Political Snap Shot



Written Aug. 10 2 am EST




   Secretly the UK is in turmoil, as they were told, there will be no further negotiations with the EU. May was push out, and now Boris thinks with his 1 majority differential in Parliament, he will open up a new avenue of approach offering hope to the UK, and a compromise on the back stop border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. This will not happen, as only a hard exit is the only option.

   As the earth changes accelerate, the UK was hit with an outage that affected a million plus customers as last night, not people. What should concern you, was backup generators off the grid failed in some areas, also in certain areas. The failure of two generators, not plants failing simultaneously, are not likely to move the UK into darkness in many areas, unless hit by a surge, like the one that just affected New York City. The answer offered to the public will be a lie, as not to cause panic, but that day is coming shortly.

   Kashmir has become a hot spot, as India has taken total control for the Hindus and imposing removal of rights for Moslems, who are now under lock down. This is a land grab and Pakistan has a choice to fight for their Moslem brotherhood, or slink off as cowards. The earth changes will affect India and Pakistan will rip open and flood severely with China in Africa, where does its elite in the millions go?

   Kashmir will provide temporary home until it freezes over after pole shift, then what? India will lose over a billion people in the upcoming disasters, as it is based on false religions just like your neighbor. Both nations will go to the brink, but as of now, neither wants to be the first to use nuclear weapons. If India attacks with the bomb, will the Russians and Chinese attack them with the same weapons? They will and dare the US to respond.. Trump cannot be counted on for a response, as he considers your dispute over a desert piece of land, idiotic. But what the world does not know, India and Pakistan have no choice.

   You have been told the hand of God, will be the great equalizer, and this is happening in Russia. Several military bases have undergone complete destruction by the hand of God. I have asked that this continues and expands to include China. As for Iran, storms will start to take out your oil tankers headed for the east to by-pass sanctions. Just know, when your dams crack and the rivers run dry, know it was my request that was granted.

   The crack down on Hong Kong is a provocation against the West. Yes, Beijing was testing the tolerance of the West’s interference, as they saw little. Loss of trade, income for the elite, destabilize established links and long lasting agreements, a wink, and agreement for the poor. Dream on as this is a political trap. Will this be a cat and mouse game, as incremental rights are taken without support from the West over time? Yes. Hong Kong will fall, and Taiwan will shortly follow, as earthquakes take out infrastructure in Taipei, and the only help is from the Chinese mainland. With the West busy with their own problem, they will choose to be absorbed by Beijing.

   Germany as a member of NATO has not paid its fair share since the alliance has began, and they are a rich country. I told you, they will join the eastern alliance under the dark one. Moving US troops to Poland is a suicide mission, as any invasion, knows the numbers and the element of surprise, counters any build up. The current plan if Germany does not increase payments, Trump will move US troops out of Germany towards the eastern border. This is by design. American troops are not the buffer for the fear of a nation. You ask why? If the troops are not in Germany, it is a refuge for the incoming without destroying a partner. This is the plan, or was now exposed.

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