always been there, as this nation has not addressed the cause.

   Nothing has changed, as the hatred is passed on through family members, and has always been the same threat through decades. Few in numbers, but if the media continues to promote this racist agenda, their numbers will continue to swell. You think your constant words pointing out racism will change things? All of you have a past. Do you want to go there? The sad part is that the dark one, is using almost all in government. Do not take care of an illegal, before you take care of your own. Millions in with more to follow is a false compassion, as you face a backlash from your own. Most quietly hate what you are doing, but they do not have the courage to talk up in a toxic environment, where any question towards our immigration policy is labeled racist. As a Politian, you protect America first. Please step back and look at the big picture. The election if it happens, will paint all white people with a label. Is this what you want? This what you do not see. There is no spin.

   They will see the government giving resources to those who are illegal, no matter how you elevate the need with images of babies. Men could care less, as to place an outsider over their own. To those escaping, change your country of origin, and you fund it. Just as you pay thousands to the cartels to move your loved ones towards our borders.

   You have not addressed the root problem. The sad part is, that innocent Americans will soon get hurt, as you as idiots lump illegals and legal immigrants as one for political purposes. This is your mistake. An American Hispanic does not need to hear go home, as this is their nation. Hate will blend all into one. This is why the Bible states there will be race wars and mankind will be scarce, if you read between the lines.

   All keep wondering why government representatives and officials are resigning. The US is quietly moving certain departments to geological stable ground (earthquakes) and away from coastlines (tsunamis) to the Midwest and Denver. Check it. This is for a reason, but you the public will be the last to know.

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