Political Snap Shot




Written Aug. 9 11:59pm EST


   The Beirut explosion was planned by the new world order. All of those who rule Lebanon knew of its presence. Was it a supply for terrorist bombs? No, as Ammonium Nitrate has a problem with the amount needed to provide an effective explosion. C4 is more effective and can be hidden. So what happened?

   Years ago, the Lebanese government was open to bribes and it continues today, so a certain country offered a bribe to store the dangerous cargo. Accepted, it was stored in an inert area of the harbor, free of wild fires, the public, and safeguarded from lightning strikes. Easy money, so they thought. The new world order is now destabilizing all areas on earth primarily the United States and the Middle East. In the End Times, the passage time left is now a factor. So the first explosion was the trigger device exposed in the video tape. Consider the cover story was a fireworks explosion. The damage reported caused the story to be rescinded. Its source will never be revealed.

   What about Mossad, you ask? Israeli has nothing to gain, so what the nitrates are a potential weapon, but remember, no mechanism for delivery. The blast destroyed a significant part of the city, pushing many to despair, and will harvest the souls of the elite, taken down. This is the signature of the new world order with the finger pointed towards Israel, again by design.

   Moving to Biden and his VP pick, why the delay? The plan is to minimize negative press on who is picked. The country knows his pick must be ready to take over, as Biden if he wins the election, would not complete his first term. Congresswoman Bass has a target on her back and Kamala will be ripped apart by the BLM movement for her record on crime. They offer no new votes, as California is a given. Rice the most qualified by far, but carries Hillary’s State Department Baggage. Hillary did ask the Benghazi rescue force to stand down through her subordinates and leaked the location of the safe house. They were removed. Plus, Rice is new world order as Biden.

   Biden takes the Black vote for granted, knowing few will be lost to Trump, if he does not pick a woman of color. He is torn, as Warren also new world order can pick up Sanders voters. Sanders is opening, with Michelle to smooth it over. This is their current plan. Now exposed, will they change?

   What is now boiling over, is the protests. The media has stirred the pot. Politicians have stated peaceful, but the residents of these cities know better. There is a hidden number of Democrats that are now switching to Republican. Fear, flight of money, misery and lack of action, has sealed it. They are leaving. The current plan is not to expose the collapse of the real estate markets in the cities. When people leave, this tells more of the truth than a poll. The tax base fails and then government layoffs start, this is why what they state, is a lie.

   Look around you, as your history is being destroyed. If current trends continue, all of History can be removed, as mankind is violent. Settlers eliminated millions in this country. How would you feel, if Native Americans told you go home? The past has happened, but we can learn from it and move on. Destroying history changes nothing, but it does hides the truth. Remember, African tribes who conquered others, sold them to the British. Presently promoting the destruction of the family structure, is new world order, yet this is pushed. Broken families is one of the main causes of poverty with minority children. Beware.

   What about Trump’s executive order? Both parties in Congress refuse to come to an agreement. The Democrats wants to give away 600 dollars, but the cost is passed down to you later. The Republicans want to limit benefits as many are getting more than working. Common sense, 600 supplement is the maximum, but relief only matches your take home salary after taxes. Rents and mortgages just rolled back, not excused, help is needed for renters and owners. Congress has done nothing, but fight. This helps, no matter how you spin it. You can say nothing until you pass a plan. Democrats please stop the executive order by the courts and media spin, as all will see you for what you are. Something is better than nothing.

   So Democrats, as I warn you of your leaders, this is your platform. Release prisoners under 60 and they prey, protests that destroy, removal of police protection in minority neighborhoods, the rich donate and receive protection. You do not. Illegals now with no jobs and children, you pay. Over payments to the unemployed. Now exactly why would you pay a worker that made 350 and was satisfied, a 600 dollar bonus on top of State benefits? Your leaders are idiots. Social pressures tell you to take a knee? No you change the educational system, break down barriers in Corporate America so that all American can succeed. But it is about power instead of change. Ideas sound good, until you have to pay for them.

   You have been told climate change is due to mankind’s pollution, but it is the Hand of God in the End Times. It is no accident two storms within weeks followed a similar path and the latter was more intense on the East Coast. New York will be destroyed, but events will allow for change. It is your choice.


Update Aug. 11 12:45 am EST


   We hear rumors of a Biden VP pick to be announced around Wed. You need to ask, why the delay, as news coverage would boost viewership going into the convention. We hear threats from certain minorities that they would rather pick Trump than Biden if he chooses anyone other than a Black woman. Do you really think your opinion will be followed? That should seal it.

   No one shall have control over the presidency due to threats. The point, more will come. To BLM, “what is given, shall be taken away“. Just a quote from satan, he lies. Biden should have announced Kamala weeks ago, as the riots would have ceased and celebration ensued. White America is turned off to Abrams and Bass, as neither has the skills to perform on the world stage, time to learn, yes, but we do not have that option. To say so, would be lying to yourself. If Biden is true to form, the announcement will come Friday. Thus taking out prime time news media by design Just know all talked about the Michigan governor‘s vet, as a White woman was in the mix, none spoke about Warren.

Now a New Segment

You are Out of your Minds


You want to pay for gas masks and protective gear for protesters?

You promote communism to alleviate social injustices.

Michelle Obama states the protests in Portland are peaceful. Your eyes lie.

All this money spent as a stimulus, must be paid back in taxes.

Thousands may die due to Covid, but if the economy dies, we all die. This is a fact.

Cancer kills millions, but do you close down industries responsible for it?

Biden can not complete a sentence even with a prompter and this is your hope?

You have been told many of your leaders and celebrities are satanists, yet you still admire money.

You are the sheep being led to slaughter, but you do not see this.

Covid 19 spreads in selected areas, but what you don’t know, it was planted this summer, to further an agenda.

You are under Martial Law, where your freedom of movement is under the guise of Covid-19, is restricted.

When you emerge from Covid, the banks will own you. You are blind.

Democrats will just let you fold, just like they did with their cities.

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