Political Snap Shot

The Rise of White Supremacy




Written Aug. 10 6pm EST


   White Supremacy has always been in America, counter to general opinions and the Democratic Party, Trump is not responsible for something that was already present in this society. A white supremacist goal is complete segregation of American society. It is a complete hate of anyone that is not white. Their justice is to drag to death or lynch, what they see as a threat. You donot associate or offer any help to another race, unless you are using them. You talk about minorities as if they are half a man. That is a racist.

   This is what the Democratic Party thought about Negroes in the fifties and sixties, and this was handed down to their children. Many elders in the Democratic Party are the worse kind of racists. They hide their hate and offer solutions to minorities that keep them impoverish, as their side business offering social services get rich. Look around, has anything changed since Kingís death?

   Exactly who do you think gave the order to have King and X killed? The CIA killed King, both John and Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X, then pinned the crime on others under orders at the highest levels. They were not individual actions by men. It was not a Republican as they were not in power, although many choose to look away. I state again, it was many of the Democrats, who voted against the Civil Rights Act. Check it.

   Malcolm X was seen as radical, similar to the Black Panthers, energizing hate against what at the time, was white oppression. But it was the hatred of Jews, that pulled the trigger. King was killed, because the cause only intensified for more rights after Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. His death was to send a message to others like Jackson, to know your place. It worked. As for John and Robert they were eliminated for trying to return control of the Federal Reserve back to the United States, as the prime rate charged to banks, was the new world order slice of profit, in place since the time of Wilson.

   You were told the political tactic to get Hillary elected was 2 fold, label Trump as a Russian spy by colluding with them, then as a racist. So exactly how was he labeled a racist? An opinion on the Central Park 5, yes this was a wrong opinion, but it was a Democratic Administration that accused them, and Trump at that time was a Democrat or have you forgotten. An opinion on case does not make you racist, you were just wrong. Red lining was a common practice in the past, If Trump is guilty then most of white America in those days are also guilty. It was about money. Times change and laws were passed. This does not occur as much today. Again is was not a hatred of minorities behind what happen, but a false fear in most cases of what would happen to property values. If you were rich no problem. What they did consider, is what any minority would do once there to assimilate, and not bring down the area they just moved into.

   Trump labeled some migrant illegal Mexicans as criminals and rapists. This is true, but you twisted to statement to include all. Trump attacked illegals, not legal immigration as a threat to this nationís poor, as they divert resources, and you talk about the babies, that should not be here. We are in debt, and you throw money away trying to save Central America, when our cities are in distress and infrastructure is crumbling. As I said, these are your leaders. You are not a racist for protecting our border. You are a hidden racist for increasing the pain on our poor with higher taxes and rents due to demand as illegals flood our cities. Racist against Muslims was also a lie, as it seem all, when it was against several terrorist countries.

   The constant coordinated push in the media that Trump is a racist, is out of hand. Policies are not racist, no matter how you spin. Billions are being made transporting illegals to our border and within, your lack of solutions is to allow this to continue. A wall you call a waste of money, will create choke points, but you as leaders are so dull. Trump states he lifts all Americans, but you try to include illegals as Americans, and you really think mainstream America is with this, because of your fixed polls?

   So after you pick a winner and the debates start, once there, and you say your opponent is a racists. He states, I will kept illegals out of this nation, which cost 400 dollars on average to keep a day. I have raised the incomes of all Americans, and my job is America first. You want bad trade deals increasing our deficit and continue to protect the world as they do not pay their bills. Your strategy is doomed. As the racism message you allowed to bloom, because of the media coverage will backfire, as American Whites and Hispanics get harassed, then what. Yes we need stop racism, but address the cause, people do not stop, because you say so. You have no plans for the poor or illegals with no education and skills needed in the 21st century. This country was built on legal immigration that was need in the ninetieth century. Times have changed, but our leaders are still in the past.

   White Supremacy will continue to rise, as you invite the world without taking care of your own. The hidden backlash is that you think minorities want millions to share what sparse resources they have. Did you take in the lessons of the EU? This will be your folly, as you will lose many White, Black and Hispanic voters, as their lives see a new threat as jobs shrink due to AI and automation. Everyone is afraid to tell how they feel, but they will pull the lever for Trump in privacy of the voting booth, as you offer no real life solutions.

   There will be few to no doctors in rural communities, as government payouts are small and volume, not premium care will be the success of doctors. At your debates Bernie stated the insurance companies are ripping America off, this is true. It is a business for profit, not a charity. They will just close their doors, and write off the losses on their taxes and reinvest somewhere else. Forgive student debt, the banks still get theirs, as you are idiots, limit interest rates and applies after graduation, but leaders like Warren, will not do this as a common sense solution.

   The media has divided this nation by design, and it is up to them, to stop it. You are not a racist for building a wall or turning away migrants, as we have our laws. There is a legal process, and we protect America first, as we can not afford it. In the End Times it is about polarization, as you are to pick, what side you are on. I hear we must all come together, no we must solve the problems for all, if you want to play in the middle of the road, then expect to get hit.


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